The Human Rights Foundation Promotes and Protects Freedom

Thor Halvorssen Founder of The Human Rights Foundation
Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the New York Human Rights Foundation, he is also a human rights activist . He and the Human Rights group have a and solid focus on closed societies. He is a man who is passionate about freedom and human rights. Thor and this foundation have been responsible for the release of several prisoners of conscience among many other accomplishments.

Protecting Rights Around the World
The Human Rights Foundation is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization. This is a group that does provide support and protection for human rights around the world. The goal is to unify individuals in a common cause. The cause is to promote liberal democracy and defend human rights. The HRF upholds a mission to ensure that freedom is promoted as well as preserved.

Include Individual Liberty
Individual liberty is included in the groundwork of HRF. This organization is committed to individual liberty. The programs that are incorporated into this foundation are aimed at awareness. Raising awareness about the vulnerability of freedom. This includes the nature of freedom and individual liberty. The idea is to provide needed education on the following:
* why freedom does matter
* how freedom can be nurtured
* how freedom can be sustained
It must be known, HRF does not in any way condone or support violence.

Peaceful Ways to Promote Freedom
There are peaceful methods to use when promoting and protecting freedom. The HRF has the ability to make use of their programs. This is not done through violence, peaceful and informative methods are used. The methods that are used include:
* broadcasting to intellectuals, experts, the general public, and leaders
* the use of initiatives
* campaigns to free prisoners (political)
* on-the-ground education
* seminars
* production and organization of engaging
The Human Rights Foundation had been incorporated in 2005. It opened in New York, in the year 2006.

Thor Halvorssen is a Champion
This would include those individuals who are powerless along with those who appear to be the underdog. Thor may be seen as a champion because his passionate nature is clearly showing up through the Human Rights Foundation.

Raising Awareness Through Music

The Autism Rocks Go Fund Me fundraiser was started and developed by Sanjay Shah in efforts to raise money and collect donations for the neurological condition called autism. With a lot of hard work and many efforts, he has been able to raise money and donate some of the money to Cambridge University. They have been able to complete some of their research projects as well as aid in helping families and patient’s cope with the effects of autism. To families, the diagnosis can become devastating and hard to understand. Shah’s wishes are to help with creating money donations and aid in the research to better understand the condition.

Shah’s son was diagnosed with autism in 2011. He was only two years old, but they were able to diagnose him at a very early age and a very early stage. Initially Shah and his wife were shocked and not sure what to do. They wanted to be able to just fix the problem and make it go away. After discovering that wasn’t the case, Shah got to work on creating a fundraising event.

Autism Rocks is an invite only concert that is performed by some of the industry’s most famous musicians. He has had the pleasure of working with Snoop Dogg, Drake, Michael Buble, Snoop Dogg and many others. In fact, it was Snoop Dogg who urged him to take up the music industry again as he had done prior in the past. Shah took the idea and ran with it, and now has created a successful charity that is making a different in the world today.

Sanjay Shah has lead a quite successful life with all of his endeavors. He was an accountant for many years and then opened his own brokerage firm called Solo Capital. His successful investment business has expanded and grown rapidly, becoming one of the leading investment companies in the Central London and Dubai area. Follow Sanjay Shah on Twitter to keep up with news and information.

Be Careful With Kyle Bass

A suddenly influential individual who previously went about relatively unknown is always suspicious, and Kyle Bass and his shady past is no exception. A hedge fund manager out of Texas, Bass quickly gained renown when he publicly declared an economic recession in the United States’ future. He made this prediction in regard to the sub-prime lending market which led to the 2008 collapse. Since he was correct, people began to listen to him in higher and higher numbers. Certainly this had some positive effect on Bass’ financial endeavors, but as he continued to make more media appearances, somehow his hedge fund actually began to decline. That’s not the kind of relationship a high profile financier should have with his hedge fund; it should be the other way round! Yet even when compared against relatively average funds, Bass’ still under-performs the vast majority of them.

