Stream Energy Brings Hope

Hurricane Harvey, which was rated a category four cyclone as confirmed by the National Hurricane Centre, hit San José Island in Texas on 25th August 2017. The damage caused by the hurricane was projected to be 125 billion US dollars. It is during this time that a Dallas based company, Stream Energy, came to the rescue of the locals affected and assisted in easing the recovery process.

It was among the first companies at that time to step in. The company came in handy especially in reducing the financial burden incurred by most of its customers. All this was made possible after Stream Energy had yielded significant energy sales in the past years.

Stream Energy has kept a tradition of putting corporate philanthropy among its top core values and priorities. To strengthen its philanthropy, Stream Energy launched its charity foundation known as Stream Cares. They believe it was one of the best ways of driving and increasing its philanthropy agenda in Texas and other areas in the United States of America.

Through its philanthropy and charity activities, Stream has been able to showcase it as a significant part of their brand. It has enabled the company to in one way or the other give back to the society in a unique way. As they do the philanthropy activities, the company creates a sense of togetherness between the people and them. One advantage is the company receives support from the public in case of any controversies or scandals that may rock them in their course of dispensing their mandates, e.g., decreases etc.

Stream Energy came up with an ingenious business system, whereby by directly selling its energy, it invests in its partners and develop a linkage of loyal customers and ultimately deliver a broader range of products and services.

Stream Energy partners, in the long run, earn commissions emanating from the sales made by working as an individual entrepreneur and business owners. The employees have been from time to time monitoring and checking the number of homeless people in Dallas.

They intervene through one of its hope projects known as Hope Project Company to supply essential commodities to the homeless, e.g., diapers, clothing, and school supplies. The company will continue playing its pivotal role in alleviating suffering especially the less fortunate and homeless in Dallas and Texas at large.

Richard Liu Qiangdong: Launches Luxury Products and Services as a Competitive Strategy

The recent reports indicate that, one of the largest retail outlet is gearing for a significant competition with its main rival and fierce competitor, Alibaba. The founder and Chief Executive Officer of, Richard Liu Qiangdong notes that the organization has implemented some important and strategic plans that will enable the organization to rubber stamp its authority in the Chinese market, which has more than one billion citizens.

The first strategy that Rich Liu has noted is that the company is investing heavily in understanding consumer behavior and buying trends. Through a thorough research that has been done by skilled members of the organization, it is clear that a large number of Chinese individuals are changing their consumption habits. They are not buying the products as they used to buy sometimes back but they have now become much focused and details in highlighting the goods they want.

For example, people with huge amount of income are ordering customized goods and services. They are not buying what a retail outlet is offering but they are coming with their own designed products that they would like an organization to purchase. Richard Liu Qiangdong has already established that customers don’t want to have a similar bag placed on the table. They want to have their own unique bag that other people cannot get anywhere else in the fashion industry. The ability to have a unique brand sets them apart from other customers.

Richard Liu continues to highlight that not only the people with huge amounts of money are demanding customized products and services but they are also pushing the organizations to provide them quality products while at the same time offering customer experience. understands that the future of the retail industry will be determined by the ability of an organization to meet the needs and interests of consumers. This explains why Richard Liu Qiangdong has established new luxury products in the market, with the sole aim of providing user experience to the customers buying luxury products.

Richard Liu Hugessen Associate profile

DHerbs Inc. Introduces a Cleaning Ritual that Runs for 20 Days

People living in the present are susceptible to a lot of diseases, and it is because of the prevalence of viruses, toxins, and pollutants in our environment. Another impact to human health would be the chemicals present in our food, cleaning supplies, pesticides, and beauty products, which are used by humans frequently. It is important to take a cleansing ritual to remove these harmful materials inside the body, and luckily, DHerbs Inc. created a product that can cleanse the body in 20 days. DHerbs Inc. is a company founded by A.D. Dolphin, and one of the reasons why he founded a company that provides healthy products is because he wanted to improve the health condition in the United States. The company was founded in 2004, a time when fewer people are thinking about the environment and pollution is uncontrollable in most cities. He decided to create a formula that would allow the people to remove any dangerous materials away from their body. The success of the company can be traced to A.D. Dolphin’s hard work and determination. He promoted his company and its products, and people who are using it are impressed with the results. Visit Dherbs on facebook to learn more.

