Madison Street Capital Experts Say Take Advantage of Emerging Market Growth

Developing countries are driving global growth and the economic potential of emerging markets is not fully being exploited, advises investment experts over at Madison Street Capital. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are already strong global players, and they have excellent resources, and that potential is well used, but not by the countries themselves, but mainly by foreigners.

What Are Emerging Markets?

Emerging Markets designate a transitional stage between a developing country and a developed country. Coined in the 1970s in connection with the rising of Asian industrialization, emerging markets became known as a newly industrial rising country. Today, experts typically refer to countries like Brazil, India, China, Malaysia, Mexico and South Africa, to name a few, as an emerging nation. True, many of these countries are already partly industrialized, yet they are still in a phase in which they need more changes.

The Attraction Of Emerging Nations

All these countries have an excessive dependence on exports, and very clever foreign trade policies. For example, if you look at Brazil, they are in the worst economic crisis right now. Their unemployment rate is high and there is social unrest, yet Brazil’s raw materials are economically active. “There is also increasing debt in many industrialized countries, therefore fiscal flexibility and dependence on foreign financing are commonplace,” say Madison Street Capital advisers. Some of these financial markets offer high economic growth at often higher interest rates, which is an attractive package for investors. “The downside, of course is the risk involved, but that’s why investors diversify.”

Another attraction of emerging nations are precious metals. Precious metals like gold, silver and platinum as well as raw materials such as water, iron, zinc, oil and gas form a fundamental prerequisite for present day prosperity. Almost every industry depends on these materials. Metals can be found in automobiles, electric motors, buildings.

World Class Professionals

Chicago-based boutique investment firm, Madison Street Capital, provides strategic financial advice to create wealth and value for their clients. Mergers and acquisitions, management buyouts, and restructuring of debt, and other distressed advisory services are just a few of the financial advisements the firm offers to middle market businesses. Emanating from some of the top Wall Street and accounting firms, the team of experts have over a billion in transaction experience and a proven track record of exceptional outcomes.

Being a Proactive with One Online Reputation is The Only Way to Succeed

For many years companies looked at online reputation management as a reactionary issue, meaning companies were reacting to negative information put out online about the company. This could be in the form of a Yelp or Facebook review or a Tweet that goes viral. However in this day and age companies have now learned the importance of Online Reputation Management and are approaching it in a more proactive manner than in the past.

In today’s online environment one of the most powerful and effective tools a company has at its disposal is positive customer reviews. With sites like Yelp, Brand Yourself, Amazon and Angies list offering hundred if not thousands of review to current and potential customers it is imperative to have a positive presence on these sites. One of the ways to help ensure your reviews of adding to your overall online reputation is to actively monitor the reviews. You can set it up to be alerted when a new review goes up and if it is a negative one you can quickly respond to the customers concerns. Be mindful when responding to the concerns, as you do not want to be drawn into an online battle with the customer. A positive response acknowledging the customers dissatisfaction and offering an apology should be enough to make them feel their concerns were taken seriously.
In addition to monitoring reviews, businesses must also actively seek out reviews in order to continue to grow their online reputation. Often the reviews that are online are negative because satisfied customers just do not think about it. You will find that if you actively seek out reviews from satisfied customers that they are happy to oblige. You should have detailed instructions available to them so they do not find the process difficult.
Finally use those reviews to promote your business, people trust third parties when deciding to try a new brand or company. You can use these reviews in your marketing efforts to help potential customers feel more confident that you are a reputable company with the best product or service around.
Whatever type of business you are in is important to stay ahead of the online reputation management forefront because if you find yourself reacting to a negative reputation it might already be too late.


Comfort and Fashion Collide in Kate Hudson’s New Line of Dresses

Tired of fussing to get ready for a night on the town? Wishing you could ditch the Spanx and uncomfortable layers? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your evening wear was as comfortable as your yoga clothes? Kate Hudson has your back.

