Securus Technologies: The Power of Innovation and a Passion for People

Securus Technologies has been in business for well over 30 years. The company is based in Texas and specializes in correctional facility management. The services provided to correctional facilities include inmate management software, monitoring, payment systems and much more. To consumers, the company connects inmates to their loved ones through services like phone calls, voicemail, email and video visitation. The recent drop in calling prices is an effort of Securus Technologies to stay on top and please their customers.


Several acquisitions have been made by Securus Technologies over the years. Consolidating companies to become a full service provider has worked well for the company. The newest acquisition of GovPayNet is anticipated to compliment JPay, another Securus Technologies company acquired in recent years. Both companies deal in financial transactions and consolidating gives Securus Technologies a serious competitive advantage. JPay has already undertaken major projects under the Securus umbrella including a program that sells tablet computers to inmates. Wireless containment systems are being introduced as a way to cut out the use of contraband wireless devices. The preliminary results seem promising according to the company and others involved with the project.


Aside from these projects, Securus Technologies has seen a sharp rise in their customer satisfaction ratings. Having over 95 percent customer satisfaction is a great accomplishment for nearly any company. The company is also dedicated to resolving concerns on the initial contact with the customer. Also, Securus has recently been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. An “A+” rating is also quite an achievement, especially for such a large company. While technology is, of course, an important part of advancing in the corrections industry, Securus Technologies’ dedication to its customers shows that they are a priority, and their business is valued.


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