According to A.D. Dolphin, one of the inspirations for establishing the company would be the ancient techniques used to cleanse the body. He wanted to reintroduce these lost techniques to the modern world, hoping that the people would accept it. These ancient methods for cleansing the body have been hidden for centuries, and through extensive research and study, A.D. Dolphin managed to master these techniques and used them for his advantage. With continuous experimentation, A.D. Dolphin’s company managed to create the perfect formula that will be used for cleansing the body. The process is completed within 20 days, and A.D. Dolphin assures his customers that they will feel relaxed and rejuvenated after they tried the products. He also claimed that overweight people could expect to lose a lot of weight after using the products from DHerbs Inc.

Many people who have tried the cleansing ritual from A.D. Dolphin’s company are impressed with the results. One of the things that they praised would be the immediate showing of results after using the product. A.D. Dolphin also claimed that positive reviews about his company helped him expand his market. The company plans to increase the production of their products used for the 20-day cleansing program, and they are hoping that more people will be interested in buying them. Check out:

Upwork  Providing Regular Work to Deserving Freelancers

If you want to achieve success as a freelancer, make sure that you register at popular online platforms that would connect you with the clients who are looking for skills that you have. One such online platform with nearly twenty million registered members is Upwork, where clients and freelancers can interact and work together. The freelancers who are registered at Upwork have had a positive experience as they have got a substantial amount of work regularly. If you are good at what you do, rest assured your skills would be recognized at Upwork. With time as you gain more experience as a freelancer and earn more positive reviews on Upwork, it would become more comfortable for you to bag more work.

Upwork is always supporting and encouraging the existing freelancers and giving them the tips on how to be more successful in their career. One of the blogs it posted recently talked about the importance of having the habit of maintaining a to-do list. With the help of a to-do list, you would never miss out on any crucial task and would be able to keep track of all the live assignments. Many times, the freelancers tend to procrastinate, and it disturbs their work schedule completely. With a to-do list, you would be able to set deadlines as well as add priorities to different tasks. Not only would it allow you to complete your projects on time, but it would also become much easier for you to impress your clients and get new works.

Upwork has around five million clients, and the count continues to increase with time. If you are looking for work, then Upwork is a place where you can register. It would ensure that you can get right amount of work on a regular basis. The habit of keeping a to-do list handy and updated would take you a long way in your career as a freelancer. To-do list should be made at night always to save time during the morning and would help you get started with the day as soon as you wake up and get ready. It would also keep you organized, save much time, and ensure that your work schedule is up to date with the projects in hand.

Whitney Wolfe

At only 28 years old Whitney Wolfe has certainly taken the world by storm as Founder & C.E.O. of Bumble, a dating application that changed the ways of the online dating scene by allowing the women to make the first move, and being cofounder of the dating app, Tinder. She had seen her fair share of how ugly the online dating scene had gotten and rightfully, is how she had been inspired to start Bimble. Little did she know that by the Spring of 2016 her app would cross the 100 million dollar threshold and by 2017 be competing with “Tinder” the largest online dating application ever created with over 70% of online daters already using the app according to Forbes magazine.

Whitney Wolfe isn’t your average 28 year old though. She’s already made millions with Tinder and Bumble and she isn’t stopping there. She’s already branching out yet again with such ideas as Bumble bizz for people looking for employment and Bumble BFF for finding new friends.

Whitney Wolfe first started out in the business world when she was only 19 selling handbags made from bamboo to help those affected by th B.P. oil spill in the Gulf Coast in April of 2010. After the success Whitney Wolf saw selling her handbags she decided to start investing her money and in 2012 with the help of some friends started the biggest online dating application to be made yet.

Whitney Wolfe has accomplished a lot more than most of us can in a lifetime, and still seems to be doing more and more each and every day. She’s young, beautiful, energetic, and business savvy. There is no doubt that she will continue to shock and amaze us in her business and humanitarian ways and inspire us to believe that even the little guy, or girl, have a shot at making our dreams come true and thanks to Whitney Wolfe we may even find the love we are all truly looking for. Billion-Dollar Bumble: How Whitney Wolfe Herd Built America’s Fastest-Growing Dating App

How Freedom Checks Brings Profits to the society.


