Freedom to Create Wonders: Workville’s Shared Office Space

The concept of shared office space is not new. It actually was way back in 1971 when the idea of open spaces and community bonding was in vogue that this concept was born. It was the drive to be more open with each other and share ideas in a more open environment that triggered the co-working movement.


This type of co-working environment didn’t catch on completely in the 1970s and 1980s. IBM had some success with open offices, but no other company could match that success. The time just wasn’t ripe for shared office space or co-working.


The late 1990s when the Internet was first introduced was when the concept finally solidified enough for companies to take a serious look at co-working and sharing office space. As the Internet’s popularity grew and people were able to work from home via the Internet, the more interest grew in shared office space.


New York City became the “hub” of the movement to rent out and share office space. This was mainly due to New York’s financial and real estate market. Office space was at a premium and companies were no longer able to justify building new office buildings. Many of the office sharing companies actually had their start when the real estate market tightened in the late 1980s.


There are a number of reasons why the co-working trend is not a fad. The fact is the Internet has freed entrepreneurs to work wherever they want to work. However the Internet also insolates people so there is no physical interaction. Open office space allows likeminded people to get together in a physical space and collaborate. The physical interaction gives entrepreneurs the freedom to create wonders such as the world has not seen.


Workville is an organization that offers coworking building space in New York, and boasts of a community of talented start-ups and small businesses that have taken advantage of Workville’s central locations in Manhattan near Times Square and Broadway. Twenty four hour access and ready to move in offices are what most people are looking for when shopped for shared office space in New York City.

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