George Soros’ Peaceful Ideology on Tenacious Liberalism

Although very many politicians always thumb their chests claiming to be liberal minded, only very few of them actually follow through with the brand they choose to sell themselves. George Soros is not a politician by ambition and pursuit, but the billionaire is one of strong political persuasion. His persuasions are liberal in nature. The keen and sharp mind that is George Soros is famous for his unending financial talent. Above his ability to create wealth in areas over which he gets passionate, he is well appreciated by the global community for his outstanding contribution to humanity and the freedom that humans always crave but are sometimes denied.

As a child in Hungary, George Soros went through religious and ethnic persecution at the hands of the Nazi Regime. Many people were killed, and he had to witness his father going to prison for being a Jew. He developed an understanding of the need to fight oppression and uphold human dignity and equality. Since then, the young man avidly set out to amass wealth and influence to help combat the oppressive through non-violent means. He came to the United States and realized the American Dream. As an American of a liberal mindset and a strong persuasion to show compassion to the world, George Soros began and still does, supporting the Democratic Party in its endeavor to make the United States a haven for all people to live amicably without discrimination.

The senior citizen has spent decades of his life bringing people together for common good of the world. The Washington Times report that the phenomenal capitalist believes in sharing and pooling of resources to emancipate the vulnerable. He is associated with numerous nonprofit organizations that oppose oppressive gimmicks by the US government as well as other world leaders. Politico reports that the philanthropist has spent millions of dollars supporting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House. He had also spent more money years before trying to boost a Democrat to win against George Bush though the bid was unsuccessful. Read more at The New York Times about George.

The currency trader amassed his wealth as a New York economist. His speculative prowess could be associated with his keen eye for spotting economic and social trends. He made history in the year 1992 for predicting the Black Wednesday of the United Kingdom. He speculated the surging trend and was sure enough to risk it all. He solicited for ten billion dollars which he sold on that fateful day to earn a profit of one billion dollars. Since then, he has always been credited by his Wall Street peers, predecessors, and successors as the American who broke the Bank of England.

Since his pockets run deep, liberal groups have always had a source of funding that never runs dry. George Soros, according to Politico, has committed more than five million euros for organizations resisting dictatorship like the Independent Diplomat. The Independent Diplomat made a major impact in the liberalization of the people of Kosovo. He is also reported by the Washington Times to have allocated 13 billion dollars, over the last 30 years, to human rights lobby groups that have been agitating for the eradication of police brutality, racism, and wrongful incarceration. His financial contribution to the Ferguson protests saved the day as lawlessness was taking root. The protests, coupled with the Black Lives Matter had been a miscalculated reaction. Although the Black Lives Matter Campaign had been planned with decorum as an organized response, the protests were a bitter response to the extrajudicial killing of an unarmed 18-year-old. The protests had sparked off violence that entailed assault of police officers and gunning down of aggressive protestors. George Soros swooped in financially and ideally to mitigate the violence without quelling the intense ideological retribution. Read this story about George at

George Soros’ Political Affiliation

George Soros is an 85-year-old Hungarian-born New Yorker who happens to be a billionaire. He garnered his wealth through various investments including risky currency trades that have seen the investor gain a net worth of 24.9 billion dollars.

The investor has been popularly known to dip his toe in the political arena often supporting the Democrats. George Soros often showed his support to candidates by giving massive campaign donations and during the 2004 elections was recorded to have spent around 27 million dollars. George, however, had seemed to have disappeared from the political scene for a number of years but quietly crept back into the scene last election year to offer his unwavering support to Hillary Clinton.

As the election year began Soros according to Federal Election Commissions, records had committed over 20 million dollars to support Hillary and other Democratic candidates vying for the various posts. This was just the beginning as some of his associates disclosed that he would up his donations as the election year progressed. George Soros expressed a great deal of faith in Hillary as the next president and would continue to offer her support even towards the end of the election year.

Apart from the financial support on, Soros also made it a mission to try to gain support from low propensity Hispanic voters by pledging 5 million dollars to a PAC called Immigrant Voters win. This was sure to sway the votes in Hillary’s direction, as she would ultimately become a favorite among the minorities. George Soros gave additional donations to other super PACs all with the hope of Hillary’s triumph come the elections.

Soros had retreated from the massive political donations after the 2004 elections where he spent around 27 million dollars trying to impart his political agenda on but falling to the opponent. He withdrew to his international foundations, which had done a great deal of good by donating its gains to non-profit organizations that has are dealt with such issues as human rights.

The surprising victory of Hillary’s opponent Trump came as a shock to most, and the outcome did not sit well with major liberal funders including Soros. The Democratic Alliance sought to have a closed door meeting, and though Soros didn’t actively attend the sessions before, his planned attendance of the scheduled meetings showcased his commitment to opposing the Trump administration and what it stood for. He explained his commitment as having been driven by his experience in Hungary where he lived through the Holocaust and Soviet communism. It is the horrors that he saw growing up that drove him to fight for human rights and the open societies that the Americans had come to know and enjoy which he felt had been threatened by Trump’s victory on Forbes.

The outcome left the Democratic Alliance in disbelief as to the authenticity of the results from the elections and have driven their focus from ‘winning the presidential elections’ to ‘how could they have lost that election?’ Soros is actively embedded in the search for the answer and hopefully ‘political closure’.

Human Rights Foundation Fight For The Rights Of The Oppressed

In 2005, the human rights activist Thor Halvorssen decided the time had come to set his own agenda in the fight for the oppressed people of the world. Halvorssen established the Human Rights Foundation in New York City in a bid to make sure he was working with a group that was politically and financially independent; to make sure the globally recognized group provides an independent option for protecting the world the Human Rights Foundation refuses to allow donors the chance to influence the decisions of the group.

Along with the ability to remain independent of the influence of political donors the Human Rights Foundation has formed a board to direct its work consistieng of well known people. The chance to take an independent direction is provided by well known former political prisoners, religious leaders from different faiths, and political leaders who are no longer in power. Thor Halvorssen works alongside these board members in a bid to determine the direction the Human Rights Foundation is taking in attempting to protect the human rights of people around the world.

Thor Halvorssen has not only been interested in the protection of human rights, but has also spent a large amount of time seeking out of the best options in finding success as a film producer. In the past Halvorssen has found success as a producer of documentary films, particularly a story focusing on the Hungarian political uprising of 1956. Halvorssen is now branching out into the world of science fiction as he seeks to continue his success in a new genre of film production.

The success Thor Halvorssen has enjoyed as a film producer has been replicated by the success he has found as a human rights activist; Halvorssen has taken his success with the Human Rights Foundation and transferred it to many different areas of activism.