The Frontera fund a beckon for the fight of migrant rights

Migrant rights are essential for any society that considered itself forward-looking.Organizations and individuals have been essential towards the achievement of this rights at every stage of society.

They work has helped governments grow towards better service to their citizens as well as helped expose those that do not share the values and believes that every human being is equal to other and should be treated fairly as so. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The job of this organizations is to establish where the rights of individuals have been violated and act on the cases at both the individual level as well as work to change the laws and mandates that continue to enable these violations.

The Frontera fund.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are passionate journalists who have been very vocal about human rights and were also co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. They had worked in Maricopa County for long enough and had over the period of time seen the violations that had continuously been taking place under the leadership of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The self-dubbed toughest sheriff in America had made it a habit of making arbitrary arrest mostly targeted at the Hispanic population within his county.His stance on immigrants was a well-known secret and he would randomly stop search and in other cases arrest them.

This is in violation of the constitution and even though most big media houses did not pay much attention to his antics the duo was always very vocal showing the country what was happening.

This criticism did not go down well with the sheriff who saw him target the two after a period of time he effected a midnight raid and arrest shoving the two in separate unmarked SUVs and later to separate holding jails.

In a span of twenty-four hours following the arrest the outcry national wide was so much that the sheriff dropped there charges and released them unconditionally.

The duo having seen first hand what the sheriff was putting others through sued the sheriff’s office and this is what led to the ninth circuit court ruling that the arrests, in fact, had not only been illegal but also an infringement on there first amendment rights.

What followed was a settlement of Three and a half million dollars which was used to start the Frontera fund. The fund works as a place where the Hispanic community can gain representation for any violations effected on them.

The organization has also been working with others to achieve these goals that the founders hold dearly.

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Talk Fusion Founder and CEO Bob Reina as a Great Influencer

Bob Reina popularly recognized as the man behind the million dollar gift, was the former Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputy. He invented a technology company known as Talk Fusion. This has resulted in a great success that favors his continuous donation to animal causes explicitly.


Reina has inspired many people in the world through his passion for donating to nonprofit making programs. He has devoted himself to inventing new and effective methods of giving support to people so as to fulfill their visions, goals, and dreams in life. He believes in his say of great success as an outcome of greater responsibility. This has made him committed to changing lives as a founder and CEO of Talk Fusion.


Since its opening in 2007, Talk Fusion is majorly based on helping people. This entails realization of dreams, building futures, and sharing out to the community worldwide. The idea behind this program is founded on Bob’s believe that, where there is a great responsibility comes a great success. That is why it controls everything done as an individual and as a company. This makes a company strive to do more and to help many individuals.


The first Bob Reina’s record-breaking of donating $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay to his life-saving engagements in lives of many animals influenced many people. Based on his charitable services on Indonesian Orphanage, Bob concentrates on his vision of changing lives through actions. The actions are incorporated into the Company and Independent stakeholders in over 140 countries. His involvement in sharing inspired him to take another step ahead. He launched a program that gives room for all Talk Fusion members to donate one free account to preferred charity.


Reina’s article that was trending as an advertising video this year 2017 pitches on product ideas to the IT professionals Company. It also majors on consumer trends, market analysis, and video growing popularity. According to the article, the industry experts view the video as the most valuable asset for advertisers than just being a beneficial medium.


Reina Bob is a great contributor to The Huffington Post; he developed his MarTech Advisor debut with his introductory pieces in 2016. The video that was made to improve customer engagement and Profit making become one of the popularly read articles in the year 2016. Learn more:


Matt Badiali’s Success Story

     The setting of prices depends on how the investors feel. According to Matt Badiali, purchasing and selling of futures or shares is an essential inaccurate thing. Irrespective of the demand/supply information you are using or a gut feeling, investing in stocks is a wager on what will occur in the future. That’s the reason why sentiment indicators are essential although in the extremes only. When the sentiments are too high, then it’s not a good time to make a purchase. When they go too low, that tells you that it’s a good time to invest.

For instance, in late 2008 to early 2009, the sentiment toward shares was extreme. No one wanted to invest in stocks because they were incredibly terrified. However, if you bought the S&P during that time when it was lower than 800 points, you would be enjoying 300% profits today. That’s how sentiment pointers work. They allow us to know when the fear or greed levels are very high.

At the moment, the fear level in corn is the highest, and it has been this way for four years. That shows it’s possibly a good time to speculate on maize. According to sentiment, has been at its lowest since November 2013. When the view dropped this low during that time, the prices of corn rose by 22% in only six months.

