Forex trade opportunities through the eyes of Greg Secker

The New Market

While investment options are continually increasing, there are areas that have not been fully exploited and very few people know about them. The forex market is one of those areas where people have very limited knowledge about. What many investors do know is the reliability of the forex trade in this current time when all the sectors are hitting some of the scariest low profits in the history of the modern economy. However, this does not have to be so with the opportunity that this peculiar trade provides. However, in order to succeed in forex trade, you need to perform a self-feasibility test to determine if the trade will work for you.

Greg’s Success in the Business

Greg Secker is one of the leading forex trade gurus and his expertise in the business has earned him a reputation globally. He has written a book on forex trade called Financial Freedom Through Forex. Greg is a well-established investor and a notable entrepreneur with a number of companies to his name. He is the founder of the Learn to Trade Company as well as Capital Index among other businesses. Being a successful business man comes with social responsibilities which the investment guru knows too well. This is why he founded the Greg Secker Foundation.

Brief History of Greg

The Norfolk born entrepreneur began his journey in business in the 90s and 8 years down the line he was receiving the coveted British Telecom Award. He received the word for innovating and developing a virtue trading desk in 1998 which facilitated forex trading on the internet platform. His success went on and in his mid-20s he was the Mellon Financial Corporation’s vice president. Nonetheless, his ambitions where enormous he could no longer fit in an employed position. That is when he decided to leave and start up his own ventures in 2003. A graduate of the University of Nottingham, Greg is widely recognized for his exceptional leadership and business acumen. Greg Secker is not only a businessman but also a philanthropist if his Build a House Build a Home project in the Philippines is anything to go by.