The more appearances Bass makes in the media, the more people seem to trust him. This is very dangerous. Bass is betting on a variety of horses, though. If you bet on all of them, one’s bound to win, isn’t it? Right now one of Bass’ biggest scams involves defrauding sick people out of cures and medical advances. Certainly that’s not how Bass sees it. No, he sees himself as humanitarian. Didn’t he, after all, start the pseudo-humanitarian organization CAD? The Coalition for Affordable Drugs has even been successful in decreasing the cost of many big-ticket pharmaceutical companies’ medication. So the sick are paying less! Isn’t that good?

In no way. The pharmaceuticals who lose out lose millions. Imagine a drug is purported to bring in one million dollars, but CAD gets on it and cuts its price down ninety percent. Now the return is only 100k. From a business perspective, the rest of that income needs to be accounted for. This means cutting the fat, as it were, from operations. As integral to operations as research and development are, often one of the first places to lose funding under such scenarios is varying R&D departments. The net result? Cures on the horizon are suspended indefinitely. Meanwhile, Kyle Bass short sells his holdings in the company he’s used CAD to attack and makes millions.

These are some very solid reasons to be careful trusting anything Bass has to say about…anything. The likelihood is, he’s got a secondary motive impossible to see until he pulls out with millions of dollars to be devoted to some other scheme. Socialist or no, Bass’ actions are suspicious, dangerous, and often unethical.

Sam Tabar: How to Implement Global Marketing Strategies

When it comes to international finance, one of the best ways to guarantee a firm will find success is the proper implementation of global marketing strategies. However, it takes tremendous amounts of knowledge and experience in order to develop strategies that will appeal to investors the world over, ultimately leading to an increase in wealthy investors eager to invest their money in a hedge fund that produces excellent results. While there are many people around the world who develop global marketing strategies, few do it any better than Sam Tabar. With his unique educational background as well as extensive experience in both the legal and financial fields, Sam was able to develop many innovative strategies that industry experts saw as cutting-edge, unique, and innovative for the industry.

While working on an international stage, CrunchBase shows Sam developed a reputation for having some of the most remarkable ideas within financial services. Using a creative mind as well as an approach that took full advantage of his legal and financial background, Sam implemented his strategies and quickly began to see excellent results. For example, while serving as the Head of Business Development and Capital Strategy for the Sparx Group, Sam was in charge of developing strategies for a hedge fund that was worth more than $2 billion. Using his strategic marketing plan to reach investors in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, the hedge fund grew from an initial value of $2 billion to more than $3 billion, which showcased his ability to find high-profile investors.

Along with finding tremendous success with this hedge fund, Sam has also found career success when it comes to working with clients on regulatory and compliance issues. Considered one of the world’s foremost experts on financial contracts, Sam has worked with clients everywhere to interpret various contracts, investment agreements, employment law questions, and much more. Able to break down complex issues in terms that people find very easy to understand, Sam has developed into a Capital Strategist that firms all around the world are eager to have on their team. As he continues to mull one career opportunity after another, Sam realizes he needs to continue being innovative with his planning in order to stay ahead of the competition. is a good showcase of Sam Tabar’s career.

Investing With Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is a branch of banking where the sole mission is to raise capital for entities and governments. Offering advisory and capital-raising services entails their day to day activities which an investment banker is entrusted with. In investment banking, there are lots of services that can be offered to raise capital. These include; hedge funds, merger acquisitions, bond financing and equity financing, just to name a few.
In investment banking, the financial institutions help their client to create capital by acting as their agent in the issuance of securities. They also offer underwriting services for their client. Acting a middleman for the client who wants to buy and the company that are issuing the securities, the banks are able to achieve a win-win situation for both. Investment bankers are the financial advisors who enable a smooth transaction for both parties. They are essential useful in capital markets where one stands to reap a full harvest if directed and advised well.
Born in Venezuala, Martin Lustgarten is the perfect embodiment of what a business mogul should be like. He is a known global leader in investment banking who has been known to bring success wherever he touches. Like he saying goes, Martin turns everything he touches to gold. As the founder and CEO of Lustgarten, Martin based in the US, he has amassed quite the fortune for himself too.
The Austrian- Venezuelan takes pride in helping companies make money off the capital markets to raise funds. He gives sound and strategic advice in matters concerning finances which gear the company towards more profit and raising capital. In the years where he has offered his services, Martin has become synonymous with company growth and great profits. He has created a brand which is recognized internationally.
Martin is in his 50s and enjoys his spare time with his family. He has interests in collectibles as he also sells vintage watches which he personally collects. Follow Martin Lustgarten on Instagram to keep up with news and activity.

