The Delicious Products of Beneful

Beneful by company Nestle PurinaStore offers a variety of dog food options that are not only beloved by the dogs themselves, but are also beloved by the owners of the pets as the dog food provides the dogs with a delicious as well as wholesome meal that leaves any dog who consumes this meal to be happy as well as energetic. With the dog food market being a competitive industry, a new niche that has popped up over time is to now sell a delicious yet healthy product that only uses the freshest meats and vegetables. Beneful, one of the leading companies of this niche was especially eager to announce the company’s involvement with providing every single dog with the healthiest meal possible.
Beneful has created a multitude of products for both dogs as well as the owners to choose from. These products are available on most Wal-Mart stores includes dog treats, dry dog food, and wet dog food. Each one of these products only contains the freshest ingredients and comes in a variety of different flavors as well as textures. Among the products that are sold by Beneful, the wet dog is among one of the most popular products to consume. The wet dog food that Beneful offers comes in a variety of flavors which combine different grains, meats, as well as vegetables to each and every can. Owners love the wet dog food because each meal fits into one can which creates a sizeable yet healthy portion for each dog to consume.

Along with the wet dog food, Beneful also offers dry dog food and dog treats (see, The dog treats are unique as they come in a variety of flavors and even textures. The dog treats provided can either be dense or can even be crispy like a cracker. Beneful prides the workers at the company who are all innovative and put 100 percent into every single aspect of work that they do on a daily basis. With the dog food industry rising exponentially, Beneful has created a long lasting niche of now providing dog consumers with the healthiest option that makes them and the owners happy.

Thor Halvorssen Advocates For Human Rights Observance

Thor Halvorssen is one of the best film producers in the production industry. Sir Halvorssen is the sole founder of the Human Rights Foundation, which he established in 2005. Halvorssen has also been a successful humanitarian. He started his humanitarian moves in London, where he conducted an opposing move to oppose the apartheid move in South Africa. In his entire career, Mr. Thor Halvorssen has been playing a major role in the preservation of culture and advocating for the observance of human rights.


Humanitarian Thor serves as the president and the chief executive officer of the Oslo Freedom Forum and the Human Rights Foundation. Sir Thor has been in the forefront towards achieving a justice and a democratic society. For more than five years, Thor Halvorssen served as a chief executive officer of the individual rights foundation. He has contributed so much for the total well-being of the citizens.


Due to his dedication and commitments in human rights advocacy, he has been featuring in the top social media platforms and interviews such as in the New York post and the Time Magazine. Recently, the CNN conducted an interview with Halvorssen Thor, where he outline his objectives and mission towards ensuring that human rights are observed. In his line of career, Thor has been working with non-profit making organizations at an international level. He is mostly involved in social policies implementations.


According to The Weekly Standard news, the Venezuelan born activist recently made a release educating the public on human rights education. Thor is the son of the former King’s consul. According to the liberation, Thor has not been basing his arguments on a theoretical onset. He has been proving his statements by disclosing valid information to the public. Thor Halvorssen has also been in the forefront to fight corruption.


Thor Halvorssen is a man of diverse talents. Apart from being a successful philanthropist, Thor is also a film producer. He has managed to produce a good number of films which creates awareness to the public on the need to observe human rights. He has also formulated a number of sessions in human rights education. Thor is also an experienced activist and an economist.

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The Truth About Online Reputation Management

In the digital age, image is everything. Social media has the ability to help or hinder any individual or business in the matter of a few minutes. Recently, the University of California, Davis found itself under a massive amount of scrutiny because of a video that portrayed campus police spraying students in the face with pepper spray. Their attempts at improving their reputation were met with even more judgement when some thought it seemed like the school was trying to cover up the scandal. In reality, the actions taken by the university were completely justified. They were simply trying to repair their image. Something that companies like Five Blocks and have made into multi-million dollar businesses.

