George Soros’ Political Affiliation

George Soros is an 85-year-old Hungarian-born New Yorker who happens to be a billionaire. He garnered his wealth through various investments including risky currency trades that have seen the investor gain a net worth of 24.9 billion dollars.

The investor has been popularly known to dip his toe in the political arena often supporting the Democrats. George Soros often showed his support to candidates by giving massive campaign donations and during the 2004 elections was recorded to have spent around 27 million dollars. George, however, had seemed to have disappeared from the political scene for a number of years but quietly crept back into the scene last election year to offer his unwavering support to Hillary Clinton.

As the election year began Soros according to Federal Election Commissions, records had committed over 20 million dollars to support Hillary and other Democratic candidates vying for the various posts. This was just the beginning as some of his associates disclosed that he would up his donations as the election year progressed. George Soros expressed a great deal of faith in Hillary as the next president and would continue to offer her support even towards the end of the election year.

Apart from the financial support on, Soros also made it a mission to try to gain support from low propensity Hispanic voters by pledging 5 million dollars to a PAC called Immigrant Voters win. This was sure to sway the votes in Hillary’s direction, as she would ultimately become a favorite among the minorities. George Soros gave additional donations to other super PACs all with the hope of Hillary’s triumph come the elections.

Soros had retreated from the massive political donations after the 2004 elections where he spent around 27 million dollars trying to impart his political agenda on but falling to the opponent. He withdrew to his international foundations, which had done a great deal of good by donating its gains to non-profit organizations that has are dealt with such issues as human rights.

The surprising victory of Hillary’s opponent Trump came as a shock to most, and the outcome did not sit well with major liberal funders including Soros. The Democratic Alliance sought to have a closed door meeting, and though Soros didn’t actively attend the sessions before, his planned attendance of the scheduled meetings showcased his commitment to opposing the Trump administration and what it stood for. He explained his commitment as having been driven by his experience in Hungary where he lived through the Holocaust and Soviet communism. It is the horrors that he saw growing up that drove him to fight for human rights and the open societies that the Americans had come to know and enjoy which he felt had been threatened by Trump’s victory on Forbes.

The outcome left the Democratic Alliance in disbelief as to the authenticity of the results from the elections and have driven their focus from ‘winning the presidential elections’ to ‘how could they have lost that election?’ Soros is actively embedded in the search for the answer and hopefully ‘political closure’.

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