Freedom to Create Wonders: Workville’s Shared Office Space

The concept of shared office space is not new. It actually was way back in 1971 when the idea of open spaces and community bonding was in vogue that this concept was born. It was the drive to be more open with each other and share ideas in a more open environment that triggered the co-working movement.


This type of co-working environment didn’t catch on completely in the 1970s and 1980s. IBM had some success with open offices, but no other company could match that success. The time just wasn’t ripe for shared office space or co-working.


The late 1990s when the Internet was first introduced was when the concept finally solidified enough for companies to take a serious look at co-working and sharing office space. As the Internet’s popularity grew and people were able to work from home via the Internet, the more interest grew in shared office space.


New York City became the “hub” of the movement to rent out and share office space. This was mainly due to New York’s financial and real estate market. Office space was at a premium and companies were no longer able to justify building new office buildings. Many of the office sharing companies actually had their start when the real estate market tightened in the late 1980s.


There are a number of reasons why the co-working trend is not a fad. The fact is the Internet has freed entrepreneurs to work wherever they want to work. However the Internet also insolates people so there is no physical interaction. Open office space allows likeminded people to get together in a physical space and collaborate. The physical interaction gives entrepreneurs the freedom to create wonders such as the world has not seen.


Workville is an organization that offers coworking building space in New York, and boasts of a community of talented start-ups and small businesses that have taken advantage of Workville’s central locations in Manhattan near Times Square and Broadway. Twenty four hour access and ready to move in offices are what most people are looking for when shopped for shared office space in New York City.

Doe Deere, Unicorns, and the Colorful Revolution of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Makeup has been revolutionized in this past decade. The reserved, natural look has now evolved into a bright, beautiful and bold makeup palette. Embrace uniqueness, step outside of the box, and be confident; these values are key to success according to Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime. Deere was bored of the same old beige makeup selections, so she set out to revolutionize the industry in 2008.


She began creating the bold, colorful products she hoped to find in the market. Lime Crime embraces breaking the rules, the freedom to express yourself, and being proud of your uniqueness. Using the marketing skills she learned as a musician, her entrepreneurial spirit and creativeness, and her background in fashion, Deere created a colorful splash in the makeup industry.


The genesis of the color revolution initiated by Lime Crime all sparked from following a dream. It takes stamina and innovation to forge ahead on the entrepreneurial journey. Being one of the first digitally-native beauty brands, Deere knows the challenges of Internet marketing and dealing with the negative rumors spread by naysayers posting online. But Deere doesn’t dwell on the inevitable Internet slander, she finds inspiration in the positive feedback from her followers and truly cares that all of her fans are satisfied.


Deere learned how to utilize the instantaneous feedback from her social media followers to improve and evolve Lime Crime. Before starting her own makeup brand, Deere began posting “experimental” instructional makeup videos online in 2006. The novelty of her videos soon caught the attention of thousands of girls, all subscribing to see what else Deere could do with theatrical makeup. Deere cherishes her fan-base, which she refers to as Unicorns. The unicorn represents the beauty of being different and being proud, and Deere believes makeup is a way to express what makes each person unique.


Being successful is being able to adapt your brand while also staying true to your core values. Deere spent many hours in labs and with various experts to create a line of makeup products that are Vegan and Cruelty-Free. The bright blue Unicorn lipstick may seem suspiciously artificial, but Lime Crime is certified by both PETA and Leaping Bunny. Self-Made magazine even named her one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs. By staying true to her core values and coloring outside of the lines, Deere has become a successful and inspirational woman.

Farron Bernhardt Becomes New Leader Of Award-Winning Senior Community


The award winning senior living community in San Luis Obispo, California, The Manse on Marsh has announced that they have a new CEO. Farron Bernhardt will be the community’s new leader.



Bernhardt has over 30 years of experience in senior housing leadership. Before getting the CEO spot, he was Vice President of Assisted Living in the Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND). Throughout the years, he has developed a reputation for his wonderful approach to management. His qualities are particularly suited for leading Manse on Marsh.

There are many reasons why this community is among the top in the industry. Their commitment to life-enriching experiences and superior care keep families choosing them as their senior living community time and time again.



Bernhardt is thrilled to enter the new position and looks forward to joining the team and residents. He wants to ensure that The Manse on Marsh continues to set excellent standards in senior care for the Central Coast and beyond. The addition of Bernhardt is just another one of the community’s visible commitments to excellence in taking care of senior citizens.



