Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping: More than Just a Shopping Center

The increasing population of Brazil’s middle class is transforming shopping malls into magnets for the country’s increasing affluent consumers. Developers, on the other hand, have spotted a great opportunity for changing consumer’s shopping experience by developing more shopping arcades. Statistics has it that by the end of 2012, the shopping mall count was 40 percent higher compared to the number of malls in 2015. Another research shows that Brazilians appetite for shopping consumer goods is increasing and they spend two to three times as long in shopping malls compared to North Americans.

While these figures continue to rise, Roberto Santiago continues to position himself to reap the benefits. The Brazil-based entrepreneur has bet on an ongoing concept of providing a variety of fun and leisure options as well as stores all under one roof, the Manaira Shopping Centre. His idea is to show that the Brazilian state of Paraiba can have something that lightens it up beside the rich cuisine, beautiful beaches, and the amazing sunset. The mall is built in proximity to the beaches on the north coast of João Pessoa city. Read more articles on

Located in Paraiba, Brazil is Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping which is the biggest commercial center in Paraiba and among the largest in Brazil. The mall was opened in 1989 and has since offered an assortment of options to satisfy anyone seeking for fun and tranquility while shopping. Since construction, the mall has undergone five expansions to accommodate 280 stores, an electronic amusement park, space reserves ballroom, children’s buffet Pirlimpimpim, bowling alleys and movie theaters.

Manaira Shopping also features a Gourmet Space which offers a perfect atmosphere for people who want to have some tranquility with their families. There is a hamburger and steak house that sells sumptuous snacks. There is also a large food court where families can comfortably sit while enjoying their food.

Completed in November 2009, is the Domus Hall is located on the roof of Manaira Shopping. The hall can accommodate 10,000 people in its two-story structure. The first structure is the ground floor which hosts public events, and the other is the mezzanine level that has individual cabins for private affairs and lounge music. The hall is large enough to host festivals, cultural events, and art exhibitions. It is also equipped with acoustics and advanced sound equipment for theatrical productions and concerts.

The owner of Manaira Shopping, Roberto Santiago was born in 1958 in the city of João Pessoa. He studied business at the Pio X-Marist College and later attended the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he studied business administration. He started his career creating and distributing carton materials before becoming a renowned entrepreneur in João Pessoa. Read more on Exame.

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