Whitney Wolfe Makes the Cover of Forbes

A ton of people have appeared on the cover of Forbes Magazine overtime. There are a much smaller number of women that have appeared on the cover than men. The reason for this is simple: there are a much smaller number of women at the top in the business world. This is why it was such a major accomplishment for a Whitney Wolfe to have appeared on the cover of Forbes Magazine at the end of 2017. It was an amazing display of a young woman under the age of 30, and even rarer feat for a female on the cover of Forbes, to embrace the spotlight as a top app developer.


Whitney Wolfe is married to business multi-millionaire Michael Herd, but no one can say that she was after him for his money. If there is one thing clear, it is that Whitney Wolfe has more than enough of her own money. She won a big lawsuit against the company that she co-founded, but this was an undisclosed amount. There’s a lot of speculation about how much money was received from Tinder, but there is no surefire way to say what amount Wolfe received. It really does not matter anymore because the eyes are no longer on the turbulent lawsuit that was placed against Tinder. Some may say that this business woman has much bigger fish to fry these days.

Whitney has proven herself to be a very skillful business woman that is trying to help other women gain they’re footing in the business world. She is doing this with Bumble Bizz. This is one of the latest additions to the Bumble app that she created initially for those that wanted to find a mate. That portion of the app is still intact. People still have the ability to find a mate, but Whitney Wolfe is making sure that they have access to so much more if they want more.

This is why she has also expanded with Bumble BFF. This is perfect for those that are not looking for a mate or a business partner. There are some people that are just trying to figure out the friendship approach out in their adult life. Whitney Wolfe has going out among the people. She has engaged in marketing. She has done the research. She knows that people want friends, business partners and mates. Bumbles covers all of these needs.

For details: www.forbes.com/profile/whitney-wolfe/

Julie Zuckerberg Makes Good Choices for Banks

One thing that Julie Zuckerberg has always done is make sure that she gets the job done. She wants to be sure that she can provide people with all of the opportunities that they need to be successful and this is something that has given her the chance to be as good at what she does as she is today. As an executive recruiter, there is a lot that depends on the choices that she makes for the people she is going to hire. She could risk the entire bank if she does not make the right decision or if she chooses to do different things that could cause harm at the bank.


Julie Zuckerberg graduated from college in New York City. She considers the city her home and has stayed there for years because she likes the atmosphere. She also likes the ability that she has to connect with different people who work in the city and the jobs that she can get. Connections mean a lot to Julie Zuckerberg because that is the business that she is in. It is also something that has allowed her the chance to make sure that she can do more with everything that she has.


When Julie Zuckerberg first started out with the opportunities that she had, she knew that she was going to continue to be great at the career that she had chosen. She worked hard and that helped to make her even better with the recruiting aspect. Now that she is working as an executive recruiter, she has been able to see a lot of changes in the banking world. While these changes are great for banking, they do sometimes bring about more problems for her that she did not have to deal with in the past because things were simpler.


Despite the fact that Julie Zuckerberg has worked in recruiting for banking for a long time, she has also worked with other companies. She even worked with New York Life Insurance for a short period of time. This gave her the chance to see that there was more to recruiting than just for banks but it was also something that made it hard for her to be able to get the information that she needed with banking opportunities. She did not like the life insurance aspect of recruiting and chose to continue working with banks.


Now that she is working with the Deutsche Bank, she is working with an international company for the first time in her career. While the bank may not be quite as large as some of the other businesses that she has worked for, it is one that is much more diverse. It has given her the chance to see that there is more than just simple banking. She also has more opportunities for hiring since it is an international bank and she knows that she can use the resources that she has to be able to hire people from other countries to work at the bank.