Constant Hair Abuse Requires Soothing Healing WEN By Chaz

Hair abuse, especially by women, is a common condition that occurs over and over again. It’s not our fault, really. As women, we want our tresses to always look perfect, clean, manageable and healthy. We spend tons of money on shampoos, conditioners, stay in treatments, dyes, straighteners and even more on the proper styling aids like blow-dryers, curling wands, flat irons, and more.

Often times, we end up with brittle, untouchable, over-bleached, damaged, splitting locks, even though our intentions were only good. Then, we resort to shampoos and treatments that aren’t repairing or protecting our hair from the daily abuse.

Famous LA stylist Chaz Dean ( would tell you to look at the back of your shampoo and conditioner bottles. You might be shocked what’s inside most of them. Sulfates are the prime offenders with chemicals that strip, weaken and dull your tresses. You think you’re buying the best, and you’re merely receiving phony big lathers and coating products that disguise the ugly detergents present.

That is why this hair guru developed the WEN by Chaz no lather shampoo system. First, it’s designed around an holistic approach, where the formulas tap into the goodness of nature and some of its healthy botanicals.

You won’t be seeing a sudsy foam in WEN by Chaz’s collection of hair treatments. but then again, you won’t be needing the phony bells and whistles. His collection of special cleansing conditioners are kind and gentle to the hair. In fact, hair of any type and texture in any present condition can be improved after just one wash with WEN.

These nutrient-rich formulas deliver shine and strength to hair, thanks to unique ingredients like exotic bamboo and amino complexes. Like Chaz Dean likes to say, “Hair doesn’t have to be hard.” WEN hair care products are available on eBay, Guthy-Renker online store or via this link:

Consider the WEN By Chaz difference. Visit Chaz Dean’s Twitter account to learn more.