Robert Ivy Honored for His Great Work

Robert Ivy is currently the Executive Vice President and CEO at the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The American Institute of Architects began in 1857 and aimed at creating valuable, secure and sustainable buildings and communities. They advocate for public wellbeing as members adhere to the code of ethics and maintain high standards of professionalism. AIA engages the government and civic leaders to find solutions for matters pressing the public. Robert Ivy is also a writer, commentator, and author on architecture. He had a degree in English, which he got from The University of the South; Sewanee and obtained a Masters of Architecture from Tulane University.

Robert Ivy was awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). He was the first and only architect to receive the Noel Polk award in 2017. This award is mostly given to Mississippi patrons who create, perform, and support art. He was awarded for making architecture more accessible to the public and being an ambassador for his profession. It is evident especially in his book ‘Fay Jones: Architect’ which talks about the work of the American architect who was devoted to Frank Lloyd Wright, and it was published in 2001. The book has been doing well since it is now in its third edition. Robert has a wide scale range of skill and expertise in his profession having worked in several places for a long time. He first served as an officer in the U. S Navy before becoming an architect. Before joining the AIA in 2011, Robert was the Editor in chief of McGraw Hill’s Architectural Record.

In 2012, Robert Ivy dedicated AIA to two significant issues at Clinton Global Initiative, the future of architect and roles played by architects. He designed a channel to improve public health by community planning, research grants, and digital programs so that 161-year-old AIA was equipped to handle economic, social, and creative problems facing architecture. Robert is a gem, and it is no surprise that he was honored. He has received various awards including the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. Robert’s work is undisputable having grown AIA to a global enterprise.

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