“Oncotarget: One Closer Step to Becoming Disease Free!”

Oncotarget is an integrative conventional scientific and medical journal that provides free access to the most up-to-date academic and clinical research on cancer and experimental treatment analysis. The publication has become so popular among the medical industry and community, Oncotarget has expanded their subject materials to more than just oncology. The fields of study have now broadened to the areas of autophagy, cell destruction, cell cycle, immunology, microbiology, Chromosomes and gerotarget aging. Oncotarget publicizes the most relevant issues and findings every week so that noteworthy discoveries can be revealed without delay to its followers. The main objectives of Oncotarget’s Editors-in-Chief, Mikhail V. Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov, are included in the following list.

  • To augment the influence of research data with insightful review
  • To eliminate the boundaries between fields
  • To bring together the various fields of biomedical science
  • To encourage and advance the application of science and research to combat disease
  • Assist all researchers in participating to the progress of science
  • To foster ways to live without any diseases
  • Freeing the study of oncology from any publication expenses

Oncotarget’s twenty contributing Editorial Board members have vast scientific expertise and backgrounds that belong to the National Academy of Sciences USA and are Nobel Prize and Lasker Award winners. They have published the works of some of the most respect researchers and authors in their fields including Andrew V. Schally, John Reed and Tony Hunter. The different kinds of articles Oncotarget reviews and publishes include commentaries, editorials, research findings, comprehensive reviews and books.

To get a better understanding of the subject matter Oncotarget provides, the titles of a couple of the latest published research papers is, “Next Generation Sequencing of Carcinoma of Unknown Primary Reveals Novel Combinatorial Strategies in a Heterogeneous Mutational Landscape” and “Multiple-Response Regression Analysis Links Magnetic Resonance Imaging Features to De-Regulated Protein Expression and Pathway Activity in Lower Grade Glioma.” Two of the current Editorials are titled, “Functional Proteomic Characterization of Cancer Cell Lines” and “Pharmacologic Targeting of Drug-Induced Enhancers.” Oncotarget is a valuable commodity toward the discovery of cures for cancer, other diseases and anti-aging breakthroughs.

Oncology 101: How Oncotarget Is Changing Lives through Enlightenment

It remains a disturbing fact that even though everyone knows what oncology is, very few of know about what it truly entails. But thanks to the oncotarget publication, all aspects of oncology are highlighted on a weekly basis hence disseminating desired knowledge to all the lucky readers. A myriad of oncology subjects has been covered in oncotarget for instance, oleuropein and its health benefits.

Oleuropein is a compound available in olive leaves and oil extracts that have been known for its vigilance in decreasing the chances of a tumor development. In addition to that, the polyphenolic compound can also aid in the treatment of hypertension as it is best known for its blood pressure lowering properties.

Another outstanding hallmark of oncotarget write-ups is that they are imposingly written. The writers fully understand that not everyone is familiar with complicated medical jargon explaining why their articles are comprehensively written in layman language, unless otherwise. Apart from taking the time to explain medical jargon, these oncology-related articles are also very exhaustive.

For instance, on the subject of oleuropein component, the journal goes on to expound on how the polyphenolic compound can be used to treat hypertension. The same is the case with how it treats tumors while highlighting on its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. You won’t also miss out on oleuropein and its anti cancer properties.

Also, expect the oncotarget journal to list the kind of foods that are rich in compounds that will prevent, treat or keep tumors and other age-related infections at bay. Still, on the piece on oleuropein, they have indicated the sources of foods that one can get their constant supply of oleuropein including olive oil and its extracts.

Finally, another benefit of oncotarget is the fact that they keep insisting on consulting with a qualified physician on the regular. The latter is very important because not doing so can have undesired repercussions such as health problems due to negligence. In conclusion, it is important for those who haven’t subscribed to the oncotarget to do so since it is for their benefit.

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