An Expanding Mexican oil Industry Looks To The Skills Of Cotemar Mexico For Assistance

The changes that have recently taken place in the Mexican oil industry have posed new challenges with the opening of the industry to tenders from private companies after years of dominance by Pemex. A number of issues have to be faced by the newly arriving companies making their way into an industry that is regulated at environmental, legal, and business agencies within the Mexican government; in order to remain successful and within the regulations the new companies entering the oil industry are looking for assistance from Cotemar Mexico, a company in its fourth decade of supplying the oil industry with maritime services.


The latest moves in the Mexican oil industry are taking place with the auctioning off of deep water exploration and drilling rights, which will be allowed in the massive Trion field that has so far been explored by Pemex. The position of Mexico as the neighbor of the U.S. makes it a strategically important oil supplier who needs to create and operate deep water oil platforms on a regular basis. One of the major services offered by Cotemar Mexico is the ability to position and construct the highest quality platforms in the industry; once constructed Cotemar operates a fleet of ships, boats, and tugs that can add to safety measures and make life movement on and off the platform a simpler task for all. Finally, the onshore and on platform work of Cotemar sees the company supply food, laundry, and entertainment options to make sure long and short term stays on a platform are as comfortable as possible for all to enjoy.


The history of Contemar Mexico that dates back to 1979 means the company is well versed in remaining within the regulations laid down at national and international level for deep water platforms. In environmental terms, the work of Contemar is completed with a clear set of regulations setting out the steps and rules the company operates within. At a time when the treatment of employees by all major corporations is of such importance, the dedication shown by Contemar to training, education, and social issues facing employees is refreshing to see.

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