Eucatex President: Electronic Devices Can Help Education Tremendously

Do you know many people in their twenties who don’t own smartphones? I can’t say that I do. In this day and age, many young adults are becoming linked with one another through the use of modern technologies; namely smartphones, internet access, and computers.

The dependence upon these technologies can take away from so many “real-life” social experiences. However, Eucatex President Flavio Maluf says that these technologies can help tremendously with educational opportunities for college-aged people. He says this idea is more feasible if their technological focus is steered towards learning. By turning students’ focus away from using these devices solely for leisure, young people will be more motivated to take education seriously.

Studies show, in fact, that a significantly larger percentage of student use the internet at home than at their schools. Almost half of all of the educators in Brazil use the internet in their classrooms and engage their students in materials such as videos, slideshows, PowerPoint presentations, and even games. Maluf says on Twitter that the satisfactory academic results of students support his claim.

Mr. Maluf is the current President, presiding over Eucatex and GrandFood. He is the oldest son of Brazillian politician Paulo Maluf. Eucatex is owned by the Maluf family company and assumed Flavio Maluf as it’s top executive on April 29, 2005.

Eucatex is a group of panel production company based out of Brazil. They focus on the manufacturing, designing, and painting of different projects for various construction, furniture, and automobile companies, They utilize eucalyptus wood fibers in their creations, as well as fiberboards of different densities.

He’s counted on to provide advice to new entrepreneurs, and he’s also been relied upon to He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, as well as other credentials from both the United States and Brazil. Mr. Maluf has also served for other North American and South American companies, such as CitiBank and Sistema.

Wikipedia Writing Made Simpler With Artificial Intelligence

One of the best ways for people of note or any type of business to get noticed with any search of their name and or business area online, is to have a professionally developed set of wiki pages on Wikipedia. With new changes on Wikipedia to automatically detect wrong edits, it is more important than ever to hire Wiki writers at Get Your Wiki to develop and maintain your pages on Wikipedia. They take care of all the hassles of getting your own wiki pages, properly written to conform to Wikipedia’s rules, supplying the solution to your need for a 24/7 presence on the Web. They will supply a quote within 24 hours of your request and they guarantee their work. On top of all this, they also offer a great Wikipedia maintenance service to immediately correct any accidental or malicious edits made to your pages. For more details see Get Your Wiki.

The new Objective Revision Evaluation Service (ORES) at Wikipedia is actually a powerful editing tool based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. The idea is to increase volunteer software developer’s innovation while helping to solve the two biggest problems with Wikipedia. The first problem is that because it is open source, anyone can make a Wikipedia page or do edits, some of which actually reduce credibility and overall quality of the online encyclopedia.

The AI specifically detects whether a particular edit is likely malicious or not – which is why if you are unfamiliar with product it is in your best interest to hire Wikipedia writers that will make your page stick. This new AI tool works in two ways by giving edits two score numbers. The first is the probability that an edit is damaging, and the second is the probability that an edit was actually made in good faith or not. If it flags an edit as bad, but is also highly likely made in good faith then the hope is that more experienced editors will work with the person who made the edit to help them improve further edits. The new ORES was explained by Wikipedia Foundation’s Senior Research Scientist, Aaron Halfaker, who said, “The model that we built is intended to detect all kinds of damage… But we also have models that predict if an edit is made in good faith or not… The system works by training models against edit and article-quality assessments made by Wikipedians and generating automated scores for every single edit and article.”

Learn more about how to get your Wiki page made for you, hassle-free by clicking on the following link >>

Brad Reifler’s Guidance on Investing and Money Matters

Brad Reifler founded the Reifler Trading Company in the 1980s as shown by Wikipedia. He sold the company and found Pali Capital in 1995. He now focuses on being the CEO of Forefront Capital. He elaborates on how investor should invest in a longevity source of financial growth.

