”Enhanced Athlete Pioneers in bodybuilding”

Enhanced Athlete is a company whose pioneer is Dr. Tony Huge a professional bodybuilder, Enhanced Athlete looks to provide educational information for clients looking to build muscle or lose fat as well to provide information about the world of bodybuilding. The company provides this kind of information through out vlog style videos for the ones that are looking to seek a career in bodybuilding or for the ones just interested in fitness. Enhanced athlete stands out from the rest because they just don’t cover the positive aspect of bodybuilding but they also cover the hard truths that comes from it. They deliver first hand experience from professional bodybuilders, current news and trends from the bodybuilding universe, allowing customers to base their decisions on the most truthful and accurate information.


Enhanced Athlete also has sister companies all around the world including North America with ”Enhanced Athlete Mexico”, in Europe with ”Mandy’s muscle house” and ”Enhanced Athlete Europe”, in Asia with ”Enhanced Athlete Asia” and ”Muscle Korea” and in South America with ”Jonathan Cadavid Correa” and Enhanced Athlete Brazil”. They do not only sell products to develop your body and enhanced it but they also have a coaching system that evaluates your body needs and create a custom plan for you. There are different plans that you can choose from, they go from the most basic like the starter program and more specific like programs for losing fat or build muscle. Each one of these plans contain a custom based workout created specifically for your needs and they include a meal preparation guide to help you achieve your results faster. They provide you a coach that will guide you through the entire process of your transformation, you can also ask him questions anytime and he will give occasional phone calls to check in on your progress. They do not only sell products to enhance your performance in the gym but they also sell high performance workout gear like: tank tops, performance shorts and hooded sweatshirts. They also have for sell products like, shaker bottles with the Enhanced Athlete brand, lanyards, gym bags and hats, so fans can represent the brand.