Wikipedia Writing Made Simpler With Artificial Intelligence

One of the best ways for people of note or any type of business to get noticed with any search of their name and or business area online, is to have a professionally developed set of wiki pages on Wikipedia. With new changes on Wikipedia to automatically detect wrong edits, it is more important than ever to hire Wiki writers at Get Your Wiki to develop and maintain your pages on Wikipedia. They take care of all the hassles of getting your own wiki pages, properly written to conform to Wikipedia’s rules, supplying the solution to your need for a 24/7 presence on the Web. They will supply a quote within 24 hours of your request and they guarantee their work. On top of all this, they also offer a great Wikipedia maintenance service to immediately correct any accidental or malicious edits made to your pages. For more details see Get Your Wiki.

The new Objective Revision Evaluation Service (ORES) at Wikipedia is actually a powerful editing tool based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. The idea is to increase volunteer software developer’s innovation while helping to solve the two biggest problems with Wikipedia. The first problem is that because it is open source, anyone can make a Wikipedia page or do edits, some of which actually reduce credibility and overall quality of the online encyclopedia.

The AI specifically detects whether a particular edit is likely malicious or not – which is why if you are unfamiliar with product it is in your best interest to hire Wikipedia writers that will make your page stick. This new AI tool works in two ways by giving edits two score numbers. The first is the probability that an edit is damaging, and the second is the probability that an edit was actually made in good faith or not. If it flags an edit as bad, but is also highly likely made in good faith then the hope is that more experienced editors will work with the person who made the edit to help them improve further edits. The new ORES was explained by Wikipedia Foundation’s Senior Research Scientist, Aaron Halfaker, who said, “The model that we built is intended to detect all kinds of damage… But we also have models that predict if an edit is made in good faith or not… The system works by training models against edit and article-quality assessments made by Wikipedians and generating automated scores for every single edit and article.”

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