Marketing Land, a site dedicated to informing readers about different types of marketing, released an article about theUC Davis incident. In the article, it is made clear that by trying to lessen the impact of the negative publicity, the university was doing exactly what was needed. Seeing as it was only a select handful of people that had a hand in the incident, the university needed to help everyone else. Letting the reputation of UC Davis crumble would mean that the hundreds of others who were employed there, along with the thousands of students who attend the school for their education, would all be harmed because of this video. Improving their reputation came from a place of concern for the well being of others, not an attempt to hide the truth from the public.

Online reputation management is a tool that many individuals and businesses use to make sure that the internet works in their favor rather than tearing them down. Negative publicity is difficult to avoid, especially in the time of Instagram and Twitter. To make sure that internet searches include positive information as opposed to all negative feedback, online reputation management companies can help. These companies cannot get rid of the harmful content, they simply make sure that it is not the first thing to come up on a google search. If you’re interested in learning more, check out online reputation reviews, a site full of online reputation management company reviews. In the case of UC Davis, the management of their online reputation will help continue to educate young minds from all around.

A negative image is the last thing someone wants for their business. UC Davis did what needed to be done to make sure they were not known only for one unfortunate incident. By improving internet searches, the university now has the chance to put it all behind them and to learn from past mistakes. The purpose of a school is to spread knowledge, and it seems as though everyone involved has learned something from this experience.

Mergers And Acquisitions Need Investment Banker’s Savvy

When a company starts considering the acquisition or potential merger with another company, their Board of Directors will often hire an investment banker, such as Martin Lustgarten, to insure they can attain an accurate valuation of the company in question. Lustgarten has long and quite successful experience in this area. Like the best investment bankers, he looks into all the possible assets a target company possesses, often finding value missed by its own managers. He does not stop at the simple and obvious liquid assets, he searches out every aspect of value in the business.

A variety of skills must be brought to bear when Lustgarten analyzes a company for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). Many happy former clients have used Lustgarten’s professional expertise as part of their full ‘due diligence’ process that gives the acquiring company’s Board all the facts in a most objective way. It is often the case that the M&A process is part of a company’s desire to grow more quickly than would be possible with the assets of their current enterprise.

Some people are surprised when they find out the exactly right professional to do this important valuation is an investment banker.

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker and one of the top people in America who regularly performs asset determination. He founded his own investment bank and has assisted many clients with M&A due diligence evaluations. His finally report is often the determining factor in whether a company goes ahead with preliminary plans to merge with or acquire some or all of another company. Another great service he has often done is helping private companies when they are going public, to be traded on the stock markets. He is also well versed in helping make really complicated asset transactions, such as with bonds, stocks, and material asset transfers.

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Types of Beneful Dog Food

Owning multiple dogs, I take into account their size and needs when purchasing food. Beneful by Nestle PurinaStore has an array of options for all sizes, ages, and energy levels. They have always been my go-to brand. I have a rather soft spot for stray dogs, who then turn into fur-babies. I treat them no differently as I would a child. Beneful‘s healthy dog foods are as plentiful in my home. Both dogs requiring a different formula.
My smaller dog, a chihuahua mix, is rather spoiled and enjoys her fresh, soft dog food. I found that Purina Beneful Prepared Meals Simmered Chicken Medley Dog not only sated her hunger but excited her the moment I open the refrigerator. These meals are so fresh, they require being kept as you would your food. Her tiny belly can only eat half, even if she tries to devour the entire entree every time.

I do not leave my larger mixed breed rescue out of the Beneful benefits. She is not nearly as picky as the little dog. The rattle of a bag Beneful Original Dry Dog Food with Real Beef Adult Formula (see, brings her running with what I believe is a grin on her face. Her tail wags until she is allowed to munch on the crunchy variety of dry dog food full of nutrients keeping her at seven years old acting like a puppy.

