Leaving the Zombie Train, a Personal Essay From VTA Publications

The author of “Are You on the Zombie Train?” on the VTA Publications website talks about a personal revelation on a commuter train. The tired and suspicious crowd is expected on the rush hour train. With an uncertain state of economy, you would imagine that it would make them even more tired and frightened.

The author took a closer look at the fellow passengers. “[How] were they filling this dead time? What do you think they were all doing? Making calls to run their new home business? Typing away on creating a new marketing promo for their website? Making a lucrative trade? No. They were playing games . . .falling asleep, gossiping about nothing, staring out the window, etc.” The author compares this inaction in the face of disaster to lambs on their way to the slaughterhouse.

What if the author tried to shake their fellow commuters out of their apathy? The author imagines that they would be angry and shout him down. He compares it to “crabs in a basket.” The author ends it by asking the reader if their own apathy and inaction is because of fear of the anger and discouragement of others.

VTA Publications Limited is a non-fiction publisher of distance learning courses, and an events organizer focused on home businesses, finance, and real estate. VTA Publications was established in 2012 and has thousands of customers.  Check out the shop to see if any products seem to be the right fit for you.

Michael Zomber; The Collector of Arms

Michael Zomber is known for collecting weaponry that was used by the previous generations. In this way, he is a historian and his endeavors in the collection these arms is a way of preserving the history of the people who used them. He shared some of the different types of guns he has collected with the American History Channel in Tales of a gun series. Some of the guns include are Guns of the Orient and Automatic Pistols. Mr. Zomber also possesses a lot of knowledge on the popular Japanese Samurai swords. Michael has been involved in many interviews where he talks about his collections, his publications and the films he has been involved in creating.

As a filmmaker, he has written more than a dozen screenplays. Being an author he has written a couple of historical novels. The novels include; Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A child of the Civil War, Shogun lemitsu and Jesus and the Samurai. These books are available in print and also online you can get them on Amazon. He produced the popular documentary Soul of the Samurai with his wife, Andrea. Michael Zomber, being a historian knows the atrocities that were brought about by these weapons in the past. He advocates for peace and love globally and supports NGO’s that foster peace like Amnesty International, Global Exchange and Doctors without Borders.

Mr. Zomber was born in Washington D.C He has a degree in English Literature and Psychology and also a masters degree in English literature from UCLA. He is married to his wife, Andrea and together they have two children Christopher and Gabriella. Michael supports various philanthropic organizations including Antiwar.com and the Randolph Bourne Institute. These organizations advocate for free speech for anti-war movements as the local media houses may not be as efficient in promotion of peace.

The unifying factor with RBI is that people of all the political affiliations, be it leftist, right or libertarian can all come together. He also supports Disabled American Veterans. This ensures that the military men and veterans who sacrificed for the country in war do not suffer in poverty. Michael also supports the efforts of The Smiley Train. This organization provides free cleft surgery and related treatment for children would not have had it done due to financial strain. The treatments enable these kids to do things that they would never have done if they remained with their conditions.  Check out his production company’s website to see more of what Michael has done, and continues to accomplish.

Investment Banking Involves More Than Just Opening Checking Accounts

The banking industry has various types of banking institutions. While most people are familiar with the traditional local banks where people do daily banking activities such as opening checking accounts, there are other types of banking institutions. One of the banking types that people may not be aware of but tend to hear about all the time is investment banking, which is also called corporate banking.

As one of its commonly used names suggest, corporate banking is known for establishing and maintaining banking relationships with corporations. Whether large or small, corporations tend to work with investment banks because the structure and functions of investment banks is more suited to handling corporate clients.

The investment banking structure consists of three primary areas. These areas are asset management, sales and training, and investment banking division. The three areas have some cross over but the areas are structured differently. Each area provides a unique range of banking services.

Any investment bank can use the various areas that comprise the investment banking structure. However, usually only large investment banks manage more than one investment banking area at one time.

Smaller investment banks usually focus on one investment banking area because the banks lack the financial and human resources needed to handle multiple investment banking areas. As a result, smaller investment banks generally focus on one particular investment banking area. The area that many smaller investment banks focus on is investment banking division.

