Igor Cornelsen: Facts Over Opinions

Igor Cornelsen is a career investment advisor that was born in Curitiba, Brazil in October 1947. While he had initially attended to be an engineer, he switched his education path at the Federal University of Parana to economics around the year 1967. When he began his education at the Federal University of Parana, there were no other engineering schools in Parana which made the admissions process very competitive. Even after changing majors, he decided to stay at the same university.

Quickly after graduating and starting his career in the investment industry people started to take notice of the skills he had for investing. Igor Cornelsen’s reputation eventually gave him the opportunity to work as an investment banker in Rio. When he rose to the top of his class, he received a coveted promotion to Multibanco’s board of directors. In 1976, Just 2 years later, Igor Cornelsen was named as the CEO of the bank. In 1978, he left Multibanco to look for different opportunities when it was acquired by the Bank of America. This led him to an opportunity at Unibanco, one of Brazil’s leading investment firms. Eventually, he left for Libra Bank PLC in 1985.

Up until this point, Igor Cornelsen had never been paid in US currency. This led him to be able to invest in a new world of opportunities. After doing well with Libra Bank, he became part of the board of directors at Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. Some of his colleagues from London also made the move to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank as well. He decided to go into investment banking for himself and started his own firm in 1995.

He gets very excited when he is able to see new trends that will have a big effect on the market before others. He gets a lot of his information from Reuters, this means he can get it before other people have analyzed it or let their own biases affect it. He would suggest that any young managers just getting into the industry be led by the information they find rather than other people’s opinions.