Kevin Seawright Is A Champion For The People

Kevin Seawright recently made an appearance on the Larry Young Morning Show. He is the founder of RPS Solutions a company who works with the citizens of Baltimore City to help them attain home ownership. He aims to increase the overall ownership rate in the city to above 48.3% in total. He feels that it is possible to achieve those numbers with hard works and communication with the residents of the area.

He also is making strides in creating ways for residents to invest in the community and help to make their own life better. Overall his goal is to build a more stable economic Society. Kevin Seawright goes on to tell Young that he is committed to helping people attain home ownership. He mostly works with first-time home buyers and is looking to give them more opportunities than ever before. Kevin Seawright is also helping to work to create safer more secure neighborhoods. He wants new homeowners and residents to be proud of their homes and where they live.

Kevin Seawright is the CFO and Vice-president of Newark Economic Development Corporation. For over thirteen years he has worked to help individuals and communities achieve their dream of home ownership. He has made his career about helping the community and its individual members. Kevin Seawright has served in various financial leadership roles over the years and has been able to not only be an effective leader but to also maintain positive relationships with both the local government and the members of the community.

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