Investment bankers are one of the key resources in any investment bank. A good investment banker can make an investment bank highly successful. The combination of talents and skills needed to become an investment banker make it hard for people to master the position. However, there are numerous successful investment bankers in the investment banking arena.

Martin Lustgarten is currently one of the most successful investment bankers. He is the founder and CEO of his own investment firm Lustgarten Martin. He has acquired a quality list of clients over the years, which includes both large and small corporations along with various individuals.

He provides his clients with a variety of investment banking services, but he also provides a risk taking approach to his services that gives his clients a unique blend of banking options.

James Dondero and Highland Capital Management Are Making New Purchases

Octa Finance, along with other news outlets, are taking an interest in Highland Capital Management’s third quarter from 2015. The firm made some major changes over the course of the quarter and these changes were revealed in their 13F, which was filed at the beginning of February. Octa Finance did an analysis of the firm’s various moves. One of the major changes that occurred during the quarter was to Highland Capital’s equity exposure. Their equity exposure makes up roughly 22 percent of the firm’s assets and it dropped in value by 1.49 billion dollars over the course of the third quarter.

The article then went on to explain that the firm had made 69 new purchases in total. The biggest new buys that the firm made were in Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr, which now represents 1.96 percent of the firm’s portfolio; Amazon Com Inc, which now represents .68 percent of the firm’s portfolio; Intra Cellular Therapies Inc, which now represents .46 percent of the firm’s portfolio; Danaher Corp Del, which now represents .50 percent of the firm’s portfolio; and Eagle Pharmaceuticals, which represents .52 percent of Highland Capital Management’s portfolio.

James Dondero co-founded this firm in 1993. He decided to create a unique firm that specializes in specific areas that draw niche clients from all over the world. Dondero has done this by concentrating on providing 2 specific services. The first service connects retail and institutional investors from around the world to credit based solutions. The second service the Dondero help Highland Capital Management to specialize in is the creation of a market for collateralized loan obligation.

James has also managed to grow the firm to have other services on offer too. Highland Capital Management also offers services for emerging markets, real estate solutions, health care investments, distressed and special situation opportunities, high yield credit, structured products and short and long term equity. Jim was able to create this large of a firm because of his vast experience. He has worked as an analyst, a chief investment officer, a corporate bond analyst and a portfolio manager. He understands investments from the inside out due to decades of experience in these various positions with different companies.

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Brian Torchin A Chiropractor On The Move

Brian Torchin is a man on the move. As a top healthcare recruiter and a veteran of the health care industry, he is experienced in not only managing health care offices in Philadelphia, Delaware, and Florida but also in practicing medicine as a top notch chiropractor. He is currently serving as the President of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC and has recently expanded his reach into Europe and Asia. Brian’s professional career started out through his own experiences as a doctor of chiropractic medicine. However, as his knowledge grew he imagined another goal, the goal of how his company Health Recruitment Counselors could provide their clients with the best staff possible.

To that end, Health Recruitment Counselors offers a number of additional services to medical practices that are searching for qualified employees and assistants. Besides staffing, they also do consulting services, training, and even background checks. Torchin also is active in tweeting. One of his favorites includes blogs about the pitfalls in hiring a chiropractor and how to recruit potential employees through social media sites like LinkedIn.

He points out that you should always create an office that exudes a welcoming environment for your patients and make sure that you and your office staff make it crystal clear to the patients you treat that you realize that if it weren’t for them that you wouldn’t be there.  Brian Torchin can also be followed on Mashable, and Behance.

Be Careful With Kyle Bass

A suddenly influential individual who previously went about relatively unknown is always suspicious, and Kyle Bass and his shady past is no exception. A hedge fund manager out of Texas, Bass quickly gained renown when he publicly declared an economic recession in the United States’ future. He made this prediction in regard to the sub-prime lending market which led to the 2008 collapse. Since he was correct, people began to listen to him in higher and higher numbers. Certainly this had some positive effect on Bass’ financial endeavors, but as he continued to make more media appearances, somehow his hedge fund actually began to decline. That’s not the kind of relationship a high profile financier should have with his hedge fund; it should be the other way round! Yet even when compared against relatively average funds, Bass’ still under-performs the vast majority of them.

