Cameron Clokie and His Expansive Career

Cameron Clokie has experienced success in many areas throughout his life. He is a sought after maxillofacial and oral surgeon. His love for medicine and helping others was extended beyond his surgeries and into the regenerative medicine industry. Read more: Cameron Clokie Speaks to Regenerative Medicine and Our Team – Induce Biologics

He became the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc., where they have a strong focus on finding new and original ideas surrounding musculoskeletal reconstruction. His current career milestones are certainly something, but his past is also filled with inspiring accomplishments.

Before his current position, he was accomplishing career defining goals. His first major accomplishment came when he was named the Head of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery in the year 1998. Soon after that, he was given the job as Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

He stayed at the university until 2017 when he decided to retire and focus on his other endeavors and to grow more as his role as CEO at Induce Biologics Inc. His work in his field spans many different areas, and his talents are highly appreciated.

Another area that Cameron Clokie has down a lot of work in, is the field of academic writing. He has written countless articles and papers that have been published and has given several presentations throughout the world. His knowledge and views on things are very appreciated and people from across the globe have learned from Cameron Clokie.

Cameron Clokie is a hardworking man who not only made a name for himself in the medical community but the business world as well. His efforts to find innovative ways to treat medical issues have given him the opportunities to grow companies and spread his knowledge.

His business savvy nature has given him the chance to better inform people as well as continue to find ways to find treatments for people in need.

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