Eric Lefkofsky Dedicated Entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofsky is an inspiring entrepreneur who truly puts in his time and effort. He knows that without hard work and dedication, you will not succeed. When you are an entrepreneur you definitely want to succeed. This article is going to give you a little look at Eric Lefkofsky.Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and CEO of Tempus. Tempus is a supplier of medicine solutions that use technology to work.

He also has his foot stuck into many different companies. He is the Co-founder of Lightbank, which is a fund investing in different technologies. He is also the co-founder of Groupon which is a global marketplace for selling things. He is the co-founder of Mediaocean which is a supplier of media technology. He also does some other things with a few other different companies.Another big thing that Eric Lefkofsky does is he has started a foundation called the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This foundation is a charitable foundation that helps to promote the lives of people in the community.

He also serves on the board of a local children’s hospital, and plays roles in different things throughout the business community.Eric Lefkofsky knows that to be successful you have to work hard to build your name. He knows that success comes from being well known and well liked. Helping your community helps you to build a name within the community. When you play such a high role in things such as his philanthropic work in the children’s hospital that helps you to become well respected. Eric Lefkofsky is already successful, and will continue to become even more successful in the years to come.

James Dondero Add’s MGM To His Resume

As if James Dondero did not already have enough on his plate, he has recently joined the list of individuals serving as the Office of the CEO for Metro Goldwyn Meyer Inc. James works typically with peers from the finance industry, but this table will consist of people that have worked in the entertainment field extensively. Though it is new territory for him, James Dondero has always proven to succeed no matter what the circumstances. First, he took on the challenge of earning his Bachelor of Science degrees in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia. After completing college, James Dondero moved on to take on the financial training program at JP Morgan Chase & Company before moving on to his dream job at American Express. He worked on a total of $1 billion in fixed income funds for the company until 1989 when he accepted the title of the Chief Investment Officer for the Subsidiary of Protective Life. Turning the concept to a $2 billion success story was no apparent challenge for James Dondero, and it earned him the title of leading alternative credit manager to his peers. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.


In 1993, James took on the title of President and Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management, headquartered in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. Having all this under his belt was not the end game for James however, he always had a passion for giving back, and his surmounted success was his opportunity. Every year, $3 million is dedicated to donations from Highland Capital Management. Many grants are given to students, veterans, and other civic, non-profit organizations every year from Highland Capital Management and James Dondero. It is the opinion of his peers that without James Dondero’s donations, many of the organizations would not be able to survive to help their communities. Even with all this on his plate, James Dondero has happily accepted to assist MGM in their leadership transition. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.