The Quincy – Offering World Class Amenities at Affordable Prices

The City of New Brunswick, NJ has been witnessing a positive phenomenal shift in its real estate market as the prices are moving up as well as the demand. There are many exciting and ultra luxurious residential projects that have been constructed in the city along with a stream of commercial real estate projects, which has put the New Brunswick back on the map of developing regions in the country.



One of the major luxurious residential projects in New Brunswick, NJ is The Quincy. The residential project boasts some amenities that modern consumers look for, such as rooftop pool, onsite garage parking, fitness center, club room, kids’ zone, pet-friendly facilities, salon and spa, gardens, and much more. The residential complexes here is inhabited by some of the most well-known and well-respected citizens in the city and is famous in the city for being one of the most important addresses in the city. It is a thriving community that offers some of the best amenities sought by the smart buyers and at very reasonable prices. Each apartment in The Quincy apartments boasts of ultra modern stainless steel appliances, wooden flooring, stone countertops, modular kitchen, and more. These rooms are highly modified and structured to meet the requirements and preferences of modern day buyers.



The Quincy is located conveniently and has all the social amenities nearby that point towards the thriving nature of the apartment building. There are many pubs, restaurants, bars, supermarket, medical store, hospital, activity centers, and so on, located close to the apartment building. It helps the residents of The Quincy to find whatever they are looking for at a close distance. Regarding conveyance, Rt. 18, Amtrak and NJ Transit are in proximity to the compound, which ensures that the community is well-connected with the rest of the city. The Quincy is well-guarded too with latest security systems in place and has surveillance cameras installed strategically to ensure quick actions are taken in case of any threats.



Many people associate shooting that took place on October 7, 2015, with The Quincy, but the incident took place a few blocks away and has no connection with the compound as such. Similarly, there was a Pizza robbery that took place on May 7th, 2013 in Quincy Circle, which is an entirely different address than The Quincy, even though it may sound same. The Quincy offers a safe, secure, modern and affordable living for its residents and has a peaceful and amicable environment.


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