Alexandre Gama: Brazilian Entrepreneur

Alexandre Gama is not the ordinary Brazilian entrepreneur and advertising leader. As the only Brazilian member of the Global Creative Board and the first Brazilian to fight the battle for the global network of communications agencies as CEO of BBH, this 58-year old businessman has more than led the way in his actions thus far. He does not plan on retiring any time soon, for he claims that there is always more to be done and that the best is yet to come.

Alexandre Gama’s career path began with an undergraduate degree from the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, otherwise known as the FAAP of Brazil. He then continued as a writer for the Standart Ogilvy. In 1990, he took over the copywriting business and became one of Brazil’s best in a matter of weeks. He was later acknowledged as Brazil’s best writer.

In 1999, he began his own agency and called it Neogama, a name both unique and appealing to any potential advertiser or customer. It was all part of a cleverly-laid advertising plan for success, which only rose to greater heights in years to come. Mr. Gama and Neogama were given numerous awards since, making them Brazil’s best.

Norman Pattiz: Being the Early Bird as a Recipe for Success


Norman Pattiz is an experienced entrepreneur and investor in the music industry. With an experience of over 40 years in radio syndication, the PodcastOne founder and executive chairman have a remarkable track record. His experience has earned him an opportunity to serve on various boards such as the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the U.S.


In an interview with Ideamensch, Pattiz gave out some tips about his daily life and details of his trajectory from where he began to the elevated level he is at today. These tips can shape young entrepreneurs to grow their career to the best. Pattiz involves himself in all the company activities from talent acquisition, technology, and ad sales.


Assessing ideas and ensuring wise implementation is a recipe for success. According to Pattiz, the excellence of plan implementation will determine success in highly competitive markets. At PodcastOne, they are able to know if a podcast can succeed instantly. This is due to the democracy in content consumption, which has increased the number of pathways for reaching the clients.


The radio syndication guru is confident that he has done everything fittingly and given a chance to start again, he would do nothing differently. Pattiz used to advise entrepreneurs to read broadly to get updated on what is happening in the industry. However, he feels that due to the increased use of technology, it’s hard to find relevant and helpful information.


The Recipe for Success


Waking up early and retiring to bed late has been the primary cause of his success. He ensures that he is intimately involved and excited in everything he does. Pattiz could not fail to acknowledge some key individuals who were his role models. Although they have all passed, Steve Ross, Bill Paley, and Dan Miller helped Pattiz get on his feet.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is an American entrepreneur with keen interests in the broadcasting industry. He is the founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne. Norman is very experienced and knowledgeable in the broadcasting industry. Pattiz ventured the industry in 1974 when he founded Westwood One, a radio syndication firm that grew to become one of the largest radio networks in the world.


Owing to his experience and expertise, he was appointed by President Clinton and Bush to sit on the Broadcasting Board of Governors. During his tenure at the board, Pattiz launched America owned Arabic-language radio and television services to the 22 Middle East Nations. In 2009, he received one of the most celebrated awards, the Giants of Broadcasting Award.

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George Soros’ Political Affiliation

George Soros is an 85-year-old Hungarian-born New Yorker who happens to be a billionaire. He garnered his wealth through various investments including risky currency trades that have seen the investor gain a net worth of 24.9 billion dollars.

The investor has been popularly known to dip his toe in the political arena often supporting the Democrats. George Soros often showed his support to candidates by giving massive campaign donations and during the 2004 elections was recorded to have spent around 27 million dollars. George, however, had seemed to have disappeared from the political scene for a number of years but quietly crept back into the scene last election year to offer his unwavering support to Hillary Clinton.

As the election year began Soros according to Federal Election Commissions, records had committed over 20 million dollars to support Hillary and other Democratic candidates vying for the various posts. This was just the beginning as some of his associates disclosed that he would up his donations as the election year progressed. George Soros expressed a great deal of faith in Hillary as the next president and would continue to offer her support even towards the end of the election year.

Apart from the financial support on, Soros also made it a mission to try to gain support from low propensity Hispanic voters by pledging 5 million dollars to a PAC called Immigrant Voters win. This was sure to sway the votes in Hillary’s direction, as she would ultimately become a favorite among the minorities. George Soros gave additional donations to other super PACs all with the hope of Hillary’s triumph come the elections.

