OSI Group and McDonald’s are two Great Food Industries with a Strong History

McDonald’s and OSI Group Corporation has a substantial history. The partnership has helped them to gain more fame and popularity. The unique history of OSI Group McDonalds span from when Ray Kroc launched the initial McDonald’s in Illinois in the 1950s. Ray Kroc opted to make use of Otto & Sons Services to supply the freshly ground beef patties to the restaurants. The offer was accepted by the company which served McDonald’s faithfully for the first five years. Beware that Otto & Sons was the initial name of the OSI group.

Otto Kokschowsky established Otto & Sons, a German immigrant in 1909 and it started as a butcher shop. The shop was based in on the western Chicago. The Butchershop attained great success to the extent that he was able to expand it into wholesale business and upgraded from offering daily cuts to individual customers. As a wholesale business, it gained much recognition all over the region. OSI Group McDonalds gain recognition after this. Initially, Ray Kroc used to work for Richard and Maurice McDonald. He finally managed to raise McDonald’s restaurant and took over. At the moment, he heard about the strong Otto & Sons and their excellent reputation in meat supply business. He became interested and decided to use their service in the provision of beef patties for McDonald’s.

Otto & Sons began to take off immediately when this was implemented. McDonald’s had managed to prove its importance as the first fast food restaurant. People were unable to resist McDonald’s, and they usually ate at the restaurant at any time. At the moment, the American cheeseburger had been a staple food for the Americans. Otto & Sons and McDonald’s were relatively growing by leaps and bounds. The success was mainly due to McDonald’s achievements in restaurant business sector. OSI Group McDonalds has been in the dream light for many years. Otto & Sons then changed its name to OSI group in 1975. This was to enhance on their professionalism for its international market. At the moment, OSI Group McDonalds and them both enjoyed great success as one of the best rated met supplier as well as the world best restaurant.

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