He states we should be very careful with contributing capital to an unknown investment. Mr. Reifler strongly suggests to Reuters that you should have present and future goals set aside for your objectives. It would be a great idea to research the company you are investing in, in order to know someone who is an investor in the company to give some advice about the Do’s and the Don’ts. One should keep alert of the account to see if it is growing or stagnated. If it is desolate, close the account and search for another money fund. If the money is growing, add more funds for financial growth. Make sure you have enough to invest by the end of the month to be persistent with financial planning. Always make sure the needs are met before wanting to invest such as loans, utilities and personal care if needed. A mutual fund is a great investment simply because you do not have a penalty if you need to withdraw for emergency needs or for a family vacation. Mutual fund also grows interest when the Dow is elevating. As always, observe the accounts at least once a week.

Another savings account that grows interest is the Money Fund. It acts just like a savings account however this account draws interest more quickly than a regular savings bank account.

Reifler also states with the right investment diversification, you can have a great savings for your own retirement. Reifler’s articles are posted on Reuters website if you would like to analyze more tips of investing and savings.  Reifler has a huge interest in building up the middle class.  As he’s told MarketWired Reifler has focused Forefront Capital on middle class development.  Check Brad out on Twitter for further.

James Dondero: Taking Highland Capital To New Heights

James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 and after only a little more than a decade, the fund is already one of the most experience alternative credit managers in the world and has been tested by multiple credit cycles. Highland Capital is also the larges United States collateralized loan obligation manager, which is probably due to the fact that James Dondero and the fund helped to pioneer the CLO and loan markets. The firm also offers services including mutual funds, private equity funds, hedge funds, CLOs, institutional separate accounts, REITs and ETFs.

Before Jim Dondero started Highland Capital Management, he worked for several companies, including American Express, Morgan Guaranty training program and the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life, as an analyst, a portfolio manager, a corporate bond analyst and a chief investment officer. Prior to working, Jim graduated with honors from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia. He received a dual degree in accounting and finance. Since his school days, James Dondero has also gotten certified as a Charted Financial Analyst, a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Management Accountant. Dondero now serves as a board member for MGM Studios and American Banknote. And he is a chairman for CCS Medical, NexBank and Cornerstone Healthcare.

Octa Finance recently did an article analyzing Highland Capital Management. It did the analysis by looking at the firm’s recently filed 13F for the third quarter of 2015. In the filing, they found that there were some major changes made to the fund’s portfolio. The fund increased its position in several companies. Highland lifted its stakes by 60% in American Airls Group Inc, which left it at more than 204 million dollars.

Highland Capital also sold stocks in a number of stocks. Octa Finance could only speculate that it was either due to there being a better place for the firm’s capital, value or momentum. The stocks that were sold include Laboratory Corp Amer Hldgs, Envision Healthcare Hldgs In, Mckesson Corp, Nexpoint Cr Strategies Fd and Spdr Series Trust. These sales amounted to roughly 8 percent of the fund’s entire portfolio that was reported in 13F.

Follow James on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on Highland Capital’s investments.

If you would like to read the full article, please go here:

Human Rights Foundation Fight For The Rights Of The Oppressed

In 2005, the human rights activist Thor Halvorssen decided the time had come to set his own agenda in the fight for the oppressed people of the world. Halvorssen established the Human Rights Foundation in New York City in a bid to make sure he was working with a group that was politically and financially independent; to make sure the globally recognized group provides an independent option for protecting the world the Human Rights Foundation refuses to allow donors the chance to influence the decisions of the group.

Along with the ability to remain independent of the influence of political donors the Human Rights Foundation has formed a board to direct its work consistieng of well known people. The chance to take an independent direction is provided by well known former political prisoners, religious leaders from different faiths, and political leaders who are no longer in power. Thor Halvorssen works alongside these board members in a bid to determine the direction the Human Rights Foundation is taking in attempting to protect the human rights of people around the world.

Thor Halvorssen has not only been interested in the protection of human rights, but has also spent a large amount of time seeking out of the best options in finding success as a film producer. In the past Halvorssen has found success as a producer of documentary films, particularly a story focusing on the Hungarian political uprising of 1956. Halvorssen is now branching out into the world of science fiction as he seeks to continue his success in a new genre of film production.

The success Thor Halvorssen has enjoyed as a film producer has been replicated by the success he has found as a human rights activist; Halvorssen has taken his success with the Human Rights Foundation and transferred it to many different areas of activism.