Freedom checks is an investment strategy that partners with Master Limited Partnership whereby the investors get paid a return of money on the money they invest in at it is usually per month. When someone decides to invest in the Master Limited Partnership, one buys the units of a company and then getting a piece of the yield back based on how the company makes profit. In this company, taxes are not paid like other corporations because it combines the benefits of a partnership with that of a public company.

The idea brought up by the company is that they instead give their profits to those who invest in them rather than giving it to the government. Badiali who is the founder of the Freedom Checks confirms that more than 568 companies are under the Master Limited Partnership but only recommends five of them that to him he owns the raw material such as oil, minerals, timber gas and precious metals. Visit to know more.

Master Limited Partnership leads to how much you get back from the investment as it leads to the highest divided rates at the moment to the investors meaning that if an investor invests in $10, then the person is likely to be paid less than $1 per year. The only possibility comes if the investor is spending the big bucks like millions of dollars per year.The one thing that makes Freedom Checks exceptionally different from scams is that it is an investment, where it gives a chance to someone to invest on one’s income.

Matt Badiali looked for an ambitious venture by the Freedom Checks, he purchased stocks in Kaminak, but all his friends and families never thought that it was a right decision. The market stock was frequently reducing, but Matt Badiali’s was increasing rapidly. He purchased the stock at $0.06 on December and later in August he sold at $2.64 making a profit of 4,400, and his efforts in the investment never went in vain.

Freedom Checks has managed to put up many advertisements explaining how it all works. Such investments are considered to be commitments since an individual has to make repeated deposits so that the individuals earn more money which will be paid out later. Matt Badiali has been hired due to his skills, and this earns more revenues to the companies which decide to hire him because of his brilliant recommendations. Matt Badiali has managed to promote the Master Limited Partnerships gaining him recognition for his excellent work.



Ian King Bring Powerhouse Investment Know How to Banyan Hill Publshing


Banyan Hill Publishing is certainly not a new kid on the block, so when they offer advice, folks should listen. They have been hailed as a go to publisher of independent investment advice. Over 400,000 readers depend on the website for daily investment insight. This knowledge is fueled by a group of experts who all have one goal in mind, helping their readers identify the right investment paths. The website dedicates its expertise to a large variety of different types of investments including undervalued US companies.

Following it founding in 1998, the group quickly acquired the accolade of being a leading investment group. This reputation was based and fueled by their self reliance. They offered a huge sweep of advice topics which would cover just about any and all investment situations. Everything from US dollar diversification, to establishing off shore financial accounts. With their advice an individual could safely expect to navigate any type of financial journey. Read more at to know more.

In 2016 the group acquired their current name of Banyan Hill Publishing. With the new name came a new focus on advice publishing through their vast network of experts and advisers. They also expanded their focus to include entrepreneurs seeking advice on start up and business sustainability. The great thing about Banyan is that they are not concerned with cultivating a fraternity style, club membership where only the select few have access to necessary financial advice. Rather Banyan Publishing hopes to help the average person attain above average financial freedom.

Serving as senior analyst for Banyan is Ian King. Ian joined the Banyan family in 2017 as an advisor on the growing cryptocurrency trends. His experience has led him from a desk clerk position at Salomon Brothers, through other various financial institutions and finally to Banyan. He has helped Banyan readers navigate through the new world of crypto currency using his expertise as a cryptocurrency trader. Ian King brings with him over twenty years of experience in trading as well as analyzing markets. Ian King has been often published in Fox Business News, as well as Zero Hedge.

You can find Ian King at his personal blog IanKingGuru. This is a one stop place to find tons of advice for investing and understanding cryptocurrency. The blog features articles on crypto as well a bitcoin. He also features educational videos on the blog which can help the average Joe, become Joe Wallstreet. Visit:

Why Kevin Seawright Started A Company To Boost Homeownership In Baltimore

One of the more exciting firms in Baltimore, Maryland, is RPS Solutions LLC. The RPS stands for Real Property Solutions as they offer new homebuyers a path to owning their first home. The company was founded and is led by Kevin Seawright who has been a financial professional for many years. He is the firm’s chief operating officer and managing partner. In these roles he manages how the company operates each day as well as its overall strategic vision. Additionally, he oversees the many contractors that they work with when fixing up and/or building homes.

