Matthew Fleeger, Changing The Fortunes Of Gulf Coast Western

Despite the prediction by some pundits in the energy sector back in 2005 that the US would soon be entirely dependent on exporting oil, the invention of new and advanced technology has certainly proved them wrong. Crude oil, which is in vast amounts in the US and North America at large was suddenly being drilled in large quantities, and it is estimated that it will last all the way through to the 2040s. GCW (Gulf Coast Western) which is headed by Matthew Fleeger as the CEO has been there since the 70s and this is one of its most profitable times.

The many years of experience the company has been what has enabled it to be at the forefront of this oil boom by uncovering some of the best sites for drilling across the country. By doing joint ventures as well, it guarantees that they enjoy some tax cuts that enable it to keep workers and maintain a steady stream of profits for itself and investors at large. The company was founded by Matthew Fleeger’s father, and he has been there throughout the years amassing a wealth of knowledge in this field that is unrivaled.

While being interviewed by, Fleeger says that what kept the company afloat during the hard oil recession was the ability to remain positive in the face of adversity. Maintaining the workforce was hard, but by explaining to them the opportunities that were available out there, they stayed and didn’t switch industries. Matthew Fleeger insists that the oil environment at the moment is very profitable but remains cautious. The company was able to acquire some projects that were low-risk profile as well as partnering with other companies this means that the current oil price will remain steady and GCW will continue to prosper in the meantime.

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