Matt Badiali is a renowned real wealth strategist and editor. He serves as an editor for the Stansberry Resource Report, a monthly review that focuses on investing in metals, energy, and other natural resources. Matt began working with Stansberry Research in 2005, and due to his vast experience, his handiwork has taken him to Iraq, Haiti, Hong Kong, Turkey, Switzerland, Mexican desert, Papua New Guinea, and many other nations across the world.

Badiali has interviewed Chief Executive Officers of mining companies about their recent resource investments, visited many mines and oil wells across the world and analyzed all kinds of geological data. Matt has developed a vast Rolodex of the most influential persons in the industry including prominent geologists, private financiers, experts in natural resources and billionaire fund executives.

Matt Badiali also has lectured on geology at the University of North Carolina, Duke University among others. He has also presented his findings and research at big geological conferences and in corporations such as Anadarko and Exxon Mobil. Badiali enjoys every opportunity that comes his way throughout his career, and tracking down rare and profitable ventures for his clients is what he finds most rewarding.


Here are the Basics of Elysium Health and Basis

Elysium Health is a health product company that is best known for developing, testing, and distributing Basis, a vegan, vegetarian, animal-free supplement that promotes cellular health, among a wealth of other health benefits.

Alongside two experienced businessmen, Dr. Leonard Guarente, a practicing researcher, helped found Elysium Health in 2014. Their goal is to help people live healthier for longer.

Who does Elysium Health work with?

Elysium Health, just like its customers, is fortunate enough to have many of the world’s leading scientists and researchers on its team. One of these, Leonard Guarante, is more involved than others, which has been reflected in the efficacy of Basis.

Leonard Guarante is currently an employee of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he’s the Director of the Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging.

Visit Elysium Health on

What is in Basis?

Basis only contains six ingredients – four in the animal-free capsule that contains the two primary ingredients, nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene.

The four secondary ingredients are hypromellose, vegetable magnesium stearate, silica, and microcrystalline, which are found in most supplements on today’s market.

How do the two primary ingredients contained in Basis work?

Nicotinamide riboside is a precursor to a coenzyme that’s naturally found in the human body, nicotinamide adenine diethylamide, which is found in virtually every cellular process in the human body, not to mention those of many other organisms.

Pterostilbene is a protein that’s also naturally found in humans, although it’s unable to be used by the human body unless its molecular partner nicotinamide riboside is present, specifically nicotinamide adenine diethylamide.

Nicotinamide riboside turns into NAD+, the short form of nicotinamide adenine diethylamide, once the human body consumes it.

How is Basis recommended to be taken?

The professionals at Elysium Health recommend the supplement to every adult without known allergies to the ingredients in the capsule – although nobody is allergic to nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene, because both of them are naturally present in the human body. However, both chemicals are found less frequently in humans as we age, which results in the detriments associated with the natural aging process. Consuming Basis has been shown in clinical trials to promote cellular health.

Basis should be taken once per day, most preferably in the morning. Two capsules of the supplement are recommended to be taken, as the effects of 500 milligrams of nicotinamide riboside and 100 milligrams of pterostilbene – that contained in two capsules’ worth of Basis – have been to be more effective than in lower amounts. You can purchase Basis on Elysium’s website.

Waiakea Water Plans to Use a New Nano-Degradable Bottle

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water announced that they are planning to use fully degradable bottles by next year. Waiakea, Inc. will become the first beverage company in the world to use these 100 percent recyclable and fully degradable bottles and by doing so, they hope their innovative bottles will become a common trend for other companies to follow. Regular plastics used today are known to leave a very large ecological footprint, its lifespan is approximately 1,500 years. The newly patented TimePlast, a nano-degradable additive that can be used in all plastics, will reduced the plastic’s lifespan to just 15 years. By incorporating TimePlast technology during the manufacturing, Waiakea Water bottles will leave a dramatically shorter carbon footprint. A drop of the additive can alter a plastic’s chemical bonds into a less complex state, this weakens it so it can eventually break down in due time. The quality and functionality of the fully degradable bottle’s plastic is difficult to tell apart from an untreated plastic bottle. The creator of TimePlast, Manuel Rendon shared that it took over five years and 1,200 experiments to get it to mimic the quality that regular plastics have. A pound of this additive can change over one thousand pounds of plastic.

Waiakea Water was founded by entrepreneur, Ryan Emmons in 2012. After continuous visits to Hawaii for his family’s summer and winter vacations, Ryan quickly noticed that the naturally filtered water was something he had to share to the masses. His company has become a great success and was recently named one of Inc. 500’s fastest growing companies in America.

Waiakea Water is naturally filter through thousands of feet of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. Its pristine and silky smooth taste comes from the natural 30mg of silica, electrolytes, and the fact that the water is alkaline. It’s also naturally enriched with calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium.

