3D Shopping with Slyce and Shoe Carnival

The visual product platform Slyce inc. has officially announced that it has launched visual search technology with the leading USA accessories and footwear retailers Shoe Carnival.

The fully automated 3D visual search technology allows people shopping on shoecarnival.com to take a photo of any shoe, either from alternative sources such as the news paper or the real world. Once the picture is added in no time the viewer is presented with the closest matching products. Kent Zimmerman,the VP of eCommerce for Shoe Carnival, stated “We’re very excited to be launching mobile visual search functionality with Slyce. Mobile is a big part of our multi-channel strategy, and we’re always looking for ways to stay ahead of the innovation curve and provide our customers with the most convenient shopping experience”. This software is sur e Shoe Carnival is the leading USA show retailer and for good reason. They offers assorted prices for athlete and casual footwear for men, women and children and has over 400 stores across 34 states and Puerto Rico.

Slyce, bases in Toronto, ON, brings amazing visual search technologies and is now focused on enabling a powerful sales channel for major retailers and their consumers. Customers can engage with retailers by simply taking a photo of their desired product with their mobile device and initiating the visual search service’s. The software will then find that exact product and similar ones like it to choose from. Slcye’s technology is used by big retailer brands such as Home Depot, JCpennys and Urban Outfitters.

Slyces business model has different revenue streams arising from its visual search platform customer apps. They include program promotion’s, fee’s of software licensing, purchase transaction and integration. Slyce CEO Mark Elfenbein said, “This deployment by Slyce with Shoe Carnival represents another impressive milestone for our Company as it is one of the very first, large-scale, fully automated visual search deployments in the marketplace. Requiring only a single snap — i.e. no need for additional data to be input by the user — and with rapid response times, it offers an exceptionally easy and intuitive experience for users.”

Slyce has once again pushed the envelope for visual search platform and what lies beyond seems nothing short of promising.