Both of my inside dogs also enjoy variety. is bountiful in what they offer to give your dog that grin. The small pup also has a few containers of Purina Beneful Prepared Meals Beef Stew Dog Food in the fridge, while I hide them from my big dog. The smell of both the chicken and beef draws her in, forcing me to put her outside while the little dog enjoys her meal. But my the big dog does not suffer, she is allowed her own variety. I keep a pack of Purina Beneful Healthy Smile Ridges just for her. A reward for letting her sister eat her dinner of chicken or beef in peace.

Nutrimost Is Making People Lighter and Healthier

Every time you look in the mirror you see a heavier version of your younger self. You dream of the day when you will be trim again. The weight crept on you like a cat creeps after a mouse. The weight makes you feel bad each day. Your heart feels as if it is beating too fast and your face feels flush from the high blood pressure. Every time you pass a fast food store you are tempted to stop. Why can you not lose weight when you go on diets?
Nutrimost is the new diet program featured by Fox6 Now that is helping people lose weight fast and successfully. People are reporting 20, 30, even 80 pounds lost. Couples are doing it together and even doctors are trying the plan. This new weight loss program works by combining supplements, diet, and equipment. The program works. People are so excited at the way the weight is dropping off of their heavy bodies. People are getting healthier following this plan. helps people set up a program and schedule for eating. He would lose ten pounds and gain twenty. He did really good for a few days then his will power subsided. How was he suppose to lose enough weight to make his health better than it was? He saw an advertisement for Nutrimost. He made up his mind to try the product. After six weeks Donald is 30 pounds lighter. He will continue to use the program until he loses enough weight to come off of his blood pressure pills. Nutrimost is the program to watch for in the future of weight loss successes. For more info visit and

Leaving the Zombie Train, a Personal Essay From VTA Publications

The author of “Are You on the Zombie Train?” on the VTA Publications website talks about a personal revelation on a commuter train. The tired and suspicious crowd is expected on the rush hour train. With an uncertain state of economy, you would imagine that it would make them even more tired and frightened.

The author took a closer look at the fellow passengers. “[How] were they filling this dead time? What do you think they were all doing? Making calls to run their new home business? Typing away on creating a new marketing promo for their website? Making a lucrative trade? No. They were playing games . . .falling asleep, gossiping about nothing, staring out the window, etc.” The author compares this inaction in the face of disaster to lambs on their way to the slaughterhouse.

What if the author tried to shake their fellow commuters out of their apathy? The author imagines that they would be angry and shout him down. He compares it to “crabs in a basket.” The author ends it by asking the reader if their own apathy and inaction is because of fear of the anger and discouragement of others.

VTA Publications Limited is a non-fiction publisher of distance learning courses, and an events organizer focused on home businesses, finance, and real estate. VTA Publications was established in 2012 and has thousands of customers.  Check out the shop to see if any products seem to be the right fit for you.

Darius M. Fisher of Status Labs as Reported by the Sacramento Bee

Daily digital news sites have dubbed Darius M. Fisher as the t.v. equivalent of Olivia Pope on the ABC series “Scandal.” On the show, besides having an affair with the President, professionally the character of Miss. Pope has a media relations and reputation management agency in Washington D.C. The comparison is not too much of a reach when you relate what Fisher does for individual clients on the internet. Those with less than favorable Google search results hire Darius Fisher, owner of Status Labs to clean up their online image. This was shown recently on the news site Sacramento Bee in an interview and story discussing U.S. Davis University after it used pepper spray on its students. Since then the University has been bashed abound the social media realm, and it’s just the sort of thing that Fisher does for individuals.


