Clay Siegall: The man behind the future for the cure of cancer.

Clay Siegall: The man behind the future for the cure of cancer.

Seattle Genetics is a biotechnological company. It is the leading company in the region. It is run by its founder and current chief executive officer, Clay Siegall. The company’s headquarters is at Bothell’s Cascade Business Park, Seattle. It was started in 1998. In its base, it has a sculpture sculpted from Lego bricks. The sculpture resembles a human antibody.

The firm majorly deals with the study of human antibodies, manipulation as well as packaging of drugs. The research deals with the ability of the antibodies to destroy cancerous cells. This is by inducing a serum into the malignant cell. This is a form of therapy.

This strategic plan used by the company could foster it to a worldwide stage of biotechnology. Residents are very hopeful for the company to become a household community name that is well sought after. The people also wish that the company does not migrate after expanding.

The company’s net worth is valued at almost $10 billion. It has a total of 900 operating personnel under its roster. These statistics make Seattle Genetics be the most significant biotechnology firm in the US capitol. The company aims to join the few companies that develop from biotechnology to a big pharmaceutical company. It therefore heavily devotes itself to research as well as marketing. The company anticipates an additional 200 people to be employed this year.

The company’s most important drug is Adcetris. The medicine cures Hodgkin Lymphoma. It has been approved by the FDA. Hodgkin Lymphoma is a type of cancer that affects the lymphatic system. Sales of the company will skyrocket if the ongoing tests are fruitful.

Clay Siegall desires to develop the company and not sell it out. His ambitions in marketing transpired from its merge with Takeda Oncology. The company sold its rights to Takeda to raise funds for their flagship drug. Seattle Genetics has opened its offices in Switzerland for its marketing.

The company has a new focus on a new drug, ADC. The drug acts on the antigens in the body. These embed themselves on the cancerous cells in the lymph nodes and produces a toxin that kills them. This method reduces the side effects of using techniques such as chemotherapy and radiation.

There are four primary drugs being geared for a massive sale. They include Adcetris, number 33A, 22ME, and LIV1. 33A acts on leukemia. 22ME acts on blood cancer. LIV1 actions on breast cancer. These drugs show that the company is a growing multiproduct organization dealing with producing and marketing drugs coping with cancer.

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