Dr. Mark Mofid – Plastic Surgeon and Expert in Gluteal Implants

Mark Mofid is a reknown plastic surgeon whom is working to make plastic surgery safer. Based in San Diego, he has worked with the top plastic surgeons with medical training at Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. He is also known for rigorous adherence to medical safety practices to ensure the safety of his patients.


Dr. Mark Mofid specializes in gluteal augmentation, which often means that patients are looking to pay more for different results. Even when his patients are looking to pay more for services, he always puts their best interest in mind when considering all of the possible treatment options.


This also means that Mark Mofid is at the top of his game in using innovative practices. Supported by science, he uses a surgical method and procedure which is subject to rigorous examination due to a deep understanding of the body. He had an aim of re-inventing the plastic surgery industry as a whole.


Dealing with incompatible implants, Dr. Mark Mofid decided to re-examine all of the available options that his patients have for gluteal implants. He determined that the majority of implants were too generic for most patients, so he decided to re-examine the options which were presented to him. See Related Link for more information.


After hours of research, he designed a implant of his own. This implant was designed to look better and have a lower profile than other implants on the market. What is even more impressive is that he invested his own money into the new implant design. Industry innovators look to Dr. Mark Mofid as an example of how things can be done right.


He has earned a reputation as being “the glute specialist” for having one of the brightest minds in glute surgery. He has a private practice and is also a staff surgeon at Scripps Memorial Hospital. Dr. Mofid is also active in the local community in an aim to assist cancer patients as a form of giving back.