Soros had retreated from the massive political donations after the 2004 elections where he spent around 27 million dollars trying to impart his political agenda on but falling to the opponent. He withdrew to his international foundations, which had done a great deal of good by donating its gains to non-profit organizations that has are dealt with such issues as human rights.

The surprising victory of Hillary’s opponent Trump came as a shock to most, and the outcome did not sit well with major liberal funders including Soros. The Democratic Alliance sought to have a closed door meeting, and though Soros didn’t actively attend the sessions before, his planned attendance of the scheduled meetings showcased his commitment to opposing the Trump administration and what it stood for. He explained his commitment as having been driven by his experience in Hungary where he lived through the Holocaust and Soviet communism. It is the horrors that he saw growing up that drove him to fight for human rights and the open societies that the Americans had come to know and enjoy which he felt had been threatened by Trump’s victory on Forbes.

The outcome left the Democratic Alliance in disbelief as to the authenticity of the results from the elections and have driven their focus from ‘winning the presidential elections’ to ‘how could they have lost that election?’ Soros is actively embedded in the search for the answer and hopefully ‘political closure’.

The Offices that Helane Morrison held at the SEC.

Helane Morrison is regarded as one of San Francisco’s most accomplished female attorneys. She has had a successful career both in the private sector and while working for the government. Morrison was first employed by the SEC in 1996. She worked hard to hold various senior ranks, and one of them is director of the San Francisco District Office’s enforcement programs. Helane spearheaded many investigations that led to law enforcement action on companies such as New York’s Republic Securities, NextCard, Inc., HBO, Hewlett-Packard, Google, and Dean Witter. Her performance at the office was outstanding and the organization’s chairman, Arthur Levitt, later promoted her to be chief of the division.


Morrison’s responsibilities were broad when she held the office. She was in charge of the enforcement and examination undertakings of the North Western States, which are Washington, North California, Oregon, North Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and Oregon. The San Francisco District Office’s chief reports to a regional office, which is based in Los Angeles. She took over the role of the district’s head from David Bayles, who had held the position for about five years. He later retired from the SEC and is currently working for the Morrison & Foerster law firm.


Very few women have managed to have top offices in the SEC like Morrison. The others who have held the office of a district chief are Mary Keefe, Valerie Capron, and Carmen Lawrence. During Helane’s term in office, the examination and enforcement departments of the San Francisco District were highly active, and therefore, it was forced to double its employees from 30 to 60. The two departments of the organization support each other whereby the analysis office inspects financial books of various institutions while the enforcement section takes correctional and legal action.


The attorney achieved a lot before joining the Securities and Exchange Commission. She practiced as a lawyer at the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin for about one decade. Morrison joined the firm in 1986 and was named as an associate in 1991. Her roles included providing legal representation during internal company investigations, corporate lawsuits, SEC issues, and in private securities. Helane offered her legal services to firms that were facing class actions that dealt with securities and defended stock trading companies during arbitrations. She also worked as a legal clerk in courtrooms of Harry A. Blackmun and Hon. Richard Posner. Morrison is presently serving the Hall Capital Partners, and she is its chief compliance officer.


Sam Tabar’s Opinion on Preparing for Retirement

Everyone begins a new year by forming resolutions that will help him or her to accomplish more. Statistics from a study that was done by the Fidelity Investments shows that more than 54 percent of American consumers tend to start a new year by strategizing how they can attain better financial abilities. The investment sector is complicated to understand for some of the newcomers. Sam Tabar is a top attorney and investment banker who has excellent ideas on how individuals who have less knowledge on investments can generate more money for their retirement.

Tabar understands the potential and risks in different types of investments. According to him, commodity trading is one of the most volatile sectors, and therefore, people should avoid investing in the area. The instability of commodities markets makes it’s a risky venture than the traditional mutual fund and stock trading. Businesspersons who would like to invest in the sector should ensure that they have enough knowledge. He believes that newcomers and casual investors should avoid participating in the area since a lot of technique required for the venture to be profitable. People who would like to capitalize on commodity markets should have extra finances to cover for losses that are made when the sector becomes volatile. Sam’s investment guidance has also been published on the PR Newswire.