Owned by Chris Skiff for over 15 years, this community is led by a team of members that are compassionate and skilled in their field. The staff continuously strives to create a long lasting experience for their clients and their families.



They have developed a legacy of dedication for serving the senior community throughout the years. They go beyond expectations of residents and their community by providing senior home options in an award-winning way.



The Manse on Marsh has won many awards and constantly ensures their residents’ happiness by conducting surveys within the community to ensure they understand their residents’ needs. They keep resident RNs on staff, who also directs their care programs.



As a community, they provide amazing entertainment, learning opportunities, and access to networks that make the community active, enjoyable and a joy to live in. One of the signature activities is an outreach program that connects seniors with the greater community. Seniors get a personalized and unique care program when choosing The Manse on Marsh.  Find a list of available jobs at The Manse on, or read more about what the facility plans to do in the future through

Bruce Levenson Sues

Bruce Levenson has had a great career in the NBA. Although he was never a player, he has made a huge impact on the game. When he first purchased the Atlanta Hawks, they were one of the worst teams in the league. Now the Hawks have respect and a growing fan base. If you want to take things to the next level in your organization, learning from Bruce Levenson is a great idea. He is now involved in a lawsuit with an insurance company concerning his time with the Atlanta Hawks.

Early Days

In the early days of the franchise, things were not looking good. The Hawks were a bad team with little talent. Not only were games boring, but the fans did not get involved. As the value of the team dropped, Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson decided to buy in. There are a lot of people who were surprised by this move. Even a bad NBA team costs a lot of money and it was a huge financial risk. However, with a lot of hard work, Bruce Levenson has been able to take things to the next level with his team.

Future Plans

Bruce Levenson wants to continue to invest in his team and build up his legacy. He is someone who is looking forward to the future, especially with all of the things that he has planned. If you are someone who is looking to build a great business, learning from UCG founder Bruce Levenson is a great way to get started. Few people have been able to turn around something as bad as the Atlanta Hawks. If you want to start investing in your future, start by learning how other people have done so. Once the lawsuit is over, Bruce Levenson will get back to running his companies that he loves.

Keith Mann: He Knows What Is Important

At a time where there is a lot of confusion going on and a lot of divide, there is one person out there is trying his best to keep things together for everyone and that is Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners. He is a man that truly knows what is important and what is going to help the world. He is a true leader and someone that cares. In my view, the world needs a lot more people like Keith Mann. He is not the type of person to sit by idly as things are going on in the world. He is a man of action.


That is why he holds fundraisers that raise over 22 thousand dollars for Uncommon Schools, which is something that means a great deal to Keith Mann. He is someone that is all about things being equal and fair. A lot of times in life, people are dealt a bad hand and it is not their fault. However, he knows that if they get a little boost and a little help, they can overcome it and they can be better than ever. That is why he holds fundraisers as money talks and money makes a difference. He is not the type of person to sit idly by as things are going on and do nothing about it.


If he sees a chance to help shape a kid’s future, he is going to take advantage of it. That is what life is all about, as the children are the ones that are going to be here well into the future. It is important that they are protected and they have everything they need, regardless of their standing in the economic world. They can be anything they want to be in their life. Keith Mann gives them hope and hope is a very powerful thing.


Hope inspires people to never give up, never give in, and always keep fighting, no matter what the situation is or what is going on in their lives. There are good people that are willing to go to bat for them and help.

Dick DeVos is Also A Success Outside of The Business World

Many people have opinions about the education system. People tend to provide suggestions on what is wrong with or needs to be improved concerning the education system. However, few people actually give of their time and money to help improve the education system.


One of the people who will give of their time and money is Betsy DeVos. During a recent interview with Philanthropy Roundtable, Betsy DeVos gave her personal thoughts and concerns regarding the current state of the education system. Betsy DeVos is known as a charitable giver and an advocate for the education system. She has stood up as someone who believes that change is needed for the education system to improve so that it can provide the level of education that all children need.


The answers she provided for the interview demonstrated her knowledge of the education system and the level of passion that she has for the topic. Betsy DeVos was very out front about her feelings regarding the education system. She noted on several occasions during the interview that she feels that the lack of money in certain areas hinders the education received by children located in those areas.


