JD.com Bringing Change in China’s Bookstores

JD.com is a renowned online company in China which was formerly known as the 360buy. It is one of the largest e-commerce company in the entire world. The abbreviations of the company’s name are the denomination of the names Jing Dong, are two businessmen who are owners of the company. Mr. Liu Qiangdong is the founder of this well-known firm in China. He founded the company in the year 1998. It is also the leading company with high tech and that which possesses the largest drone system. JD.com maintains a good reputation in China, and it stands to be remarkable one by the most remarkable services it offered to the bookstores of China. The country’s bookstores were facing a big challenge of declining traffic and a stiff competition of sales.

J.D.com came in to relieve this menace from the bookstores by using its technology, e-commerce and internet expertise. It has enhanced this by providing solutions for the procurement of books and logistics to over forty-five bookstores across the nation. J.D.com uses the  ‘Raas’ strategy which is an abbreviation of Retail as a service. With the employment of this strategy, the company has been able to provide a wide range of services and technology ranging from manufacturers, consumer goods and other retailers. With the use of the company’s development in the e-commerce business, J.D has helped in increasing sales and modernization of China’s offline bookstores.

Most of China’s offline bookstores have now partnered up with J.D.com for their efficiencies and up to date with the modern technology. Tanging Books, a bookstore found in Guangzhou city is an example of the bookstores which has benefited from J.D. Since it partnered with J.D, the turnovers of Tangning have reduced from one year and above to 220 days. The bookstore can now insight customers buying behaviors and choose the assortment of books depending on the choice of the customer. This has been enhanced by J.D Company’s ability of computerized data analysis. As a result, the store is now making more sales, and it has an advantage in the competition of offline bookstore.