Brad Reifler’s Guidance on Investing and Money Matters

Brad Reifler founded the Reifler Trading Company in the 1980s as shown by Wikipedia. He sold the company and found Pali Capital in 1995. He now focuses on being the CEO of Forefront Capital. He elaborates on how investor should invest in a longevity source of financial growth.

He states we should be very careful with contributing capital to an unknown investment. Mr. Reifler strongly suggests to Reuters that you should have present and future goals set aside for your objectives. It would be a great idea to research the company you are investing in, in order to know someone who is an investor in the company to give some advice about the Do’s and the Don’ts. One should keep alert of the account to see if it is growing or stagnated. If it is desolate, close the account and search for another money fund. If the money is growing, add more funds for financial growth. Make sure you have enough to invest by the end of the month to be persistent with financial planning. Always make sure the needs are met before wanting to invest such as loans, utilities and personal care if needed. A mutual fund is a great investment simply because you do not have a penalty if you need to withdraw for emergency needs or for a family vacation. Mutual fund also grows interest when the Dow is elevating. As always, observe the accounts at least once a week.

Another savings account that grows interest is the Money Fund. It acts just like a savings account however this account draws interest more quickly than a regular savings bank account.

Reifler also states with the right investment diversification, you can have a great savings for your own retirement. Reifler’s articles are posted on Reuters website if you would like to analyze more tips of investing and savings.  Reifler has a huge interest in building up the middle class.  As he’s told MarketWired Reifler has focused Forefront Capital on middle class development.  Check Brad out on Twitter for further.

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