The article written by Patty Couse-Baker on behalf of the Sacramento Bee states that the University’s Chancellor, Linda Katehi has taken continuous criticism and scrutiny over her time with the school, and naturally since the incident on campus, that sort of scrutiny has just become more intense. Students were peacefully demonstration against Katehi’s conflict of interest with the school by her appointment to corporate boards. Since the fiasco, the University has paid an undisclosed public and digital relations firm $175,000 in an attempt to bury the story. With sensationalist headlines on something so overtly wrong and extreme, it can take years to rebuild a longstanding good impression that went down in flames over one incident.
Operating out of the startup rich environment of Austin, Texas, Status Labs deems itself, according to its owner as, “a public relations for the internet” sort of service. Darius Fisher went on to say, “We focus on earned media, but also, the digital side of things, of social media, putting press releases out online, (and) producing digital content.” Fisher states that while in a celebrity situation the national and traditional media’s move on, when it comes to individuals, particularly those whose story has gone viral, it can take a longer range plan to combat negative press. You can read a post contributed by Fisher to the online news site, “, where he doles out his advice as digital crisis management expert. With the state of social media continuing to gain additional traction, Fisher can look forward to always having clients that need his specialized services.

Sanjay Shah’s Advice On Planning For A Business

Sanjay Shah the founder of Solo Capital and many finance related companies across the globe is a pioneer in the investment and management industry. This investment guru is also a well-educated businessman who has helped many individuals and corporations devise their business plans. His advice on how to make a business plan more effective and up-to-date for any situation is given below, taken from a number of references and his recent interviews.

So, what are the factors that will make a business plan more apt for a business? First, the plan is a blueprint detailing the business concept. To be effective, it needs to specify how it will succeed, what should be done in order to succeed and the many reasons it will be successful. An effective plan contains the information evaluating the merits of the business. It should have the financing proposal needed to run the operation, identify the amount needed, explain how the financing will be used and suggest the payment schedule if needed as well.

It is crucial that the plan specify the factors in the internal and external environment that will determine the firm’s ability to generate sales and profit. The performance of the firm’s industry is also a strong influence. This means the plan provides analysis of the economic, social, legal and political factors that drive the industry and their impact on the overall performance of the firm. The information collected here should include product and service the industry constitutes of, customers and suppliers of these services, major competitors as well as past performance and future demands of the industry.

Industry analysis is followed by market analysis where the market for the firm’s products and services are studied and the basic factors that define its market are determined. This include the geographic boundaries of the market, specific market niche in which the firm is doing the business, the sales potential in the target market, factors that influence the activity of the firm in the market, the role of sales forecast and so on. Where is the market located? What are the key features influencing the firm’s performance and productivity? What sales volume should the market niche generate for the firm? What is the outlook for the market? How will the firm reach its target market? These are some of the questions that will be answered in the market analysis section of the business plan.


A Treat For Every Occasion

Most people know about Beneful Originals Dry Dog Food ( They have seen people carry the large bags home from the pet store, and may have even tried it a time or two. They may have heard that this staple offers complete nutrition. They may even have done the research to know that Purinastore’s Beneful brand dog food tests for toxins such as lead, arsenic and mycotoxins. But they may not know that Beneful also produces a large variety of special treats. These are great to celebrate those accomplishments, give your pet something to work on, or just make that walk in the park a special occasion.
Beneful Dental Twists are one of those treats that serves two purposes. First it gives your loved one something he loves to do, chew on something for a while. But while he does, his teeth can be cleaned and strengthened. With a number of sizes to suit your animals needs, they are flavored with real parsley. It’s a great way to remove that plaque and tarter buildup, and keep their breath fresh.

Your dog may enjoy Beneful’s dental ridges more, just because of a preference for the texture. Again, they keep those teeth clean and fresh. With a savory meat middle, they include an extra reward for that diligent canine.

You can spice up the occasion with Baked Delights Heartfuls. It has apple flavored filling and real bacon. For a change of pace, switch to Baked Delights Hugs or Snackers. The Hugs have beef and cheese, and the Snackers come with peanut butter and cheese flavors.

This is only part of what Beneful offers to keep your family member happy and playful for years to come. The people at Beneful love their own dogs, and make these tidbits with a heart dedicated to the best in canine nutrition.