I think that the interview between Betsy DeVos and Philanthropy Roundtable was a good interview. The questions asked by Philanthropy Roundtable and the responses made by Betsy DeVos were both good. There are varied opinions on the state of the education system, and Betsy DeVos made some very interesting comments regarding where she feels the education system is currently.


Betsy DeVos is the wife of businessman Dick DeVos who is a respected executive in the business world. Mr. DeVos is currently the president of a successful company. He has served in similar key executive positions with other companies. Throughout his professional career, Dick DeVos has always worked hard and produced positive results.


However, business success is not the only success that Dick DeVos has on his resume. Dick DeVos is also a well known charitable giver to many worthwhile causes. Dick DeVos has his own charitable organizations, he works with other charitable organizations, and he helps with numerous community initiatives. Dick DeVos has shown through decades of service that he cares about people, and he wants to help people.


Dick DeVos  is a family man, a businessman, and a giver of his time and money to help people in need. He is a success in the business world and outside the business world.

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Adam Goldenberg: An Eye for Success

JustFab is the home of the breakout athletic leisure fashion company Fabletics. This is the perfect way to shop from home. You simply buy something you like and become a member. After filling out a personal taste questionnaire, a personal fashion assistant on Recode will curate a small collection for you. You can select one, all of them or simply opt out for that month. It’s a great way to get a put together look without worry. This new way to approach fashion is the brainchild of Adam Goldenberg.

An Early Eye for Business

Adam Goldenberg’s rush toward success started very early. While most 13-year-old boys spend their Bar Mitzvah money on games, clothes and entertainment, Adam Goldenberg invested his into his future. Goldenberg founded an online bulletin board service. In two year’s time he had turned his service into a company for gaming enthusiasts called Gamer’s Alliance.

In 1997 this young company was acquired by Intermix president and founder, Brett Brewer. Brewer had no idea that his new accusation was headed up by a savvy 17-year-old. After some brief time spent debating, Brewer took on the borderline-prodigy Goldenberg. Goldenberg quickly repaid his trust. By age 19, he was the newest COO of Intermix. He was the youngest person to ever reach COO of a publicly traded company.

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A Taste for Fashion

Adam Goldenberg has always had an eye for beauty trends and the casual fashion world. Goldenberg has several other people first founded Intelligent Beauty. This company focused hard on the e-commerce world and direct-to-consumer brand building in the personal health and beauty markets.

By 2010 Adam Goldenberg was ready for a new challenge. He was ready to enter the fashion world. JustFab was born. In just one year he and his cohorts had earned to loyalty of four million members. In two years time he had six million members. Others had begun to take notice. He was able to raise 76 million dollars in funding from Rho Ventures, Crossover Ventures, Matrix Partners and Intelligent Beauty by June of 2012.

His company’s success has him in the mood to expand his business model. He realized that many of his members are also parents. He bought up a similar subscription fashion service for children, now called FabKids on Bloomberg. In May of 2013, he acquired The Fab Shoes, a European fashion e-commerce site. Now JustFab even has its own brick and mortar store! The future is bright for Adam Goldenberg.

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Meet David Osio, the Accomplished Professional in the Financial Industry

David Osio is the founder and the President of the Davos Financial Group of companies in Venezuela. David has been committed to providing financial advice to customers throughout the business’ activities. He has been able to boost the industry’s profitability thereby locating and establishing new independent and licensed businesses. This includes companies in New York, Geneva, Miami and Panama.

Osio ventured into the banking law in 1984 and joined the Caracas law firm MGO. He was in charge of corporate clients like Ferro Corporation and Consolidated Bank. As a Legal Advisor in the banking industry, Osio gained a lot of experience that earned him greater positions in the business. He was therefore given a leading role in the Private Banking Division of Banco Latino International (BLI) in Miami. The great capitalist was promoted to be the Vice President of Banking Commercial within two years of his appointment.

Under his leadership as the Vice President, the firm’s customer portfolio increased significantly in value. This positioned the bank as the international player of standing. Following his great stint with BLI, David established the Davos Financial Group of Companies in 1993. The group is highly recognized for its economic competence and social responsibility.

David Osio and the Davos Real Estate Group launch a new estate application

On June 22, 2016, The Davos Real Estate Group, an independent company of the Davos Financial Group launched its new mobile application; the Davos CAP Calculator. The application’s key objective is to estimate the return on real estate investments in which the client is interested.