According to a recent article at Marie Claire, Kate Hudson is expanding her current Fabletics of affordable active wear to include dresses! The dresses are designed to be comfortable, using the same soft fabrics found in yoga pants and leggings. Now going out on the town you can feel as comfortable and confident. And thanks to the price point of Fabletics wear you won’t be spending a fortune either.

When asked if the dresses would be appropriate for a date Kate responded at, “That’s the point. It’s something that’s become more and more accessible, even in the office. Out on the town, to dinner, whether it be on a date, or with your friends it works with whatever you’re doing.” Not only are the new dresses made from comfortable fabric, some of the dresses even have built in bras. That’s one less thing to worry about while you are deciding what to wear.

Fabletics and Kate Hudson strive to create clothes that are functional for an active woman. They need to keep up with her when she’s working out as well as be comfortable. They applied the same principles to the new dresses. Many of them are no fuss. Just put it on, look great and go. The swimsuit line is no different. Beach volleyball? Yoga in the sand? Running on the beach? That is exactly the kind of woman Fabletics is catering too. Designed to stay in place and look great, the swimsuits round out the options available at Fabletics.

According to their own site, Fabletics was founded in 2013 by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson. Their goal was to provide high-quality performance clothing at an accessible price point. There were plenty of luxury brands suiting up triathletes and runners and dedicated yoga practitioners. But there was a lack of that same high quality for people who didn’t want to spend a fortune on their athletic gear.

Fabletics is primarily an online retailer with just 6 brick and mortar stores. New outfits are available each month. Instead of just letting you wade through the thousands of options on the site, new customers take a quiz. The quiz allows Fabletics to zero in on your individual tastes and recommend styles and choices you might like. A subscription service allows women the ability to build up a wardrobe that is comfy, functional and stylish.

Becoming a Success Beyond the Legal Field

Sam Tabar has been managing the money of multi-billion dollar corporations for most of his career. At his young age he is responsible for bringing in billions of dollars and helping companies move forward through his powerful money management techniques. Having graduated with honors from Oxford and moving on to graduate from Columbia, Sam landed his first job at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, one of the most respected law firms in the world. Starting his career so high meant that he was only going to go even higher than that, some of his accomplishments range from managing a $2.2 billion global hedge-fund to great success, helping to raise $1.2 billion with management at his law firm, and then going on to be Chief Operating Officer at FullCycle energy, a company striving to bring down global emissions. With such a long resume of outstanding feats, this is an individual worth keeping track of.

Sam Tabar has made his living as a money manager, managing billions of dollars with great returns for whichever company is lucky enough to have him. Companies like Bank of America and Merrill Lynch have used this man’s golden touch to great affect, and he continues to do his business with a clean energy company. Beyond this be sure to check out Sam’s Twitter, and also his GoFundMe initiative for African children.

Bernardo Chua Accelerates Organo Gold and is Now in 35 Countries

Bernardo Chua, @OGBernie on Twitter, is a successful entrepreneur who is focusing on the management of his global company Organo Gold. He is founder and CEO since Organo Gold was formed in 2007 in British Columbia Canada. Organo Gold is his dream business, and he is an expert in direct sales and in the Ganoderma that he is taking to the world. This has been his goal since he was a young man.

Bernardo Chua has attained an exceptional reputation in The Pacific Rim, and he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Organo Gold is 55th in the world in the direct sales division, and he has been honored with several awards.

Mr. Chua has received the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry three times as well as the 22nd Annual People’s Choice and the National Consumers Quality Award. Bernardo is a worldwide leader in direct sales, and he was recognized with The National Shoppers Choice for that success, He was also honored with the “Direct Sales Company of the Year” award five different years.

Organo Gold is now well-established after less than a decade on the market. The company is now in 35 countries and growing, and Bernardo’s dream of introducing Ganoderma to the western world is becoming a reality.

Bernardo grew up with a mother who regularly gave his family Ganoderma, so he knows the phenomenal benefits this ancient herb can supply. When he was in his twenties, and starting his career, he made the declaration that he would take Ganoderma into the western world who had never experienced it.

