Taking On Artificial Intelligence And Robotics With Anthony Constantinou


Anthony Constantinou is a lecturer in Machine Learning and Data Mining at London’s Queen Mary University and also heads the Bayesian artificial intelligence at the London-based University. He is one of the fellows of The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) which the main body that funds engineering and physical sciences research in the whole of UK.

Mr. Constantinou is also a fellow of The Alan Turing Institute, a national institute for data science and artificial intelligence whose mission is to make huge progress in artificial intelligence and data science research so as to transform humanity in a positive way. Its headquarters are based at the British Library in London.

Anthony Constantinou has been one of the editors at PLOS ONE, a platform that gives researchers a faster path to publish their work. Some the publications he has done include: ‘’Learning DAGS with Temporal Information’’, “Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making under certainty”, “Dolores: A model that predicts football match outcomes from all over the world”, among many others.

His publication “Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making under Uncertainty” won him an honor for the Principal Investigator on EPSRC Fellowship project. Constantinou finished second in the international special issue competition Machine learning for soccer. His PhD. thesis was nominated for the CPHC/BCS Distinguished Dissertations, He was awarded Distinction for M.Sc. and earned a full EPSRC Ph.D. Scholarship and funding.

He holds a degree in Bachelor of Science (BSc), Computer Science (Specialized in Artificial, Intelligence), Master’s degree (MSc) in Artificial Intelligence with Robotics and a Ph.D. in Bayesian networks for prediction, risk assessment and decision making which was fully funded by the Engineering and Physical Research Council (EPSRC) in the United Kingdom. Apart from speaking English, he has a mastery of the Greek language and served as a soldier in the Greek Cypriot National Guard. Go Here to read more about Constantinou.


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