Jacob Gottlieb and Altium Capital

Jacob Gottlieb graduated from New York University Medical school with a Medical Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Brown University. Gottlieb was torn between the two professions’, with an internship in medicine and investments in the financial institutions decided to per-take the two. Jacob Gottlieb, also got experience in the medical field, by working at Merlin BioMed Group. He later developed the Healthcare investment industry which was an investment firm.

Jacob Gottlieb, managing director of Healthcare investment i

d in medical treatments and meaningful health programs.

Some companies Jacob Gottlieb has invested in through Altium Capital are Amarin Corporation (AMRN), Oramed Pharmaceuticals (ORMP), and Oragenics. Altium’s decision to invest in Oramed is because of its advancements in innovating an alternative oral treatment to injectable drugs for diabetes patients. With a stake of 5.61%, the company seemed to have made a great decision due to the successes the insulin capsule and oral Glucagon-like peptide had in the market.

Amarin, Altium’s second investment, is an innovative pharmaceutical company rapidly growing into the development of cardiovascular drugs. Its headquarters are in Ireland, Dublin and offices in New Jersey, Bedminster, with a global influence. The company focuses on polyunsaturated fatty acids benefits; it is combined lipid science expertise and the potential therapeutic. The investment proved yet again successful in 2012 when it got an FDA approval.

Oragenics, Altium’s other inves

ndustry, is a financial entrepreneur who started another venture, Altium Capital. Best known as Titan of healthcare investments, it’s based in New York City focusing on the growth of companies and related investment opportunities. In a nutshell, the company invests in corporations which have advancetmentAltium, was founded in 1996 with the concept of Replacement Therapy. The theory tries to achieve a therapeutic or health-enhancing result by replacing harmful bacteria with beneficial ones. The company also focuses on developing an oral mucositis treatment as well as fighting against infectious diseases by being a leader in novel antibiotics.

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