His first company which distributed Ganoderma was Gano Excel, founded in 2001. He managed this company until he got the idea to use Ganoderma infused into coffee and tea, so more people would use it. Up until this new concept, he had been selling it as a supplement, but the idea of the infused coffee would change everything. He closed Gano Excel and opened Organo Gold. Since 2007, he has distributed Ganoderma-infused coffee and tea, and his company has exploded.  Follow Bernardo on his Facebook to learn more about where he’s going next.

Linda Owen and Highland Capital Management Team Up For Charity

The president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has joined teams with Linda Owen, a Dallas, Texas civic leader and the former president of a nearby park foundation; The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. The alliance is meant to provide an intelligent direction to Highland’s philanthropic moves in the community in and surrounding Dallas as the Highland’s charitable programs continues to expand.

Linda Owen will be the firm’s manager for charitable giving, working with The Dallas Foundation, oversees Highland’s charitable fund.

James Dondero concluded that as philanthropic activities expand, there was a need for a dedicated professional that would allow the contributions by the firm to make the most impact. Dondero went on to explain the long standing track record of Owens, and the obvious reasoning as to why the firm chose her specifically.

Highland currently contributes over $3 million every year to charitable organizations via The Dallas Foundation, largely focused on supporting education, veterans’ causes, health care and, as a whole, the Dallas community. Within the local area, the George W. Bush Library and Museum, Perot Museum of Science and Nature, and the Center for Brain Health, among others are on the list for beneficiaries.

Linda Owen commented on Highland’s strong commitment to philanthropy, saying it was inspiring and that their work goes beyond just funding. She explained how employees were dedicating time and energy to produce real results for some of these nonprofit organizations they work with.

Owen oversaw the completion of Klyde Warren Park within the local area while acting as CEO and president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation.

Mr. Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the credit and equity markets and additionally is the Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank; and also serves as a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios. You can read about James Dondero on his website and the original article about Linda Owen and Highland Capital Management collaboration here.

Talk Fusion: Doing Things the Right Way

Sometimes when people talk, you can’t tell whether they really mean what they say or whether they are full of hot air. You want to believe in the goodness of people and you want to believe they have their heart in the right place, but something just seems off and you just can’t buy it. However, you obviously haven’t met Bob Reina of Talk Fusion. This is a man who means what he says and stands by it with his actions. As the old cliche goes, actions speak louder than words. His actions are speaking volumes and they are speaking the right volumes.

Let’s talk about one of the donations he has made, and let me tell you, Bob doesn’t do these things to get attention, feel good about himself, or get a pat on the back. He does them because he believes in them, cares about them, and feels as though it is his mission to do the right thing. You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat animals and how they react to animals. Are they kind to animals? Do they treat them with respect, love, and admiration? Bob Reina, according to a recent article, made a record-breaking $1 million donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. If that isn’t put your money where your mouth is, I don’t know what is.

In addition to that, he also has helped save the lives of countless animals. This is the kind of person and man that he is. This is why he is so respected, loved, and cared for by people. This doesn’t even bring into focus his work with Talk Fusion, the all-in-one video conferencing and video emailing product that has made many people very happy with their lives. You can’t put a price tag on what it means to make someone happy and impact their lives in a positive way. With his product, anyone can live out their dream, no matter what it is. He gives you all of the video tools you need to succeed. The rest, as they say, is up to you.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a independent, self-made American businessman known primarily for his extensive and lauded philanthropy work. He has also worked within the fields of education, government and has written several best selling books, primarily dealing with his own experiences in business.

Eric Pulier was educated at the prestigious Harvard University of Cambridge, Massachusetts, one of the most critically renowned universities in the world where he studied literature, computer science, environment studies and created a weekly column for the college newspaper, of which he also acted as editor. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard with a Bachelors degree and from their went on to pursue his various philanthropic ventures (

Mr. Pulier’s first major business outting was PDT (a acronym which stood for People Doing Things) a tech company focused on utilizing the most cutting edge technologies to foster better and more widespread healthcare and education. After several other business outtings, all to some degree involved in tech, Pulier lead an initiative to create the social networking group known as the Starbright World, a nonprofit organization devoted to improving the lives of hospitalized children with chronic illness. Mr. Pulier has also created an educational forum for individuals diagnosed with multiple sclerosis called the Multiple Sclerosis Society whose aim is to propagate useful information about the condition so that the diagnosed can better cope with it. One of his most notable contributions to the disable community, however, was his development of a peripheral sensor beam which, when integrated into a keyboard, allowed individuals without proper motor control or function to operate computers without the need for physical interaction.

