Be Careful With Kyle Bass

A suddenly influential individual who previously went about relatively unknown is always suspicious, and Kyle Bass and his shady past is no exception. A hedge fund manager out of Texas, Bass quickly gained renown when he publicly declared an economic recession in the United States’ future. He made this prediction in regard to the sub-prime lending market which led to the 2008 collapse. Since he was correct, people began to listen to him in higher and higher numbers. Certainly this had some positive effect on Bass’ financial endeavors, but as he continued to make more media appearances, somehow his hedge fund actually began to decline. That’s not the kind of relationship a high profile financier should have with his hedge fund; it should be the other way round! Yet even when compared against relatively average funds, Bass’ still under-performs the vast majority of them.

The more appearances Bass makes in the media, the more people seem to trust him. This is very dangerous. Bass is betting on a variety of horses, though. If you bet on all of them, one’s bound to win, isn’t it? Right now one of Bass’ biggest scams involves defrauding sick people out of cures and medical advances. Certainly that’s not how Bass sees it. No, he sees himself as humanitarian. Didn’t he, after all, start the pseudo-humanitarian organization CAD? The Coalition for Affordable Drugs has even been successful in decreasing the cost of many big-ticket pharmaceutical companies’ medication. So the sick are paying less! Isn’t that good?

In no way. The pharmaceuticals who lose out lose millions. Imagine a drug is purported to bring in one million dollars, but CAD gets on it and cuts its price down ninety percent. Now the return is only 100k. From a business perspective, the rest of that income needs to be accounted for. This means cutting the fat, as it were, from operations. As integral to operations as research and development are, often one of the first places to lose funding under such scenarios is varying R&D departments. The net result? Cures on the horizon are suspended indefinitely. Meanwhile, Kyle Bass short sells his holdings in the company he’s used CAD to attack and makes millions.

These are some very solid reasons to be careful trusting anything Bass has to say about…anything. The likelihood is, he’s got a secondary motive impossible to see until he pulls out with millions of dollars to be devoted to some other scheme. Socialist or no, Bass’ actions are suspicious, dangerous, and often unethical.

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