FreedomPop Is The Cell Phone Service Provider For Everyone In My Home

After I got up one day and had an emergency that required me to call my husband, that’s the same day that I decided I was going to switch cell phone carriers. The previous carrier that I had was limiting my cell phone usage, and I didn’t realize that when I called customer service, it was calculating those minutes used as a part of my plan. I couldn’t even call my husband on my own phone when it was a serious emergency, and I was fed up, so I decided to choose another carrier. I chose FreedomPop for several reasons, but I have to say that their low prices really stood out to me.

FreedomPop is only charging me $19.99 every month for my cell phone service, and my phone calls are unlimited. I also get unlimited text messages and can use all the data I want. Even though some people are crazy over 4G LTE data, I can go the whole month and not use my entire 1 GB of 4G LTE data, so I’m very happy with the service. Even though I’ve never had another emergency like the one I had previously that made me choose to switch phone carriers, I’m glad to know that I’ll always be able to make a phone call when I need to.

I do have a lot of applications downloaded on my phone, but I use Wi-Fi service when I’m not traveling on the road, so keeping under my 1 GB of 4G LTE data is easy for me. I stay in the home a lot, and with Wi-Fi service in my home, I only use Wi-Fi on my phone and then use my data when I’m traveling. Whenever I use my phone, I don’t have to worry about the calls being dropped, and that is something that I experienced a lot with the previous company.

My text messages go through just fine, and I can even add pictures to my messages too. I can’t say enough about what FreedomPop has done for me, and I even purchased the same plan for the other members in my home. My two kids have Android phones that they use with FreedomPop while my husband has an iPhone that he uses with FreedomPop. Paying only $80 per month for four separate phone lines is something I never thought would be possible, but FreedomPop made it possible, and I love them for it.

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