More information can be found below:

A Different Way to Success

Diversant LLC is a pioneer in the IT staffing industry and the largest African-American owned business of its kind in the United States. This is no accident or a stroke of luck. Diversant LLC’s position of excellence comes through the shared values of its Leadership Board and advisors. One such leader is John Goullet, Principal Executive of the Leadership Board and a well-known component of the companies success.

John is a graduate of Ursinus college and venerated member of the IT sector, both consulting and staffing. His initial foray into IT staffing came from the creation of Info Technologies which he grew to an impressive $30 million estimated value. The business was listed as one of the fastest growing and privately-held firms in the U.S. The company was so successful that when John Goullet joined Diversant LLC, Info Technologies was merged into the company to ensure a powerhouse which has endured since.

Diversant LLC. is different than its competitors in many ways such as its hiring policies. The business believes that clients and IT consultants are equally important and that both must be treated respectfully and with competitive offers. The IT recruiters employed in the selection process are fully versed in both the technologies and the industries that Diversant LLC services worldwide. An example of this basic understanding of skills can be observed in pairing IT consultants capabilities with client needs instead of re-training IT consultants in new capabilities. It is so simple but so underestimated how placing people in positions where they have had success and where they have experience can lead to greater success and opportunity.

Some may wonder how the Diversant approach is significantly different from their competitors. The second layer to their approach lays in creating direct relationships with the top companies nationwide. The trust and long-term cooperation built from this approach often give Diversant LLC. the ability to negotiate extensions or alternate assignments for the IT consultants they place within those companies. That means more stability, more productivity, and more growth for both client and consultant.

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Andy Wirth King of the Mountain

It was a wonderful California beach day as I was driving up the Pacific Coast Highway. I was listening to KCRW and Press Play the Madeleine Brand Show. Her guest was Andy Wirth, the CEO and head honcho at Squaw Valley.

Andy Wirth is a guy living 25 hours a day, committed to his job on the mountain and the community that lives and works there, and besides skiing doing all the right exercise stuff to stay in shape with the possible exception of jumping out of light airplanes with a parachute on his back.

He lost an arm in a skydiving accident and nearly bled out before he was rushed to hospital where the arm was successfully reattached. Wirth is the kind of guy you want on your team in times when tough decisions need to be made and made rapidly. Brand talked to him about a newer threat to the ski industry, the drought.

Andy Wirth manned up and answered, showing more meteorologic knowledge than would be expected of someone in his position as manager of a ski resort. He talked about the “ridiculously resilient ridge” sounding like a man who has come to grips with the realities of the modern world.

Wirth does come from a family dedicated to the natural resources and Wirth himself was a backwoods ranger and knows all the right stuff that needs to be done in a fire emergency.

Being a skier myself, issues about this drought and how Wirth will cope with the situation are important. He is reassuring and seems to have the future for skiers planned out. When asked about bad snow levels he reassured us that if there were 4,000 acres of skiing instead of 6,000 acres; there would still be great skiing, just a little less of it.

His snowmaking and snowcat guys know what to do with the equipment, and you can bet that they are skiers, too, and want to finish their work day with a blast downhill and maybe shred a mogul or two. Any trip to Squaw Valley for skiing is a day well spent.

You are out on skis in nature and its a magical experience especially at night when the winds lay down, and the moon breaks through the clouds or when the snow is falling and is illuminated by the giant beam lights on the ski slopes making night skiing magical. Read more:

Andy Wirth is a great guy with a tough and important job, and the fact that he keeps making people happy is a testament to his mental agility and smarts. Keep up the good work but please stay away from skydiving.

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