The application has been developed based on modern technology platforms and is available for Android devices and iPhone. It is the start of a set of complementary apps that will provide an opportunity to identify properties via mobile phones.

His Charitable Works

Besides his financial success, the David and the Davos Group of Companies has managed to maintain sustainable corporate responsibility. In addition to this, the firm has partnered with non-profits organizations supporting the arts and culture. Other beneficiaries include the Miami Symphony Orchestra, UMA Foundation, and the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation.

David Osio’s and Davos economic opportunities and charitable contributions have been lauded through several international awards. This includes the Medal of Honor from the US Congress, Movers and Shakers 2009 and the South Florida Business Leaders 2009. Furthermore, they as well received the 2014 Miami Award Winner in a program that recognizes and honors the achievements and positive contributions of firms in the Miami area.

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Andy Wirth’s Resort Management Career

Andy Wirth was born on 25th July 1963.He graduated from the Colorado State University with a bachelor degree in science. Andy has undying passion in skydiving. He has worked in the hotel industry and mountain resort for over 25 years. He is currently the president and CEO of a parent company of Squaw Valley by the name Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Alpine Meadows Resorts. Andy also works as the chairman of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees.

Andy has tirelessly worked as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings to ensure that the ski area tops as the best tourism destination in the world. Squaw Valley Ski Resort located at the far end of a U-shaped valley was voted by the 10Best Readers’ Choice and the USA today as the 2016 ‘Best Ski Resort’ in the North America. The resort is internationally renowned.It spans over 6,000 skiable acres. The Squaw Valley is continuously growing with a development plan going through the approval process to increase the base area sevenfold size at the bottom of the mountain.

Andy has focused on improving the Lake Tahoe area. He contributes greatly to the community service and environmental organizations in the Lake Tahoe area.

On January 12, 2016, Andy Wirth was elected and announced the Chairman and President of The Reno-Tahoe Air Service Corporation (RASC).The RASC promotes air service into Reno-Tahoe International Airport and consistently identifies new prospects for additional flights. The board comprises of tourism entities like the South Lake Tahoe and regional hotel-casino properties. Wirth has been elemental to the development of air services and airports for major communities and resorts from Colorado to Quebec and most recently air service establishment to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport with JetBlue service from JFK Airport.

Andy was among the founders of the “Wounded Warrior Support” an ironman team that raises funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation to honor the fine men of the Navy SEALs after they return home.

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True Value Company Value Peaks Upon Kenneth Goodgame’s Introduction To The Company

2013 marked an important calendar year for True Value Company. The year marked a turning point in the company’s strategic goals. The board of directors of True Value Company wanted to see growth in the brand through the attraction of new retail operators as well as an increase in profitability among the existing retailers in their chain.

The board agreed on a shift in strategy that involved bringing in highly skilled executives to achieve its ambitious goals. The three executives were appointed as senior vice presidents of the company. They would be tasked with revamping the company. Their experience and expertise in their various fields were vital elements in the complete restructuring of True Value’s logistics and global supply chain network.

Having made a name for himself in the marketing realm, Mr. Kenneth Goodgame, assumed the position of Chief Marketing Officer within the company. His 22 years of experience and a track record that speaks for itself, Kenneth Goodgame made some substantial changes in True Value Company that have resulted in positive yields for the company.

The knowledge, skills, leadership and expertise have brought by Mr. Goodgame have already led to record breaking profits over the half year mark and are projected to continue the trend in the second half of the year. His unique marketing philosophy coupled with his innovation in promoting products and launching new products have set global trends.

His rich history of creating highly efficient teams played a role in overhauling 40% of low performing staff. He replaced them with vibrant personalities and equipped them with extensive product knowledge. His marketing philosophies and the complete overhaul of incompetent staff members resulted in a higher turnover. The additional revenue raised the company’s saving potential from 2% to 9% within a year.

According to, Kenneth Goodgame contributions to the company have aligned with the board’s vision for the company. His contributions have directly led to an increase in sales of their retail partners and capturing of new retail partners.

About Kenneth Goodgame

Mr. Goodgame earned a marketing degree at Tennessee University. He began his professional career in 1994 as an employee of Home Depot in Atlanta. After leaving Home Depot, Kenneth Goodgame has held different positions in various supply chain companies including Newell Rubbermaid, Techtronic Industries, and Ace Hardware Corporation.