The more appearances Bass makes in the media, the more people seem to trust him. This is very dangerous. Bass is betting on a variety of horses, though. If you bet on all of them, one’s bound to win, isn’t it? Right now one of Bass’ biggest scams involves defrauding sick people out of cures and medical advances. Certainly that’s not how Bass sees it. No, he sees himself as humanitarian. Didn’t he, after all, start the pseudo-humanitarian organization CAD? The Coalition for Affordable Drugs has even been successful in decreasing the cost of many big-ticket pharmaceutical companies’ medication. So the sick are paying less! Isn’t that good?

In no way. The pharmaceuticals who lose out lose millions. Imagine a drug is purported to bring in one million dollars, but CAD gets on it and cuts its price down ninety percent. Now the return is only 100k. From a business perspective, the rest of that income needs to be accounted for. This means cutting the fat, as it were, from operations. As integral to operations as research and development are, often one of the first places to lose funding under such scenarios is varying R&D departments. The net result? Cures on the horizon are suspended indefinitely. Meanwhile, Kyle Bass short sells his holdings in the company he’s used CAD to attack and makes millions.

These are some very solid reasons to be careful trusting anything Bass has to say about…anything. The likelihood is, he’s got a secondary motive impossible to see until he pulls out with millions of dollars to be devoted to some other scheme. Socialist or no, Bass’ actions are suspicious, dangerous, and often unethical.

Sam Tabar: How to Implement Global Marketing Strategies

When it comes to international finance, one of the best ways to guarantee a firm will find success is the proper implementation of global marketing strategies. However, it takes tremendous amounts of knowledge and experience in order to develop strategies that will appeal to investors the world over, ultimately leading to an increase in wealthy investors eager to invest their money in a hedge fund that produces excellent results. While there are many people around the world who develop global marketing strategies, few do it any better than Sam Tabar. With his unique educational background as well as extensive experience in both the legal and financial fields, Sam was able to develop many innovative strategies that industry experts saw as cutting-edge, unique, and innovative for the industry.

While working on an international stage, CrunchBase shows Sam developed a reputation for having some of the most remarkable ideas within financial services. Using a creative mind as well as an approach that took full advantage of his legal and financial background, Sam implemented his strategies and quickly began to see excellent results. For example, while serving as the Head of Business Development and Capital Strategy for the Sparx Group, Sam was in charge of developing strategies for a hedge fund that was worth more than $2 billion. Using his strategic marketing plan to reach investors in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, the hedge fund grew from an initial value of $2 billion to more than $3 billion, which showcased his ability to find high-profile investors.

Along with finding tremendous success with this hedge fund, Sam has also found career success when it comes to working with clients on regulatory and compliance issues. Considered one of the world’s foremost experts on financial contracts, Sam has worked with clients everywhere to interpret various contracts, investment agreements, employment law questions, and much more. Able to break down complex issues in terms that people find very easy to understand, Sam has developed into a Capital Strategist that firms all around the world are eager to have on their team. As he continues to mull one career opportunity after another, Sam realizes he needs to continue being innovative with his planning in order to stay ahead of the competition.  About.me is a good showcase of Sam Tabar’s career.

Eucatex President: Electronic Devices Can Help Education Tremendously

Do you know many people in their twenties who don’t own smartphones? I can’t say that I do. In this day and age, many young adults are becoming linked with one another through the use of modern technologies; namely smartphones, internet access, and computers.

The dependence upon these technologies can take away from so many “real-life” social experiences. However, Eucatex President Flavio Maluf says that these technologies can help tremendously with educational opportunities for college-aged people. He says this idea is more feasible if their technological focus is steered towards learning. By turning students’ focus away from using these devices solely for leisure, young people will be more motivated to take education seriously.

Studies show, in fact, that a significantly larger percentage of student use the internet at home than at their schools. Almost half of all of the educators in Brazil use the internet in their classrooms and engage their students in materials such as videos, slideshows, PowerPoint presentations, and even games. Maluf says on Twitter that the satisfactory academic results of students support his claim.

