SahmAdrangi’s Life On Wall Street

SahmAdrangi is the Founder of matrix management. He serves in the position of Chief Investment officer at this firm. SahmAdrangi has been fully involved and committed to the development of matrix management since its inception in 2009. When he started out, he only had a seed capital of not more than $1,000,000, but currently, his firm manages more than $150,000,000 as from 2017s financial year that commenced in July.

During his career, Adrangi has been known for selling various shorts and publishing research. He has always made his opinion public when it comes to undervalued shorts to those he feels are overhyped within the stock market. He has also dedicated his time to providing his clients with research on shorts that are misunderstood by the market. Matrix management has made it its mission to sensitize investors on publicly held misconceptions on some companies’ main business prospects. Most of this research is published on the firm’s website and its partner and affiliates websites. At times this information is availed to clients via matrix management twitter feed.

He graduated from Penn State University and through networking, landed his internship at Merrill Lynch in New York. He spent three years at this firm trading on bonds. Longacre is the institution that had Adrangi’s knowledge and understanding of credit trading put to the test when dealing with a hedge fund controlling more than $3 billion. After his stint at Longacre, Adrangi worked with the credit team belonging to Paulson and co. During his time here, he managed to gain unparalleled experience when managing and trading complex stocks. When he left this institution, Adrangi landed a job at Bowery Investment Management which is a limited liability company.

In 2015, He made a life-changing decision when he opted to quit wall street and focus his energy and efforts elsewhere. The main reason behind this move was to leave behind the long hours he has to spend on wall street and New York’s ever-rising cost of living. He also has a perception that the trade was evolving after witnessing the assault on the once lucrative industry. He still loves investing and doesn’t shy on bringing up conversations on wall street’s current trends.