Moving Forward With Steve Ritchie

New Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ritchie, is putting on the active role of changing the entire brand of Papa John’s. Going forward, as a brand, Papa John’s wants to refocus on community, togetherness, and cultural understanding. Steve Ritchie says that he has been working in the Pizza industry for 25 years, and one thing that has stood out to him, is the fact that pizza has the ability to bring people closer together. Papa John’s brand was built on the prospect of family and togetherness. Now that he is the company’s leader, Steve Ritchie is determined to get back to those ideals and, reproduce that atmosphere. Steve Richie, is in the process of developing an advisory panel of top industry leaders, who are authorities on the matters of fairness and multiplicity. Papa John’s antedates that with the advisory panel’s guidance, Papa John’s can in the future be rebranded as more culturally mindful.

After a rough quarter of low sales, Papa John’s needed time to mend itself and push forward. Steve Ritchie wants to remind the public that Papa John’s is not just one entity but a global enterprise, made up of diverse parts. Steve Ritchie states that there are 120,000 franchise owners and employees working for Papa John’s, all of which are unique.

While he worked for Papa John’s as an employee, Steve Ritchie says that he had interacted with many people of various upbringings, adding that those involvements are what has made Papa John’s, in his opinion, exceptional. It was the individuals that made the company feel less like a place of work and more like a family. At the time, Steve Ritchie says the brand was grounded in equity, inclusion, and fairness. It was about respecting one and other, and appreciating all given opportunities. Steve Ritchie conveys that he and his company’s leadership team, are deeply affected by the fear and disappointment from former and current employees and customers. Likewise, they are assuming all responsibility for any public indiscretions and remain motivated about the future.

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