Aloha Construction introduces Aloha Restoration

Aloha Restoration is a new company that was introduced in May 2018. The creation came after a sister company, Aloha Construction, saw the need to add a new service in the market. They wanted to expand their portfolio to now include interior designs and home remodeling. For the past one decade, they have been known for roofing, gutters, and siding. They have an excellent reputation in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. They have met the expectations of the people, and that is why they are expanding their operation further. Under the leadership of CEO Dave Farbaky, this company has done a great thing in helping people learn about matters related to home maintenance.




Aloha Restoration is run as a separate company from Aloha Construction although they have close connections. The offices of Aloha Restoration are located near the offices of Aloha Construction in Lake Zurich. It is one of the companies that have done so well in ensuring that customers get services that are worth the money they are paying. The new company is mainly dealing with mold removal and water removal as well as home remodeling activities. They are the company to call for these task since they have an excellent reputation and they are also available 24 hours.




Aloha Restoration is ready to help the people of Illinois to avoid the dangers of mold. If water is not appropriately removed from a house, it can easily lead to the growth of mold. Mold has significant effects on our health. If you would like any assistance with mold removal and water removal call this company, and they will be there to offer the best they can. According to the CEO, this company is employing highly qualified professionals who will make the company stand out among all other companies in the industry.


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