An emerging method of accumulating wealth is by investing in private startups such as social enterprises. This is an area where one can make money while giving back to the community. An example of a social company is THINX, and Sam Tabar has significantly invested in it. THINX has specialized in the manufacture of undergarments for women, and it donates seven sanitary towels for each one that is sold.

Sam Tabar has also been offering advice to people on the importance of having a diversified portfolio. Some inexperienced individuals can misjudge opportunities and invest all their money in one investment that looks lucrative at that moment. It is, however, wise to invest in different sectors so as to spread the risk of making losses. The investment banker believes that people should make early investments for them to accumulate more wealth.

An Expanding Mexican oil Industry Looks To The Skills Of Cotemar Mexico For Assistance

The changes that have recently taken place in the Mexican oil industry have posed new challenges with the opening of the industry to tenders from private companies after years of dominance by Pemex. A number of issues have to be faced by the newly arriving companies making their way into an industry that is regulated at environmental, legal, and business agencies within the Mexican government; in order to remain successful and within the regulations the new companies entering the oil industry are looking for assistance from Cotemar Mexico, a company in its fourth decade of supplying the oil industry with maritime services.


The latest moves in the Mexican oil industry are taking place with the auctioning off of deep water exploration and drilling rights, which will be allowed in the massive Trion field that has so far been explored by Pemex. The position of Mexico as the neighbor of the U.S. makes it a strategically important oil supplier who needs to create and operate deep water oil platforms on a regular basis. One of the major services offered by Cotemar Mexico is the ability to position and construct the highest quality platforms in the industry; once constructed Cotemar operates a fleet of ships, boats, and tugs that can add to safety measures and make life movement on and off the platform a simpler task for all. Finally, the onshore and on platform work of Cotemar sees the company supply food, laundry, and entertainment options to make sure long and short term stays on a platform are as comfortable as possible for all to enjoy.


The history of Contemar Mexico that dates back to 1979 means the company is well versed in remaining within the regulations laid down at national and international level for deep water platforms. In environmental terms, the work of Contemar is completed with a clear set of regulations setting out the steps and rules the company operates within. At a time when the treatment of employees by all major corporations is of such importance, the dedication shown by Contemar to training, education, and social issues facing employees is refreshing to see.

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Get Stunning Wedding Location Photos with George Street Photos and Videos

Many couples choose to have their wedding photos taken at a location that represents where they live, where they first met or even where they love to vacation. If you would like to have your pictures taken in Washington D.C. or New York City, consider these locations.

Washington D.C.

The possibilities for places to get photos taken in Washington D.C. are almost endless. Think about taking them in front of the Jefferson Memorial as the whole monument can be captured as your backdrop. Alternatively, consider taking them at Glen Echo where one of the buildings in this amusement park even proclaims Cuddle Up.

New York City

Couples who choose to have their photos taken in the Big Apple need to consider taking them at Belvedere Castle for a fairy-like setting. Alternatively, think about having amazing outdoor pictures taken at Conservatory Gardens. Even in the winter, the snow can make colors really pop at this location.

While it may be tough to decide on the right place, it is exceedingly easy to choose the right photographer. You can trust the experts at George Street Photos and Videos to provide stunning pictures for you.


WEN By CHAZ | Choosing The Right Shampoo

Shampoo is one of those hair care products that you will rarely miss in a woman’s bathroom. It helps to cleanse the hair and make your hair more manageable. A good shampoo can help you achieve the healthy hair that you have always wanted. However, if you use just any shampoo, the results could be devastating. So, how do you know which shampoo is right for you. Here is how to choose a shampoo depending on your hair type and goals.

Dry Hair

If you have a dry hair condition, you need to be shopping around for shampoos that do not add onto your problem. Avoid shampoos that have sulfates. This tend to add on to your problem by drying your hair and scalp even further. Also, avoid using voluminous and clarifying shampoos. This tend to take moisture from your hair, and you just cannot afford that. Instead, go for shampoos that contain moisturizing ingredients such as tea tree.