Mr. Maluf is the current President, presiding over Eucatex and GrandFood. He is the oldest son of Brazillian politician Paulo Maluf. Eucatex is owned by the Maluf family company and assumed Flavio Maluf as it’s top executive on April 29, 2005.

Eucatex is a group of panel production company based out of Brazil. They focus on the manufacturing, designing, and painting of different projects for various construction, furniture, and automobile companies, They utilize eucalyptus wood fibers in their creations, as well as fiberboards of different densities.

He’s counted on to provide advice to new entrepreneurs, and he’s also been relied upon to He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, as well as other credentials from both the United States and Brazil. Mr. Maluf has also served for other North American and South American companies, such as CitiBank and Sistema.

Brad Reifler’s Guidance on Investing and Money Matters

Brad Reifler founded the Reifler Trading Company in the 1980s as shown by Wikipedia. He sold the company and found Pali Capital in 1995. He now focuses on being the CEO of Forefront Capital. He elaborates on how investor should invest in a longevity source of financial growth.

He states we should be very careful with contributing capital to an unknown investment. Mr. Reifler strongly suggests to Reuters that you should have present and future goals set aside for your objectives. It would be a great idea to research the company you are investing in, in order to know someone who is an investor in the company to give some advice about the Do’s and the Don’ts. One should keep alert of the account to see if it is growing or stagnated. If it is desolate, close the account and search for another money fund. If the money is growing, add more funds for financial growth. Make sure you have enough to invest by the end of the month to be persistent with financial planning. Always make sure the needs are met before wanting to invest such as loans, utilities and personal care if needed. A mutual fund is a great investment simply because you do not have a penalty if you need to withdraw for emergency needs or for a family vacation. Mutual fund also grows interest when the Dow is elevating. As always, observe the accounts at least once a week.

Another savings account that grows interest is the Money Fund. It acts just like a savings account however this account draws interest more quickly than a regular savings bank account.

Reifler also states with the right investment diversification, you can have a great savings for your own retirement. Reifler’s articles are posted on Reuters website if you would like to analyze more tips of investing and savings.  Reifler has a huge interest in building up the middle class.  As he’s told MarketWired Reifler has focused Forefront Capital on middle class development.  Check Brad out on Twitter for further.

James Dondero: Taking Highland Capital To New Heights

James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 and after only a little more than a decade, the fund is already one of the most experience alternative credit managers in the world and has been tested by multiple credit cycles. Highland Capital is also the larges United States collateralized loan obligation manager, which is probably due to the fact that James Dondero and the fund helped to pioneer the CLO and loan markets. The firm also offers services including mutual funds, private equity funds, hedge funds, CLOs, institutional separate accounts, REITs and ETFs.

Before Jim Dondero started Highland Capital Management, he worked for several companies, including American Express, Morgan Guaranty training program and the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life, as an analyst, a portfolio manager, a corporate bond analyst and a chief investment officer. Prior to working, Jim graduated with honors from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia. He received a dual degree in accounting and finance. Since his school days, James Dondero has also gotten certified as a Charted Financial Analyst, a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Management Accountant. Dondero now serves as a board member for MGM Studios and American Banknote. And he is a chairman for CCS Medical, NexBank and Cornerstone Healthcare.

Octa Finance recently did an article analyzing Highland Capital Management. It did the analysis by looking at the firm’s recently filed 13F for the third quarter of 2015. In the filing, they found that there were some major changes made to the fund’s portfolio. The fund increased its position in several companies. Highland lifted its stakes by 60% in American Airls Group Inc, which left it at more than 204 million dollars.

Highland Capital also sold stocks in a number of stocks. Octa Finance could only speculate that it was either due to there being a better place for the firm’s capital, value or momentum. The stocks that were sold include Laboratory Corp Amer Hldgs, Envision Healthcare Hldgs In, Mckesson Corp, Nexpoint Cr Strategies Fd and Spdr Series Trust. These sales amounted to roughly 8 percent of the fund’s entire portfolio that was reported in 13F.

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If you would like to read the full article, please go here: http://www.octafinance.com/highland-capital-management-top-10-holdings-in-q3-2015/352793/