The Cost Saving of Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens first began adult life by obtaining a business degree from the Getulio Varga Foundation. After graduating from here he continued his education at Thunderbird School of Global Management at the Arizona State University. This is one of the most respected business schools in the world. After graduating from here, Jens immediately became a successful Brazilian businessman. He spent the next number of years in leadership positions in a number of industries. He particularly made a name for himself in the chemical development, energy generation, water, and waste concessions industries. Visit on his twitter account for updates.

He has held high positions at leading companies such as Enron, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Enel. He has also worked in the senior management of Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A. After that he served as Director of Braskem S.A. In 2015, he took a position in Portugual, his first overseas business venture. He currently serves as the CEO of Energipar Captação S.A. and Chairman of Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A. He remains a leading specialist in infrastructure, especially economic waste elimination.

As such, his knowledge in such matters is extremely valued throughout Brazil. His commonly gives business advice to the Brazilian government and private industry in arrangements knows as Public Private Partnerships. He is known for providing them with the most innovative and cost-effective solutions. And that makes sense since that has been his primary area of concentration for so many years. He also often assists these groups in overseeing their capital investments. Most of his investments whether for the government, other businesses, or personal are oil, mining, or energy related.

Felipe Jens has been doing what he does for over 25 years and looks to be doing it for many years more. And it looks like he won’t want for clients anytime soon.

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Career and Achievements of Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is the son of Paulo Maluf and was born in 1961. Paulo was a famous Brazilian politician. Having graduated in Mechanical Engineering from FAAP and in Business Administration from the New York University, he serves as Eucatex Group’s president and CEO. Read more about Flavio at

The location of Eucatex Group is Brazil. Having been established in 1951, it is family owned. The firm deals with building supplies focusing on vinyl and laminate floors, wall portions, panels, baseboards and doors. This adds up to its building of beautiful and well-made toys and furniture.

He gave a report on 13th July showing a reduction of 0.7% in comparison to a similar month of 2017. He also acknowledge that the outcome of such movements in the month of June pointed to the balance of agribusiness trade that added up to $8.17 representing an increase of 0.7%. With regards to the agro-export destinations, Flavio Maluf implies that China has remained the key stop for the Brazilian exports. The shipments majorly comprised of cellulose and soybeans.

The building supplies of Eucatex Group took part in the establishment of the World Cup stadium. The featuring of the stadium is behind its colors which are vibrant. Additionally, he utilized the chance that emerged in Rio during the period of Summer Olympics.

In consideration of his charity work, Flavio is philanthropic. He likes giving back to the society as seen in areas like Sao Paulo and Salto County. His focus is on the provision of incredible healthcare services for all in need. It is evident in his donation of items like X-ray machines.

In addition, he is a blog writer and an advisor to the people within the business community. It is through the blogs that he has spread his wisdom to different people across the business globe. He keeps the spirit with an intention of helping everyone with a business mindset to prosper in all that they do. Check:

How Felipe Montoro Jens Has Helped Businesses in Brazil to Thrive

How you take life determines what you become. Most people are what they are because they saw it many days ago and took it seriously. Life has many aspects, and each aspect requires someone to give it the seriousness it deserves. Although these are some of the important things many ignore in life, Felipe Montoro Jens took them seriously. That’s how he came to be one of the reputable corporate leaders with unmatched managerial skills and leadership aptitude. One thing Felipe says is that a willing spirit is crucial for any leader who intends to bring any global change. Latin America is proud of Felipe for the surpassing change he has brought into the business world in this country. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

Besides being a reputable business leader, Felipe is also a passionate philanthropist. He believes that a country moves forward when its economy grows and when it focuses on improving the community’s standards. Felipe also serves as a board chairman for numerous corporations in Brazil. He believes ab individual cannot lead a community of privately owned corporation without incredible leadership skills. He studied business at Getúlio Vargas Foundation and later an international management degree at Thunderbird. Felipe Montoro Jens was once a student at American Garvin School that majors with international management studies.

On state matters, Brazil is always concerned. The country is of the highly industrialized because of its commitment to infrastructure. This is how Brazil has been able to meet most of the demands its investors have. According to Felipe M0ntoro Jens, infrastructure privatization that took place in the 1930s has helped the country to gain the global respect it has attained. This opened a door for massive growth in the country’s business sector. No country ever succeeded in business if its infrastructure remained weak.

Felipe has been keen on observing economic changes to know the next direction to take. He says countries that embrace privatization increase their economic growth margin by a greater margin. Felipe Montoro Jens explains that aeronautical and petrochemical industries have embraced this revolution and that’s why they make the great impact they make today. He says a country that minds about its economic growth should privatize its electricity, transportation, and banking corporations.

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