Celebrated Ambassador, Daniel Taub, Returns to Israel

Daniel Taub recently celebrated a notably successful career as the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom upon his departure from the role. Born in 1962 in Great Britain, Taub is an alumnus of University College in Oxford and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. He moved to Israel in 1989 whereupon he began a career in public service.

2011 saw Daniel Taub’s beginning of a four year term as the Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Central to his success was a mindset centered upon representing the people of Israel first, and leaving aside his own interests and opinions. By focusing on service to the government, he became much beloved among the Jewish community in Great Britain.

During his tenure, Taub achieved some of the highest levels of international cooperation in the tumultuous Middle-Eastern/Gaza region. Taub stated his goal was to narrow his vision to only aspects of any ongoing conflict the impact Israel and not presume to dictate to other nations how they should handle their own policies.

A primary concern he worked to address is Iran’s development of nuclear capabilities and adherence to agreements amongst its fellow Middle Eastern governments. Additionally, the influence of Hizbollah and Hamas upon Iran raises concerns for Israeli safety. However, more positive than expected outcomes resulted from accords with Egypt and Jordan, which seem to be rising above the current turbulent political climate of the region.

One possible reason for this is a commonality of opinion regarding the primary safety and financial concerns among the nations. The agreements Daniel Taub was pivotal in negotiating help to enable the three nations to work towards moving together and building a future based on mutual cooperation and respect.

Taub also worked to reduce anti-Semitism in the United Kingdom. He stated that although Great Britain youth expressed to him much lower levels of hate speech and activity directed at them as a result of their religion than other European nations, it is still a problem experienced by most Jewish citizens at some point in their life.

Through education and awareness programs, Taub worked to eliminate this as much as possible from British culture. He recognizes that Palestinian relations are a driving factor behind much anti-Semitism and acknowledges that improved relations between Palestine and Israel are integral to long term eradication of Jewish prejudice.

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