Jingdong And Its Participation In The Season Of Giving Event

JD.com, also known as Jingdong, is one of China’s most popular online retailers. Jingdong belongs to the prestigious, world-renowned Fortune Global 500, a list of the world’s 500 most accomplished businesses. Founded in 1998, current Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and founder Richard Liu leased a storefront in Beijing, China, that was no larger than 150 square feet. In 2003, Jingdong created JD.com to sell its products after a major SARS outbreak took a toll on the economy. With JD.com, the company’s sales would not be significantly affected by pandemics or more localized health concerns.

As all socially responsible businesses, JD.com is highly active in its philanthropic endeavors. Here’s how Richard Liu helped millions of children who have been left behind by their parents and guardians over the past few years.

JD.com worked closely with Wardrobe of Love

Jingdong’s most recent charitable cause campaigned under the title of the “Season of Giving.” JD.com partnered with several popular brands to give away a hefty portion of their joint sales collected from Dec. 20 to 25.

The portion of sales delegated to Wardrobe of Love, a nonprofit organization based in China, went to purchase things like books, school supplies, clothes, and other necessities to kids living in rural areas, particularly those with harsh, unforgiving climates.

Rural areas are more disadvantaged than ever before

In China, much of the national economy’s workload has migrated to large cities. As such, people from rural areas have closely followed such prospects of work. Many disadvantaged families have been left behind from such widespread migrations, with mothers and fathers leaving behind children with their grandparents, many of whom have little to no income. Go Here for related Information.

The specifics of Jingdong’s charitable giving

JD.com partnered with over 1,500 brands for the Season of Giving event, matching 0.1 percent of sales with each brand to be given to Wardrobe of Love. China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs estimates that roughly seven million kids have been left behind by parents seeking jobs in far-away urban areas, each of which will be helped by the necessities soon to be given out by Wardrobe of Love in coming weeks.


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JD.Com Is Supporting The Development Of Smart Logistics

JD.com or as known by many as Jingdong is planning on opening a research center that shall focus on creating futuristic automation technology that shall be useful in carrying out urban logistics in the Chinese cities.


It will be known as “Urban Logistics Institute” that will participate in planning, developing the top-level designs and creating big data platforms for logistic hubs. Jingdong announced that the founding members for this center includes Jiaotong University, Shanghai Maritime University, Wuzi University to mention few.


According to Jingdong, recent research has established that freight vehicles are creating a big impact on urban traffic emission and they take up a third of the road capacity. More so, the intense urbanization in China is having a negative impact on the environment. It the main cause of pollution and creating other forms of disruptions which are affecting peoples’ lives. Therefore, the institute’s primary objective shall be developing a logistics design for the urban centers to curb further environmental pollution and enhance efficiency in these cities.


The institute will first engage in looking into underground logistic systems and evaluating the use of subterranean tracks and the existing municipal pipe corridors. Jingdong is expectant that such options could assist in preserving the above ground space that is currently occupied by the traditional systems. It would also smoothen out and enhance the efficiency of urban logistics not to disrupt the peoples’ daily lives anymore. Read This Article to learn more.


Jingdong has expressed that smart cities are those that can efficiently utilize their spaces and the available resources. Utilizing the underground space shall be a game changer for the logistics industry in China. Not only will it be the solution to the traffic problem the country is facing, but it will also create a better environment and save the urban space from further congestion.


Jingdong is the only e-commerce company around the globe that operates an in-house logistics network that is capable of making a delivery to the customer’s doorstep. Jingdong operates an automated fulfillment center and is the first retailer to start making drone deliveries. The company holds the belief that propulsion technologies have many benefits to offer the industry. China is a country that is developing very fast, therefore it needs more sustainable urban development options


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