Ryan Emmons wanted his beverage company to be a hundred percent environmentally conscious as well as socially responsible. Waiakea Water have partnered up with the charitable organization, Pump Aid. With their help, they can bring a continuous flow of fresh water to the most vulnerable areas in Africa.

How Fabletics Learned To Challenge Amazon

The online retail market wasn’t exactly kind to newcomers in the beginning. There simply wasn’t any way for someone to tell what would sell and what would flop. That environment served as the background for some of the riskiest but most successful companies out there now. Fabletics is an example of what has risen from the online retail arena and how that can translate into a physical presence. Fabletics started out as the brainchild of Kate Hudson and a team of software developers. It’s risen to turn itself into something even the most intensely stubborn consumer can’t help but shop at.



Something For Every Woman


Fabletics has managed to rise to its level of success by giving women something they can all enjoy. No matter what shape you have you’ll absolutely love what options you can find on their website. This gives customers the ability to choose exactly what they want when they want. No matter what you personally want for yourself you’re going to find something in the athletic wear of Fabletics. That keeps people coming back for years to come and made them what they are today.



A Physical Presence


The online retail market is impressive in and of itself, but that’s not all you’ll get out of Fabletics. You can also go to their physical stores and find the goods you want just like you would online. This experience of realizing you can hold athletic wear and purchase it in your own town is what separates Fabletics from other brands. They understand what they need to give online retail a shakeup and they have delivered. Now, there are only 5 physical stores for Fabletics. In the future there will be more than a 100 all over the United States.



The Future Is Bright


The future for Fabletics is certainly better than what you’d find for other online retailers. So many have failed to reach anywhere near the same success as Fabletics and even fewer have gotten what this website has to offer. Kate Hudson absolutely understood the need to give her customers an experience customized to their life and she delivered. It isn’t the first online retailer but it’s certainly the only that has managed to obtain success and translate into the real world. There simply aren’t too many out there that can claim that. It’s a miracle in and off itself.

Louis Chenevert’s Business Achievements: Pre- and Post-UTC

Great CEO’s are those that understand that they are the organization’s agents, with a role to take the organization to unprecedented heights and to leave it better than they found it. This is exactly what Louis Chenevert did during his tenure at United Technologies Corporation (or UTC), an American based firm that specializes in the manufacture and development of high-technology products.

Louis’ Achievements at UTC

Louis stepped down as the CEO of the company in 2014, but set a legacy that still remains unmatched. One of the top feats that he accomplished includes making significant market gains during the great recession and acquiring the celebrated Goodrich. In fact, this acquisition remains his signature deal in UTC considering that it took him more than one year to finish the negotiations but eventually arrived at an 18.4 billion dollars deal.

Another project that ranks high in Chenevert’s accomplishments at UTC is the GTF. An investment of 10 billion USD, GTF engine took more than 20 years to become one of the world’s most accepted jet engines. The engine is currently used by over 14 airlines and on 72 aircrafts just one year after it entered the market. GTF engine produces 50 percent less emissions, reduces fuel burn by 16 percent, and lowers noise footprint by a whopping 75 percent. The project is cited to have established Pratt & Whitney as one of the top groups in the narrow-body jet engine manufacturing market.

In 2011, Chenevert also anticipated the development of fan decoupling, which had a significant impact in the design of larger and newer jet engine designs. In a nutshell, Chenevert played a huge role in helping UTC meet its high-quality technology investment goals that still drive the growth of the company to date.

Chenevert’s Career History

Chenevert has also served for 14 years as a Production General Manager for General Motors. He also worked for Pratt & Whitney since 1993 and was promoted to the position of the company’s president after working for 6 years. Before being elected as the chairman of UTC in 2006, he served as the vice-chairman of the company’s Business Council Executive Committee. In 2015, he joined Goldman Sachs based Merchant Banking Division as an Executive Advisor.

Desiree Perez is The Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation

It was recently reported that Jay-Z’s groundbreaking deal with touring powerhouse, Live Nation, is set to end next year. The original partnership, which was worth $150 million over a ten-year span, was a 360 deal, which allotted either party to buy the other’s stake in the company, or the entire company outright if they were in the position to do so. While Live Nation is set on ending their partnership with Jay-Z concerning the recorded music of the artists under the Roc Nation umbrella, due to the lucrative nature of their touring deal, they have been vocal about wanting to continue their relationship. Roc Nation currently houses a roster of musical titans, such as Fat Joe, Rihanna, Shakira, Meek Mill, and even Jay-Z. The music mogul, along with his close friend and high powered executive at Roc Nation, Dez Perez, was recently spotted outside the Santa Monica offices of Sir Lucien Grainge; the Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Group. Inside sources have suggested that a new partnership may be brewing. If this speculated deal were to go through, this could mean the bolstering of the entire Roc Nation, as well as the artists under the umbrella. According to insiders at Universal Music Group, the company is already invested in the artists at Roc Nation on a small scale, but are interested in upping the ante.

