Waiakea Water Plans to Use a New Nano-Degradable Bottle

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water announced that they are planning to use fully degradable bottles by next year. Waiakea, Inc. will become the first beverage company in the world to use these 100 percent recyclable and fully degradable bottles and by doing so, they hope their innovative bottles will become a common trend for other companies to follow. Regular plastics used today are known to leave a very large ecological footprint, its lifespan is approximately 1,500 years. The newly patented TimePlast, a nano-degradable additive that can be used in all plastics, will reduced the plastic’s lifespan to just 15 years. By incorporating TimePlast technology during the manufacturing, Waiakea Water bottles will leave a dramatically shorter carbon footprint. A drop of the additive can alter a plastic’s chemical bonds into a less complex state, this weakens it so it can eventually break down in due time. The quality and functionality of the fully degradable bottle’s plastic is difficult to tell apart from an untreated plastic bottle. The creator of TimePlast, Manuel Rendon shared that it took over five years and 1,200 experiments to get it to mimic the quality that regular plastics have. A pound of this additive can change over one thousand pounds of plastic.

Waiakea Water was founded by entrepreneur, Ryan Emmons in 2012. After continuous visits to Hawaii for his family’s summer and winter vacations, Ryan quickly noticed that the naturally filtered water was something he had to share to the masses. His company has become a great success and was recently named one of Inc. 500’s fastest growing companies in America.

Waiakea Water is naturally filter through thousands of feet of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. Its pristine and silky smooth taste comes from the natural 30mg of silica, electrolytes, and the fact that the water is alkaline. It’s also naturally enriched with calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium.

Ryan Emmons wanted his beverage company to be a hundred percent environmentally conscious as well as socially responsible. Waiakea Water have partnered up with the charitable organization, Pump Aid. With their help, they can bring a continuous flow of fresh water to the most vulnerable areas in Africa.