Oily Hair

A clarifying shampoo can be great on extremely oily hair conditions. However, they should only be used as a last resort. A clarifying shampoo will get rid of the excess oil only at that time, then it will cause a PH imbalance, leading to further overproduction of oil by the sebum. With an oily scalp, at all cost avoid shampoos that have moisturizing effects.

Curly Hair

There are lots of shampoos for curly hair. These straightening shampoos help to seal hair cuticles hence reduce loss of moisture. Also, they contain smoothing agents to make your hair manageable.

If you are sick of trying shampoos that make your hair condition even worse, go for WEN cleansing conditioners. They are a combination of both shampoo and conditioner benefits. So, you will not need to buy these two separately. Chaz Dean,, has a cleansing conditioner for basically every hair type.

More hair care tips available on The website and official Facebook page.

Problem Solved

After college, I was very driven financially. I wanted all the things that I thought would make me look successful in life. However, I was not concerned with the consequences, but they have a way of always presenting themselves at the most inopportune time. I financed my condominium fine, but after that is when things really became scary for me financially. In my youth and exuberance, I did not measure the consequences of the my loose financial habits. We partied a lot and had a good time, but we did not give much thought to how much money I was spending at all times.


I simply did not think that it was necessary with all the money that we were making. I thought that it would last forever, and I still make a pretty good living. However, my expenses started to creep up as I did not pay attention to the things that I was purchasing. At this point, I started the financial juggling that would put me in a position to start paying attention to my financial habits. It was a little too late by now, and I had to adjust something in my life to make ends meet.


Most things including my credit card s could be renegotiated. I even had an opportunity to refinance my home loan in order to obtain a better rate, but when I tried to find a way to get some relief for my car loan there was no relief available. I tried with my credit union to no avail. I found out that they had no method for refinancing an auto loan. Pretty astounded, I tried the bank that initially financed the auto loan and still no relief. In fact, they also said that they almost never refinance auto loans.


The only option I had was to turn to the Internet, but there were some scary options there. Many of the places that would refinance the loan had bad reviews. At this point, I grew tired of being taken advantage of, so I contacted a friend that had received an auto refinance loan from a company called Ignition Financial. After that, everything was a breeze. I simply checked their website at, and it contained all the information necessary to move this thing along at break-neck speed. I was completely satisfied with them, and I wholeheartedly recommend Ignition Financial.

The Investment Prowess of Capital Group

Timothy Armour was promoted to the position of the chairman of the Capital Group in 2015. This is in accordance with the succession culture at Capital Group of leadership in the company, this following the death of the former Chairman, Jim Rothenberg. Due to his working history at the Capital Group he has gained immense, he has over 30 years of experience in investment. Capital Group manages over $1.4 trillion assets. It one of the biggest hedge fund in the U.S.

Timothy Armour has an impressive education background, he attended the prestigious Middlebury College where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Timothy Armour is based in Los Angeles California, apart from working for the Capital Group he is also the Chairman of the Capital Research and Management, Inc. part of his career he has also served the U.S. services companies as well as telecommunication companies. During his initial stages of his career, he was working at Capital Group as an analyst of an equity investment.

As a result of Timothy Armour’s impressive career as well as his immense experience he is trusted for his opinion, particularly on a matter involving investment. On this subject regarding investment, Timothy Armour has written extensively weighing his opinions. He says that investors should find active managers who can earn their keep. He is the opinion that actively managed funds perform better in the long term compared to the index managed funds. He gives a scenario of the Blockbuster worth in the 2000s he says that it was a worth millions of dollars while during at the same time Netflix was a fledgling company. He notes that Blockbuster is bankrupt while Netflix is worth over $45 million.

He says that unlike the actively managed fund index managed funds have no way of discerning the shifting of the market either because of the industry or due to the strategies adopted by the company. He says that it is important for investors to seek out an investor who spend most of their time researching and studying as well as doing deep analysis in the companies where the hold funds or the one that would be a good investment for their funds as well as its investors.

Capital Group entered a deal with a South Korean firm known as Samsung Asset Management, this was under the leadership of Armour. The both firms will be working together to build up retirement package for the Korean market. Armour noted that both firms have the capacity to come up with the retirement and insurance packages that their investors desire.