Desiree “Dez” Perez is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation, overseeing many aspects of the company’s production, including publishing and management. She has been one of Jay-Z’s closest associates for the better part of 20 years, helping to guide the trajectory of his career throughout that time. As a part of Jay-Z’s inner circle, Dez Perez has been known as an aggressive negotiator and was recently involved with the mega-deal between Samsung and Rihanna.

Obsidian Energy – New Management With A New Mission

Obsidian Energy has finally emerged from the restructuring of what once was Penn West of Canada, with the final piece of their new management team now in place. Obsidian realized a few years back that they could not continue under the old business model because of too many products that were not producing enough cash flow to sustain operations. They had a significant employee roster working on the multiple product lines as well, meaning that profit margins were practically non-existent. The company was also heavily leveraged with debt because of credit lines needed to properly fund these burdensome operations. The decision was made by shareholders to change the business focus, including adding a complete new management team over a short course of time. Check Out This Article.


CFO David Hendry

When corporations face balance sheet problems, the best place to begin reformation is with a financial professional. David Henry was the individual Penn West chose in April 2015. This began the process of reassessing the financial picture and determining to make the company a streamlined sustainable operation. Henry had previously served as Vice President at Talisman Energy. He began as an accountant, but was promoted to CFO at the beginning of the company transition period.


Vice President Tony Berthelet

Tony began as a General Manager in December 2014 and was promoted to VP of Development & Operations in June 2016. He has over 20 years’ experience in the energy industry, having worked previously as field level management for several other energy companies in Canada.


Vice President Andrew Sweerts

Andrew Sweerts joined the Obsidian Energy management team in June 2014 and served as VP of Business Development & Production until February 2017. Andrew had formerly held positions with Marathon Oil of Canada, Western Oil Sands LP, and Suncor Energy, bringing significant amount of experience to the group.


President and CEO David L. French

Last, but certainly not least, is David L. French. David is the newest addition to the Obsidian Energy management team, bringing leadership experience as President and CEO

of Bankers Petroleum LTD. David French has a wide range of prior experience in Europe and the United States, having been educated at Rice University and Harvard Business School.


President French recently announced that under his leadership since October 2016 the company has discharged all of the outstanding debt left from the Penn West changeover. Obsidian Energy is now on course to fulfill the company mission of reducing product lines and increasing cash flow for a leaner and more stable company operation.

Penn West Petroleum Changes Its Name To Obsidian Energy

As part of its restructuring strategy, Penn West Petroleum changed its name to Obsidian Energy. This announcement come as the company was planning on how to enhance its market share. The company’s business has been severely hit by three years of low commodity prices.

David French said that the name change would have to be approved by the company’s shareholders before it becomes effective. According to the new chief executive officer, the new oil and gas company no longer resembles the previous one. It has drastically revolutionized its operations and management. He added that this year marked a new beginning for Obsidian. Recently, David was mandated with the duty of spear heading the changes.


Penn West’s problems began in 2014 when an audit discovered that millions of dollars in expenses had been classified wrongly. This discovery saw the company redo its financial reports dating back to 2012 and as recent as the first quarter of 2014. Following the scandal, several investors sued the company. The lawsuits were settled in 2016. During the same period, the company was forced to sell its assets to clear debts amounting to over $3 billion. The sale has seen the debt owed by the oil and gas company fall to over $384 million by the end of March 2017. Refer to This Site for Additional Information on the company.


The company’s size has drastically reduced. Its oil production has fallen from over 135,000 barrels of oil per day to just over 28,000 barrels. Its employee base has also reduced. In the beginning of 2014, the company had 1,415 employees, this reduced to 407 at the beginning of this year. From these statistics, it is clear that the current company is not the old Penn West Petroleum. However, the management of the new company, Obsidian Energy has vowed to enhance its productivity and profitability margins.


About Obsidian Energy

Obsidian Energy Ltd is a mid-sized Canadian oil and natural gas production company. The corporation is based in Calgary, Alberta. The company is listed in the New York Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE) as OBE. It is the 60th largest company on TSE. Notably, Obsidian Energy’s predecessor was founded in 1979 in Calgary to explore oil fields in West Canadian Sedimentary basin.


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