The Importance Of A Professional Association For Industry Specialists Such As Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy serves the AIA or the American Institute of Architects as the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President. Robert Ivy became the CEO of the organization in 2011. He has a Master in Architecture and an English Bachelor of Arts. Due to his editorial leadership, he has received numerous awards.

Robert Ivy is an expert architect. He was named the Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi in 2010 with a unanimous vote. In the 100 year history of this fraternity, only seven individuals have received this honor. Robert Ivy was the only once chosen during the 21st century. He also received Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement award this 2018.

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A professional society teaches workers what they did not learn on the job or in school. These individuals network, build credibility, compete for awards and become leaders. The associations take pride in their tools, data, webinars, websites, newsletters and original research. This is helpful for individuals new to the workplace or those interesting in reinventing the wheel. Hundreds of thousands of individuals in the workforce attend large yearly conferences to meet their peers, attend workshops and secure job offers.

Members can access job boards hosted by the association. Some societies attempt to sway the policymakers into decisions benefiting the members. In certain industries, credibility is provided by belonging to a professional organization. This shows the individual is current with developments and trends, has leadership skills and society awards emphasize the resume. Certain organizations such as the AIA provide their clients with peace of mind by their code of ethics. According to Robert Ivy, architects know all members are held accountable for adhering to the values of the profession.

The correct association for many workers is obvious, but others have to make a decision regarding which association is right for them. A good example are the national societies for accountants because there are nine to choose from. Some associations cater to seasoned professionals, while others were created for young professionals. Some workers receive additional benefits by joining numerous organizations. This is dependent on their job function and the specific industry. An individual working for a manufacturing company in marketing may want to join a separate organization for all of their specialties.


Robert Ivy’s Career Success And Achievements

Robert Ivy is the chief executive officer and EVP for American Institute of Architects, AIA. He is receiving an award for Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, MIAL. This is the frits time that an architect is receiving this kind of award, Polk Award. The award is going into the hands of Robert Ivy whose work over a long time in performing, creating, and art support is worthy of being noticed.

Robert will be among the small set of people who are most distinguished in Mississippi to receive such kind of an honor. Some of them include Eudora Welty who is a writer, Morgan Freeman an actor, Shelby Foote a writer, late Walter Anderson an artist, and Leontyne Price, a singer. Robert has worked hard to ensure that the architecture becomes most accessible to all members of the public. He is recognized as an author, writer, and commentator in the architectural industry. This gave Robert a direct honor to be one of the honorees for the prestigious Noel Polk Award.

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Since he became the chief executive officer of AIA in 2011, Robert Ivy has been a great ambassador of the architectural profession in the world with skills manifested in authorship, editorial work, and practice of architect. The award has come in at the right time to crown Robert with the honor for his achievements in his profession and personal life. The other fact is that he is a native of Mississippi. The president for AIA, Carl Elefante congratulated Robert for this milestone in his career life.

Formerly, Ivy was editor-in-chief for Architectural Record of McGraw-Hill before he joined AIA. All this time, Ivy was able to push for the success of the Architectural Record, and it became the most known leading to the acquisition of numerous award. Besides, Robert led the team of construction and design media where he launched the Mandarin version for the Architectural Record as well as the Middle East. Coming to AIA, Robert Ivy is a cornerstone that has caused much growth in Institute. Ivy has received many other awards and honors in his lifetime over time. He was honored by Alpha Rho Chi regarding his noticeable effectiveness in bringing out the value of design into the world. Robert has a Bachelor of Arts from the Sewanee as well as a masters degree in Architecture from Tulane University. Before he ventured into his career deeply, Robert was an officer in the United States Navy.

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