Kevin Seawright worked for the city of Baltimore for several years before he entered private industry in March 2011 when he got an executive position at Tito Contractors in Washington D.C. He also worked for two other organizations, Collington Episcopal Life Care Community and Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, before taking over at RPS Solutions. Read this article at

The goal that Kevin Seawright has is to dramatically boost the number of homeowners in Baltimore. Right now less than half of the homes in Baltimore are owned by the person living in them. His goal is to increase this to 66%. They accomplish this goal in two ways. They buy homes, fix them up, and then sell them at affordable prices to new homebuyers. They also build new affordable homes that they then sell.

One of the Baltimore neighborhoods that Seawright and his company have had great success is Belvedere Square. The neighborhood used to be very unstable and filled with people renting their homes. After RPS Solutions invested in this area and then brought in homeowners it is now very stable and flourishing. People are taking pride in their homes and keeping up on the maintenance, something that hadn’t been happening before.

Another way that RPS Solutions and Seawright helps people is by connecting them to mortgage lenders. He has built a network of reputable lenders that offer competitive interest rates to homeowners. The goal is to get people in homes with a monthly mortgage that they can afford, something that is now happening more and more in Baltimore thanks to Seawright. Learn more:

Organo Gold’s own Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold with the idea of integrating the integrating the benefits of Ganoderma. This herb, which is actually a mushroom, is a traditional Asian medicine that is used often throughout Asia. His vison for this traditional remedy was for it to be fused with one of the most consumed beverages around the globe, coffee. Being the visionary that he is, he only launched the product when he felt the blend was perfect. Almost immediately after launching his successful coffee, his company began to launch several other products. These teas, detoxes and energy supplements work best when consumed together. This, of course, is not hard considering most of us already have routine set up throughout the day. View Bernardo Chua’s full profile at LinkedIn

Although they have a website for online shopping, they also have other means of selling their products. Independent distributors are a major part of the Organo Gold family. With products being distributed to over 50 countries around the world, it has strong network of distribution. Not to mention that they offer online training and generous rewards while providing the skills of success along the way.

Originally from the Philippines, Bernardo Chuas’ knowledge of the multi-level marketing business is what gave Organo the edge it needed to excel. After acquiring plenty of knowledge for healthy bioactive drink products over the years is when he decided to make Organo. Not only did his knowledge of the business help, but also the knowledge of the herb itself was a resource to him. Being familiar with the benefits of the mushroom, he devised a way to share it with the world. With 10 years of success and much to come from Organo, we expect to hear about more great products soon. If there is one thing that people love its something that is healthy and delicious.

Read more:

Igor Cornelsen Has Been a Reliable Investment Adivsor For More Than 50 Years


Are you looking for someone to walk you through the process of investing your money? Do you want to learn from one of the best financial planners or wealth building advisory professionals? If you want to learn about money management or investing, you need to consult Igor Cornelsen – one of the leading professionals in the industry.

Igor has a reputable investment firm that caters to a wide variety of clients. He can handle issues related to retirement planning, financial management, investing for financial security and much more. Read more at to know more about Igor Cornelsen

Igor is passionate about advising and helping people understand how things work in the financial industry. He will take the time to teach or show you how to go about making the right decision for your financial future. He can guide you in taking advantage of the profitable opportunities that are available in the stock market and other investing ventures. He provides advice to both beginners and experienced investors and you can benefit immensely from his advisory service.

There are many professionals and firms that provide investing and financial planning but it is extremely important to choose a well established and reputable advisory service.

Igor Cornelsen has been around for many years and can give you access to top notch resources and industry connections, which will enable you to achieve the results you desire. He is a knowledgeable and dedicated professional and he makes it a top priority to deliver the best possible service to clients. Visit for more info.

Whether you are an individual choosing your first investment vehicle, or a seasoned investor looking to grow your portfolio, Igor has a variety of strategies for investing to suit your financial or money management requirements. His advisory service is designed with the clients in mind.

With a wide variety of successful tips and techniques for achieving financial or investing success you can find the perfect option for your situation. To get proper guidance or advice, get in touch with Igor right away. If you have questions or concerns about money management or financial planning, Igor will be glad to address them for you. Check: